Fitness Models – Photos and Interviews with Figure Competitors


Here are photos and interviews with many of the top fitness and swimsuit models in the world! It’s always important to take advice from people who are at the top of their industry and when it comes to getting into amazing shape, the fitness tips and secrets featured in this area will definitely help you reach your goals! Our fitness models provide incredibly helpful advice for toning up, building lean muscle mass and losing unwanted body fat. They also provide diet tips and tricks for eating clean so you can achieve a rock hard body! Click on the profiles below to learn more about each fitness model, see their photo galleries and read in-depth interviews. You can also see our male fitness models to learn more about how the guys get ripped! If you’re interested in becoming a ShapeFit model, please complete our fitness models submission form and email us 8-10 photos of yourself (swimwear and workout).


fitness-models-brenda-lopez-thumbBrenda Lopez
I started focusing on fitness when I was eleven years old. My mother used to go to a “women’s only gym” and she used to take me with her. I remember sitting there and watching all these ladies do a dancing routine. I didn’t know it was called “aerobics”, but it looked fun, and I asked my mother if I could do it too, at least during summer break. I loved it so much to the point that I actually competed with three other teenage girls and won second place with our aerobics routine. Running came soon after when I went back to school.


shealynn-dooley-fitness-model-1-thumbShealynn Dooley
My name is Shealynn Dooley and I am blonde to the bone! I am always excited to learn about the body and what we can do to appreciate it with happiness and leading a healthy lifestyle. I am always encouraging my friends and anyone I can to exercise and stay healthy. I am a film major, so getting to take part in modeling for muscle and fitness is such an amazing, life changing experience! I am a fun, outgoing, adventurous girl who is ALWAYS involved in hiking clubs, rock climbing activities, jogging, and going to the gym daily for an hour!


katarina-drinkova-fitness-model-1-thumbKatarina Drinkova
My name is Katarina. I’m 35 years old and fitness is my passion. I have been training for as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to the sport during college, where I took karate classes and became a member of a gym. The sport quickly became my new hobby and lifestyle. I like to use a lot of different exercises to stay motivated. I enjoy the gym, karate, tai chi, hula hooping, cycling and hiking. In the last year my body shape has changed considerably, which has lead me to consider to start fitness modeling. I feel strong, confident and motivated. I look after myself and eat a balanced diet to coincide with my training days in order to build lean muscle and feel my best.


fitness-models-dominique-davila-1-thumbDominique Davila
I am currently a sophomore at Texas State University with a major in Physical Therapy. I am also in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer. I am somewhat new to the fitness industry but I have always been an athlete. I went to a junior college playing both volleyball and basketball and the experience was phenomenal, but of course I ended up transferring to better my education. Though I am considering trying out for the basketball team at Texas State. I am undergoing training at the moment to compete in my first NPC competition next year and I am so anxious!


deletha-sommers-fitness-model-1-thumbDeletha Sommers
My name is Deletha Sommers and I am a homeschooling single mom of two, personal trainer, and INBF bikini competitor. My life revolves around spending time with my family and living a healthy lifestyle. I started working out after I had my second child so I could lose the baby weight. I fell in love with fitness at that point. I entered 5K’s, 10K’s, and half marathons. Then I decided to try weight lifting and competing. I won 2nd in my class on my very first show! I am very excited to say my next show is in March, 2015.


nicole-pellegrini-fitness-model-1-thumbNicole Pellegrini
I was born in Derby, Connecticut and moved to Jacksonville, Florida when I was 4 years old. I was always a healthy athletic kid. I played indoor volleyball and beach volleyball for 8 years. I then competed in my first NPC figure competition and fell in love. I found the confidence I had been searching for my whole life. That’s when I decided I wanted to share this feeling with others by helping them reach their own fitness goals. Everyone should feel happy and beautiful in their own skin! I’m certified as a personal trainer and I’m currently in college for a degree in nutrition.


hannah-krumreich-fitness-model-1-thumbHannah Krumreich
My name is Hannah Krumreich and I was born and raised in Colorado. I have my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on K-8 Education and I’m currently working on becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition Coach. I am also an independent Advocare distributor. My goal is to someday have my own personal training and coaching business so that I can help others achieve their goals!


