Healthy Snack Foods

Choosing healthy snack foods is just as important at snack time as it is at mealtime. Healthy snacks can add fiber and nutrients to your diet without unwanted calories. They can give you an energy boost during the day and prevent you from overeating at meals.

The sight of certain foods can trigger a desire for the foods you are trying to avoid. Keeping snack stashes of high fat cookies or candy around may only increase the desire for such foods, making it difficult to resist snacking on them. Removing the temptations allows for healthy snacking while trying to lose weight. Maintain a variety of low-fat, healthy snack foods that can be eaten when the urge to snack hits. Also, planning for snacks and preparing them ahead of time may reduce the temptation to snack on high-calorie choices.

Snack time can also be more enjoyable if you are doing nothing while snacking but concentrating on the enjoyment of eating. Know the times when you are most likely to snack. Add a healthy snack food to your daily food plan to correspond with this time. Planned snacking allows you to adhere to your plan and avoid empty calorie snacking or overeating. Also, by not skipping meals, the likelihood of snacking on high-calorie foods will be reduced.

Top 25 Healthy Snack Foods:

    1. Best Snacks - Air Popped Popcorn
    2. Best Snacks - Nonfat Cottage Cheese
    3. Best Snacks - Frozen Grapes
    4. Best Snacks - Protein Bars
    5. Best Snacks - Hard Boiled Eggs
    6. Best Snacks - Orange Slices
    7. Best Snacks - Sugar Free Jello
    8. Best Snacks - Broccoli Florets
    9. Best Snacks - Sliced Chicken Breast
    10. Best Snacks - Green Salad
    11. Best Snacks - Hummus
    12. Best Snacks - Cherry Tomatoes
    13. Best Snacks - Nonfat Yogurt
    14. Best Snacks - Peanut Butter
    15. Best Snacks - Frozen Mangos
    16. Best Snacks - Frozen Yogurt
    17. Best Snacks - Fruit Smoothies
    18. Best Snacks - Walnuts
    19. Best Snacks - Sunflower Seeds
    20. Best Snacks - Soy Chips
    21. Best Snacks - Bean Salad
    22. Best Snacks - Tuna
    23. Best Snacks - Sliced Apples
    24. Best Snacks - Pickles
    25. Best Snacks - Olives

The Benefits of Snacking

You may feel regretful about snacking, but snacks aren't necessarily bad. In fact, healthy snack foods several times a day can be beneficial. Here's how:

  • Binge control. If eating a piece of fruit or raw vegetables keeps you from taking second or third helpings at your next meal, you may actually consume fewer total calories for the day.

  • Extra energy and nutrients. Traditional, made-at-home meals often lose out to busy schedules. A grab-and-go snack can be the difference between some nourishment and none at all.

  • Control Hunger Pangs. Helps keep your hunger levels down to a minimum and avoid feeling deprived.

  • Control Insulin Levels. Helps keep you blood sugar levels even.

With proper portions and healthy food choices, snacking can enhance, rather than hurt your diet. Think of a snack as a "mini meal" that will help you have a healthy diet, rather than as an opportunity to consume treats. Healthy snack foods will provide you with a great tool for permanent weight loss!






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