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Get Lean Fitness Plan - Meal Plans and Workouts To Get Cut

get lean fitness planStill the number one goal for most people, especially the ladies, getting leaner and dropping significant amounts of body fat yet keeping it off is a challenge. It's proven over and over that most diets or exercises which are not designed right for you will just not work to get you the results you want.

Over time you get tired of trying all these plans and sick of what feels like wasting your time. Once this phase hits you then eat and gain more.

The power is in your hands and with the right tools nothing can stop the results from coming except your lack of consistency. In order to help you keep consistent and focus on your individual needs I designed this program so that you are NOT doing the same things you tried before and are NOT doing anything you cannot accomplish.

If you do not use a gym you can opt for the at home version which is included. Meals are fully outlined for the month so all you do is figure out your grocery list and food prep.

Here is a sample program to get you started. Every month things vary so this sample does not indicate a norm, it changes all the time with styles, exercises, techniques.

Meal Plan
You have some choice for your meals which will help you stick with things and have empowerment through choice. I prefer you choose non sodium spices, sugar free items and avoid sauces which have these. You are welcome to add onions, cracked pepper, garlic, chillies, fresh or dried spices of choice such as rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme etc. Lemon, lime and vinegar are also okay to add to foods. Worcestershire can add a lot of spark to fish and poultry. Mustards without sugar are also an excellent choice. Try not to consume caffeine after supplements. Decaf is best but if you must have caffeine then try to take your vitamins at the end of the day instead of first thing - although first thing is best.

Supplements preferred can vary. I have clients who take primrose oil, CLA, Carnitine, grape seed caps and various other things. Most are fine with this program but if there are adjustments you would have been notified upon submitting your client info.

Water intake should be no less than 2 liters per day and up to a gallon or so. Meals should be spread out every 2-3 hours with dinner falling preferably before 8pm unless you have odd shift hours. I can help you with that if you fall in that category and need help scheduling. Snack 3 falls 1-3 hours pre bed.

If you are hungry at any time, drink a protein shake. Look for a fast acting whey protein for during the day and a slower acting casein protein before bed.

Try to complete cardio after weights but otherwise fit it in when you can because the priority is on getting it done PERIOD!!

Make sure to breathe through your workout, counting reps usually helps to keep a good flow of breath with proper timing. Speed of rep in general is 3-4, 3 on exertion and 4 on the return unless otherwise specified. Weights are included but not the majority of the workout because this is a leaning program directed toward fat loss focus - for now, muscle building is part of it toward more fat loss but not to the shaping and bulking extreme of the Buff Babes program. Once you are at a comfortable weight we can focus on the extreme shaping work. I add some weight estimates, or where I 'guess' you should aim for with weight but use this only as a guide, many of you will have to go lighter or heavier in order to achieve the main thing of reps and sets in proper form. You want to be able to complete each set and just barely get that last rep but you do want to complete the exercise and in most cases the training is light for this type of program with occasionally moderate weight volume. You may even need to adjust weight at each set so that you complete it. Make sure to log your training for progress tracking.

Other ladies are also tracking progress as a network toward similar goals. Start a journal with FitTracker and join the fun while you ensure results due to the accountability.

Meal Plan
You can pick any of the 3 choices for any meal so you are not obligated to follow one column the whole day. Of course for maximum results toward fat loss I suggest the 'Go Hard' column.