tamika-bullock-fitness-model-1-thumbTamika Bullock
My name is Tamika Bullock and I am 37 years old and a mom of two daughters. I am a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University with a Master of Science degree in Management and an Undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. I work in management in the insurance industry. I competed in my very first fitness competition in April of 2014, and placed 1st in two bikini divisions (Masters Bikini and Open Bikini). My second fitness competition followed in June of 2014, where I placed 1st and became nationally qualified. Fitness has become a lifestyle and way of life for me.


melissa-norgart-fitness-model-1-thumbMelissa Norgart
Growing up as an athlete, I gained a renewed interest in a fit lifestyle after I encountered some health problems in 2007. I became determined to be a healthy role model for my children as well as other women. I enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle, as well as sharing my passion for fitness and inspiring others. I am a fitness model, and NPC figure competitor working hard to become an IFBB pro. I hold a B.S. in Psychology, and I am currently working on my Master’s as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I am also an I.A.F.S. and N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, as well as an I.Y.C.A. Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Coach, and I.Y.C.A. Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist.


shellane-demarest-fitness-model-1-thumbShellane Demarest
I was the biggest tomboy as a child. I always enjoyed watching sports on television and spent a lot of time outside playing. Then when I hit my teenage years, I noticed the weight was piling on and not really coming off. That is when I started working out and participating in team sports in high school. A few years later, I joined the U.S. Army. I always passed my PT test but would fail the weigh in, thus remedial PT was given to me in addition to my regular daily PT. At first I saw it as a negative thing until I realized I was actually good at coaching and soon I was assisting my Platoon Sergeant.


bridget-ricker-fitness-model-1-thumbBridget Ricker
My name is Bridget Lynn Ricker. I was born in Lima, Ohio. I’ve always been an active person. Growing up I played many sports including basketball and softball. I also have my certificate for Medical Assisting.



brooke-buechel-fitness-model-1-thumbBrooke Buechel
A little over 3 years ago is when I truly started dedicating myself to fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle for myself. It started with the passing of my dad. The gym was the place I could escape to, to let off steam and get rid of some stress. Ever since I have created this life for me, I never wanted to look back. I love the person I have become and the choices that I have decided to make to become the person I am today.


daniela-baia-fitness-model-6-thumbDaniela Baia
My name is Daniela and I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. I have been active most of my life, attending several sports competitions during middle school and high school years. However, after my graduation (Economic institute: Business and Administration, Czech Republic) I stopped being involved in sports due to my busy work schedule. All this changed in 2006 when I came to New York. I realized that I was not the only one not living a healthy lifestyle and not being in shape.


jacki-peters-1-thumbJacki Peters
I am a 25 year old Canadian fitness fanatic! Besides being at the gym I enjoy playing sports, being around my friends and family and I love animals! I am currently a student halfway through my first year of Architectural Technology and when that is over I intend on continuing my education to become an architect! I also plan to continue competing in fitness competitions and bettering myself as an athlete!


amanda-gomez-1-thumbAmanda Gomez
My love for fitness started over two years ago. At the beginning of 2013 I made it my goal to compete in a NPC bikini competition. I am happy to announce that I competed on October 19, 2013 and received a fourth place trophy in overall novice bikini. I am now going to be expanding my training business to helping girls train for bikini competitions.


simona-cesnik-fedele-1-thumbSimona Cesnik Fedele
I’m a fitness junky! I did my first marathon at age 16 and I’ve been doing one every year since then. Any chance I get I’m either running, at the gym or doing weights at home. I’m a mom of 2 little ones and sometimes it’s challenging finding free time to workout but I always say if you want it bad enough you will always find the time. I’m currently doing a course in fitness and nutrition and I’m hoping to be done by the beginning of the new year.


teena-gudjonson-1-thumbTeena Gudjonson
I am a certified dietary technologist, ISSA certified trainer, professional fitness model, gym owner, writer and mother of three. I have worked in the medical field as a dietary supervisor writing diets for patients with chronic diseases and more recently expanded into the field of sports nutrition. I now own a lakefront fitness studio and just finished my first Fitness Recipe Book which is due to be released this June which is very exciting.


nicole-moneer-guerrero-4-thumbNicole Moneer Guerrero
Nationally ranked fitness competitor with FAP & Ms. Fitness Fitness model (print, commercial and trade show experience). Pro status with Ms. Fitness and FAME fitness competition placing. Nicole’s education includes NASM personal trainer, AFAA group-exercise instructor, ZUMBA & Power Plate certified. She is certified in Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) . Nicole has a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State University.


