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Quick Abs Workout Program - Great Abs in 15 Minutes

Everyone wants those impressive 6-pack abs. Get ready because this exercise routine below will give your abs a tremendous workout. The routine is great because it hits all of the major areas of the stomach and really works to strengthen your body's core. It will focus on your lower abs, upper and middle abs and your obliques. Along with a clean diet and plenty of cardio to strip off body fat, you will see great results and really start to see those ab muscles appear ripped and ready for the beach!

Quick Abs Workout Routine

Below is a killer workout routine for your entire midsection. You will do 1 full rotation of all 8 exercises below. Each exercise consists of 10 repetitions. Take a 1 minute rest in between exercises and work those abs hard! If you find any specific exercise too difficult, such as the Medicine Ball Ab Crunches, just skip it and move onto the next exercise. After several workout sessions, you will begin to strengthen your abdominal muscles and the tougher exercises will become easier.

       Bench Knee-Ins
                                  Ab Crunches           


         Bench Leg Raises                            Oblique Crunches        


           Elbows To Knees                         Medicine Ball Leg Raises  



  Exercise Ball Ab Crunches                  Medicine Ball Ab Crunches   






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