Stickin' to it
Go Hard!
Meal 1 3 egg whites and a banana A serving of oatmeal made with water and ¼ cup goji berries Protein drink, powder and water only. Small banana.
Snack 1 ½ grilled chicken breast with ½ cup green beans A cup or single serving of no fat plain yogurt 6-8 grilled prawns
Meal 2 1 cup of spinach topped with a can of rinsed water packed tuna, 10 raw almonds and a slice of pure rye bread plain. Top salad with 2 Tbs of Udos or similar oil plus vinegar of choice. ½ of a ripe avocado chopped onto a cup of mixed greens, ¼ cup chopped tomato, ¼ cup chopped cuke, ¼ cup peppers optional. Top salad with 3 oz chopped grilled chicken. ¼ cup green beans and 3 oz of grilled chicken or fish (salmon or white fresh)
Snack 2 A pink grapefruit A boiled egg Protein drink, powder and water only.
Meal 3 3 roasted garlic cloves spread on a slice of whole rye, 8 spears or half can of asparagus, 3 oz grilled chicken or white fish. Turkey Meatloaf & have up to half with ½ cup green beans.
3 oz of grilled chicken or white fish, ¼ cup steamed yams and 1 cup mixed greens salad topped with 2 Tbs Udos or similar oil.
Snack 3 Protein drink, powder and water only. ½ Cup dry cottage cheese Protein drink, powder and water only with 10 raw plain almonds.

*Suggested white fish would be halibut, sole, Tilapia, Orange Roughy, Snapper, Cod, or Bass. Motivation: You can aim for a few pounds AND inches off if you train with gusto and use the 'go hard' option for meals. Keep your eye on the prize through the Holiday's; there is no reason not to get all the training in!

Cardio Workouts

Week 1 - Kickbox circuit 4 days

  • 20 alternating front kicks
  • Left jab, left jab, right punch combo done 20 times with left foot forward and right foot back, soft knees in fighting stance.
  • Now reverse that combo for another 20
  • Left side kicks x 20
  • Right side kicks x20
  • Jab left, jab right, left cross then right cross combo
  • 2 minutes of jumping jacks
  • Single alternating upper cuts for 1 min fast
  • 1 min of crunches
  • 1 min of pushups, on knees if needed

Stretch for 2 minutes and repeat this circuit 3 more times for a total of 4 times through, try to keep a high energy feel to your movements and try to push within safe limits for higher, stronger kicks, keeping good form and balance.

Week 2 - Abs and Sweat 5 days

  • Skip rope for 2 mins at a pace you can tolerate but on the top end of that of course
  • Knee crunches (on back, knees into chest and back) for 1 minute
  • Skip 2 mins
  • Crunches 1 minute
  • Skip 2 mins
  • Plank for 1 min hold
  • High knee jogging on the spot for 2 minutes
  • Oblique crunch or side crunch for 30 seconds per side
  • Jax for 2 minutes

Stretch for 2 minutes and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 times through.

Week 3 - Good Old Running (4 days)

40 minutes of jogging on flat ground at 5mph as nonstop as possible, or you can throw in some walk intervals if you are not able to run straight through. You will burn more fat and get faster results if you try to jog it out the whole time.

Week 4 - Stairs Program (4 days)

  • 2 days on stair master or step mill on a moderate level for 40 minutes, manual program
  • 2 days running stairs at a building or stadium, up and down nonstop for 30 minutes (4 days of this if you do not use a gym)

Weight Training Workouts
For those of you training at home, most exercises can use bands, weights, cans, water bottles etc. But I suggest investing in a body ball, skip rope, bands and some dumbbells. Because you will choose lighter weights, you only need to rest 30 seconds between sets and for exercises which alternate sides, you can go nonstop from left set to then a right set and back to a left set again and so on.

Day 1 and 3 (4 sets of 10 for all these)

  • Walking Lunges
  • Seated DB Shoulder Press
  • Single Leg dead lifts
  • Lateral or Side Shoulder /Delt Raises
  • Single Standing Calve Raises done on stair
  • Internal and external rotator cuff, standing or lying

Day 2 and 4 (5 sets of 10 for these)

  • dB Single Arm Bent Rows using bench or standing with ball which is harder
  • dB Chest Fly on ball or bench
  • 4 sets of 10 for these
  • Triceps dips
  • Standing Bicep Curls

You can take any 3 days off, so you can do all 4 days of weights consecutively or take a day off after a day or 2. Try to increase the weights a bit each week, even if by a ½ lb!

By Linda Cusmano





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