andrea-remenova-leipert-1-thumbAndrea Remenova Leipert
I’m a very inspired, motivated and energetic personal trainer, fitness specialist, Power Plate and TRX Instructor with over 6 years experience in the industry. I’m passionate about health and fitness and pride myself in being a positive, healthy role model for my coworkers and clients. I decided to pursue personal training to combine my personal love of fitness with a career which I believe will be much more rewarding through helping others to improve their health and well-being.


kate-macdonald-1-thumbKate MacDonald
My name is Kate and I am a fitness model, industry spokesperson, ISSA certified personal trainer and entrepreneur. Fitness has played a very important role in my life as I’ve always been a competitive athlete. My background in high level athletics has built a strong foundation and my passion and ability has enabled me to experience many facets of the health and fitness industry. Including the production and distribution of sports supplements, personal training and even representing and promoting individual brands and products.


heather-caster-1-thumbHeather Caster
I have always been a very active person. I ran track, played softball and led the marching band in high school. Up until I had my daughter, I enjoyed going to the gym and doing outdoor activities with my husband. After I had my daughter, she took a lot of time and energy so I didn’t have much time for myself. When she turned 15 months old, we found out that she had Rett syndrome (a debilitating neurological disorder). I got into a deep depression for several months.


victoria-carrera-1-thumbVictoria Carrera
I live in NYC and I am a devoted marathon runner and trainer. I love to help people accomplish their fitness goals. I have 16 years experience in the fitness field and my certifications include NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Pre/Post Natal certified, ISCA boxing and kickboxing, Stott Comprehensive MAT and Essential/Intermediate Reformer and TRX Suspension certified.


sonja-bella-1-thumbSonja Bella
Inspiring body transformation specialist, fitness model, author and speaker, Sonja Bella has helped thousands of people to improve their health, well-being and vitality through her sensible and realistic approach to healthy eating and exercise. Part of Sonja’s passion and drive to deliver a sensible approach to healthy eating and well-being comes from being diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis at the age of 32.


Crystal Greencrystal-green-8-thumb
I grew up as a tomboy in a very small town in Georgia. I joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school at 17 years old. I was honorably discharged in August of 2011 and I started competing in the NPC in October of 2011. I am finishing up my senior year to complete my B.S. in Exercise Science. I also have my Physical Therapist Assistant license.


laura-london-1-thumbLaura London
I’m 44 years of age and I’m a nationally ranked figure competitor, published fitness model, nationally certified personal trainer, Internet marketer, wife and mother of three. My mission and passion now are to help other women and moms to learn and grow to be best they can be at any age!



patty-wilson-thumb-1Patty Wilson
I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. I have many talents but my passion is fitness. I am a NASM certified personal trainer, ACSM group fitness instructor, Johnny G certified spin instructor, and I’m also certified in CPR/First Aid. I am a figure competitor and fitness model. I got started in the fitness industry by taking group fitness classes. I realized that I loved the way it made me feel, both mentally and physically. I then realized that this is something I wanted to do forever.


sarah-varno-new-1-thumbSarah Varno
Hi, my name is Sarah Varno! I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, where I currently reside. I have always been extremely athletic my entire life. From the age of 5, I started playing soccer and basketball, which landed me on traveling teams, varsity teams as well as Junior Olympics!



diana1-thumbDiana Chaloux
I started competing in Figure in 2005. After talking about it and talking about it I finally decided that I needed to take some action! Through determination, discipline and dedication which God provided me with, I was blessed to become nationally qualified at my first competition the NPC 2005 John Sherman Classic. I was blessed once again in 2006 when I placed first at the NPC 2006 Ronnie Coleman Classic and went on to compete in the NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago.


jaylie-nicoll-1-thumbJaylie Nicoll
Within the fitness industry, Jaylie is a Certified Personal Trainer, nutrition consultant, sponsored athlete for a performance nutrition company, fitness model, WBFF (World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation) bikini model and competitor, as well as a published health and fitness writer.



alycia-charchuk-2-thumbAlycia Charchuk
As a child, I enjoyed a variety of sports which led me to discover my love for figure skating at the age of nine. My family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, when I was 16 years old. The lack of arenas put an end to figure skating as I was unable to train at the same level I had in Vancouver. I attended and graduated Lincoln International High School in Argentina, and at the age of 18, my family and I moved back to Vancouver. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at The International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and received my degree to become a doctor of TCM after four years of study.


simona-fusco-2-smallSimona Fusco
A rising star in Hollywood, Simona is making her way with the current film projects, “Chasing Ghosts” with Michael Madsen and Gary Busey. She also appears in the upcoming feature film, “Bottoms Up” with Paris Hilton and David Keith. On the small screen, Simona recently guest-starred on HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Entourage.” Wrestling fans around the world know her as one of the top four finalists in the World Wrestling Entertainment’s “RAW Diva Search,”. She beat out 8000 hopefuls for the coveted spot.


michelle-berger-1-smallMichelle Berger
In 4 short years Michelle became the mother to 4 children. She spent every moment of her days selflessly caring for her family and finding time for her self was impossible. She was a physical and mental mess: out of shape, over weight, overwhelmed, overstressed, tired, and on the verge of depression. She was too busy to eat right and the thought of exercise was frustrating and seemingly pointless. It was then that she hit rock bottom. Michelle finally decided to turn everything around and focus on path of eating the right foods and training properly to live a healthier and happier life. She completely transformed your body into a top level competitive fitness model and has never looked back!


arianelizabeth-doaks-1-thumbArian Elizabeth Doaks
I am a new resident of the sunny state of California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana where I was born and raised. I’ve always been into sports and anything physical. From birth I was a tomboy and now, I’m still a tomboy….I just know how to turn it on and off now! Being raised in a family dominated by men didn’t leave me too much room for Barbie dolls. I have no sisters or aunts and just one single female cousin growing up who resided over 800 miles away! Let’s just face it! I had no hope of being a girly girl! The best thing going for me was I attended a magnet school for performing arts where I took classical ballet from middle school through college. To this day, I still utilize the technique that was drilled into me for years.


danielle-imbriano-3-thumbDanielle Imbriano
I am a 24 year old who received my bachelors degree in accounting. I have always had a passion for fitness so I decided to pursue it on the side. I got my license in Pilates and became one of the first fitness instructors in Piloxing (a fusion class that combines Pilates and boxing) in New York. After a few years of teaching on the side, I decided to follow my dreams and open up a fitness studio in Port Washington, New York.


stephanie-harter-3-thumbStephanie Harter
I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I worked as an ICU RN for 10 years before going back to school to obtain a Masters in Nurse Anesthesia from which I graduated Dec. 2010. I recently obtained my certification as a Certified Nutrition and Wellness consultant and Personal Trainer through the AFPA. I am also an NPC Figure Competitor in which I have been competing in for a year now. I competed in 7 shows this past year and placed in the top 4 in all 7 shows.


vivian-hatzimanolis-2-thumbVivian Hatzimanolis
My name is Vivian Hatzimanolis and I am a New York public school teacher. I have been in the United States since 2000. I started working as a teacher in 2003 and love every minute of what I do. I hold a Master’s degree from NYU with a G.P.A of 3.9, teaching English to speakers of other languages. My job is very challenging so the gym is my sanctuary. I am also involved in figure competitions which I find fascinating and captivating. It is a lot of hard work, dedication and discipline but in the end the feeling of accomplishment and it takes all the pain away. I am currently looking into nutritional certifications available as I find great pleasure in helping others achieve their goals as I do mine.


lindsey-pridgen-1-thumbLindsey Pridgen
I’ve always been athletic and love working out, so being fit has always just been a way of life for me. Being into fitness really makes you realize how strong of a person you are physically and mentally. The discipline you must have in order to succeed and see results is so self rewarding. My biggest accomplishment in the fitness field was placing in the top 15 at the 2010 USA’s since it was only my 3rd competition ever.


yulia-deyo-panshina-8Yulia Deyo-Panshina
I have a Master’s Degree in International Tourism, Hospitality and Management. I was involved a lot in “survival tourism” back in Russia. I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I am also a Nutrition Certified Professional.



mercedes-perez-1-thumbMercedes Perez
I have been in the fitness industry for the past 9 years. I’m an ACE certified personal trainer, fitness entrepreneur, fitness model and competitor. I own Blitz Fitness in San Antonio, Texas. I’m the creator on the Bikini Body Program, an innovative online personal training concept.



else-vaskola-1-small (1)Else Lautala
Else has an extensive background in fitness competitions and fitness modeling. She is a two time Ms. Fitness World Champion (2003 & 2005) and multiple sport aerobic medalist. She is a seven times National Champion in sport aerobics, 2005 FAME Nanaimo champion, 2005 FAME open fitness model world champion and the 2003 Fitness Model of the Year (Finland). Else has a background of rhythmic sport gymnastics and her choreographs shine in fitness arenas; sport aerobic clubs and dances shows. She can choreograph, as well as polish fitness and dance routines.


angela-dove-2-thumbAngela Dove
My name is Angela Dove and I am a 30 year old mother of two wonderful children. I’m also a small business owner and a personal trainer, Zumba Instructor, and a nail technician. In 2008, I competed for the first time at a provincial show (2009) and won the overall title. The following year the bikini division was introduced so I went back to take that over all title as well. So here I am in 2012 a WBFF Fitness Pro!


joy-trimble-5-thumbJoy Trimble
I’m from The Woodlands, TX and now reside in Midtown Houston, TX. I am a professional model. I am CPR certified and I am also working on getting my ACE certification right now! I have already been personally training several friends of mine for so long that I finally decided to get certified and have that be my profession. I love making people look good and feel good about themselves. I am one of the Supreme Protein Spokes Models, Bikini USA Spokes Models, Texas Salsa Spokes Model and Cap Barbell Fitness Equipment Spokes Models. I have been featured in Health & Fitness Sports Magazine and Planet Muscle Magazine, and will soon be featured in many more! I love working in the fitness industry and I can’t wait to continue to better myself and others!


angel-kolb-1-thumbAngel Kolb-Hepper
I have been involved with fitness for over 7 years. Throughout the past 2 years I started with more bodybuilding. I loved the feeling of incorporating weights with my workouts. It gave me the extra push that I needed. I started lifting weights with the help of and I would research their workouts and then head to the gym! The results that I started seeing gave me the desire and fuel for so much more. That is when some friends of mine implanted the seed of competition. I started to do my research and went full force. I read as much as I could on competitions and what I felt would be best for me. I hired a trainer and started with the NPC Bikini. I did my first competition and was hooked.


patricia-lozano-1-thumbPatricia Lozano
Greetings, my name is Patricia Lozano and I am 32 years of age. I was born in El Paso, TX, but raised in California. I can honestly say I’m a full “Cali girl”. I am all business Monday through Friday and in between, I try to do what I love which is fitness and modeling. I’ve always been very athletic since I was a child. Growing up, I was always busy either with basketball, softball or anything else that my parents put me in. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, so by day I am all business and somehow in between, I find time to workout, eat healthy, model and compete. I am currently looking at going back to school for my Masters degree in Psychology.


harriet-metzger-1-thumbHarriet Metzger
I have a BTEC national diploma in Performing Arts. I have previously worked in a gym where I gained my passion and addiction to fitness. I am modelling part time for various photographers and agencies. Along with my passion for fitness, I also enjoy singing and dancing!



ilona-kovacs-1-thumbIlona Kovacs
I am a fitness model and bikini competitor. I have a degree in biology and am also a certified personal trainer through NASM. I have always been active since I was a child. It was instilled in me to be athletic since both my parents were athletes. My father was a professional soccer player and my mom ran track and field. I started ballet when I was 5 years old and have never stopped since then! I did ballet for 12 years and then went on to do sports in high school (field hockey, softball) and I also became involved in aerobics and weight training. Professionally, I am an entrepreneurial person. I have been a certified personal trainer for over 10 years now and I also work in the corporate world as an administrator.


christina-carney-1-thumbChristina Carney
My name is Christina Carney and I am 32 years of age. I was born and raised in North Carolina and currently reside in Moyock, North Carolina. I am a psychologist by day and a fitness model too. I have been modeling for several years now focusing mainly on swimsuit and fitness type modeling. I am a half-marathon and marathon runner with many accomplishments in the field. In 2010, I ran several half marathons and placed 1st in my age division and 1st overall. Running is my passion and staying healthy is a part of my life. I look forward to motivating and helping others in their quest to getting and staying healthy and fit!


michele-levesque-1smallMichele Levesque
Michele is a training addict, female bodybuilder and fitness model. Her parents were always active and instilled a love of physical fitness in her from a young age. She devoted herself to several sports such as gymnastics, figure skating and, of course, biking and skiing. Michele’s passion for weights and dumbbells developed from the time she was in rehabilitation for her knees. Aside from running, lifting weights was the only way she got satisfaction. At first slowly, then with growing intensity. She had discovered her second obsession! Michele set about being reborn and wanted to know everything about nutrition and training.


bethany-howlett-2-smallBethany Howlett
As a child, Bethany was involved in athletics and modeling having been the daughter of two time professional athlete David Andrew Howlett who played both professional football and professional baseball, and former runway model Marcia Ann Stockett Howlett. This former Homecoming Queen was an elite level gymnast, all-American and collegiate level cheerleader, all-star softball player, and advanced dancer in ballet, jazz, and tap. Following her gymnastics career Bethany entered the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding where she became a national level athlete in both fields. She then earned her professional card via the field of fitness with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and FAME.


lucinda-witte-1-smallLucinda Witte
In high school, Lucinda was on the drill team, gymnastics and cheerleading squad. After the birth of each of her 5th child, she started jogging to help lose the weight she had gained during the pregnancy. She then decided she wanted to add some upper body strength so she started a weight resistance program, which evolved into a strict regimen. She loves the strength gains and beautiful muscle definition she was able to achieve with resistance training. With her newly toned and fit body, Lucinda has competed in contests such as the Ms. Bikini America Northern California, IFSB/INBA/ABA Bikini Divas and the NPC Sacramento Figure Championships.


josephine-dalton-2-thumbJosephine Dalton
I am ACSM-HFI, NASM-CPT certified personal trainer located in Las Vegas, NV. I do private in-home personal training, strategic body sculpting for women and figure coaching for bikini competitors. I am formally educated in pre-medicine and exercise science at Iowa State University and the US Naval Electronics A-schools.



sherry-boudreau-3-thumbSherry Ann Boudreau
Sherry Ann is a lifetime natural athlete, born in Victoria, BC. She lived in Richmond, BC up until 1982 and then moved to Pender Harbour, BC (Sunshine Coast). After graduation, she moved to the Lower Mainland and completed my degree in Cosmetology. Just a few short years after she became certified in aerobics and weight training. Her most recent accomplishment is becoming a BCRPA certified personal trainer and certified Zone Planner for Fitness World. Sherry Ann decided to start competing after my second child and after each category she experienced, her fitness friends would introduce her to another. She loves the challenge and work involved in maintaining a healthy, fit and positive lifestyle.


latoya-bellamy-1-thumbLaToya Bellamy
In 2003, LaToya relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina and stopped dancing. She then received a great opportunity with Barbizon Modeling and Acting school were she became there lead instructor. She was able to share her choreography skills as well as modeling skills to students that wanted to expand in the industry. With Barbizon she has been able to meet and work with well renowned agencies from all over the world. LaToya has choreographed for several fashion shows and has been a part of fashion shows herself such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Bedazzled, etc.


nicole-spitzack-1-thumbNicole Spitzack
I went to college at Western Ky University in Bowling Green, Ky where I studied Nutrition and Exercise. After college I got a job as an Enteral Nutrition Therapist and shortly after decided to pursue my personal trainer certification. I started working at Gold’s Gym as an Aerobic instructor and Personal Trainer. Fitness and health are a way of life for me and my family. It is so important to maintain a healthy body. After all it is the only one you get. I love the way exercising energizes me and allows me to connect to other people in a positive manner. There is never a bad day at work!


heather-bear-1-thumbHeather Bear
I started competing in Figure in Spring of 2003. I have competed in the Northern Kentucky, Battle of Champions, Natural Upper Ohio and Natural Northern USA. I’m also a Registered Veterinarian Technician and a Registered Nail Technician. My goal in fitness/figure is to get my IFBB Pro card!



tanya-cherryholme-1-thumbTanya Cherryholme
I thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of seeing someone conquer goals towards an improved healthy lifestyle. As well, because I do practice what I preach – I work hard to maintain a toned body. Due to this sacrifice of will – I want to show off my hard work with pride. Fitness and nutrition stand priorities in my life and I love my lifestyle!



tatiana-anderson-mainTatiana Anderson
Exotic beauty and human dynamo Tatiana Anderson is a woman that’s pretty much done it all. Host of ESPN’s top rated fitness show Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Tatiana has hosted a lifestyle show with Robin Leach on CBS, interviewed on EXTRA and Inside Edition and even appeared in episodes of Friends, Baywatch, and She Spies!



elina-shaffy-1-thumbElina Shaffy
Fitness guru, Cover girl, Bikini Model & Philanthropist Elina Shaffy has been appointed the 2011 Spokes Model to the Michelle Obama’s official, 2011 Shape Up America Campaign. Elina is a natural in front of the camera and the crowd. The former crowned Miss Beverly Hills pageant winner appeared in a national commercial for designer Amir, whose store is located in the Beverly Hills Hotel. She has been featured in several publications such as Palm Beach Society Magazine, 944 Magazine, Beverly Hills 213, Patrick McMullan Co, New York Social Diary, Fixe Magazine and Covers for Palm Springs Life and Bling Magazine.


valarie-sanford-1-thumbValarie Sanford
I am originally from the mid-west, which is where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I went on to live out my childhood dreams of being a Dolphin Trainer. It was an amazing experience that I will always cherish. I eventually moved on to the fitness industry. I am currently a certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Coach.



grace-carney-1-thumbGrace Carney
Grace is a Certified ISSA Personal Trainer and is certified in CPR and AED. She sincerely has a divine passion for teaching and helping others reach their goals. She is currently a Fitness Writer and Fitness Model and also teaches Bootcamp and Step Aerobic classes at the local Recreation Center. Grace designs personalized healthy exercise programs along with diet and nutrition plans customized specifically for her clients to reach their goals.


lucia-joana-pasca-1-thumbLucia Joana Pasca
My name is Lucia Joana Pasca and I’m a certified personal trainer. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor in Psychology. I’m a National Champion Karate Shotokan in Romania, a Bosu instructor and also a TRX instructor.



shayna-chomko-1-thumbShayna Chomko
I am a 30 year old high school History teacher and former synchronized swimmer. I was always a very physical and active child with a mother very much involved in the fitness field. I was on a synchronized swimming team from the ages of 9-16. When I stopped swimming my mother directed me right into the gym, and I’ve been there ever since. My mother was, and still is, my main inspiration and individual that has fully supported me and influenced me to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


Ddiane-mohlman-1-thumbiane Mohlman
I am a ISSA Certified Elite Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association). I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. My certificates include certified fitness trainer, fitness and exercise therapy certified, certified youth fitness trainer and a specialist in performance nutrition. I am also currently finishing two other courses, one in sports conditioning and one on fitness for the older adult. In addition, I have just committed to an academic program which when complete, I will have earned my associates degree in exercise science.


mariya-mova-6-thumbMariya Mova
I was born in Bulgaria, Sofia in 1970 and most of my school years I spent studying Arts-dancing, singing, drawing and photography. After 1990, I changed my life and pursued a career in sports and fitness. Iin 1999, I left my country to pursue my fitness career abroad.



taylor-ryan-6-thumbTaylor Ryan
Fitness has become my passion and I was motivated to teach others the right way, to avoid my paths. I became NASM personal training certified and with my boyfriend we started an online weight training business. In August of 2008, I competed in my first figure competition and placed 4th in my class. I am competing again this November and ready to place 1st!


janet-west-2-thumbJanet West
I was born in Washington DC and raised in the suburbs of the DC metro area in Bowie, MD. I attended Towson University in Maryland and received a BS in Accounting. I got my CPA license in 1985 and worked for 10 plus years in the accounting industry. I branched off into the area of Recruiting and received a MS in Human Resources. My last corporate position was as a Director of American Express TBS in Towson MD. I left my corporate career and have since aspired to become a personal Trainer.


marla-arndt-1-thumbMarla Arndt
I made a lifestyle change at the age of 30 years old. I stopped the YO-YO dieting, permanently lost the unhealthy weight and lifestyle I was living. I became a new woman and six years later followed my heart and became a certified personal trainer. I got started in the fitness modeling because I needed a new goal. I wanted to be a positive role model to women my age. Hopefully inspire and motivate women to continue training and eating clean and not just feels BUT look years younger.


beth-mcgrath-1-thumbBeth McGrath
I have been involved in the fitness industry since I was 19 years old, when I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at North Georgia College and University. I have always been athletic. I participated in Cross Country and Track as a high school student, which naturally segued into teaching group fitness classes. I began teaching weight training classes about 4 years ago in the group fitness environment and thoroughly loved how it toned my physique and made me stronger.


jana-hollingsworth-2-thumbJana Hollingsworth
I was born in Boston, MA. As a child, I was very active. I took lessons in just about every sport you can imagine (skiing, skating, tennis, tap, ballet) but my passion was horses. I rode every weekend, took lessons for years and competed in many horse shows. I also had a passion for dance which developed in my late teens. I took lessons and won many dance competitions. During my early 20’s, I got a job in a health club. It inspired me to become a personal trainer and aerobics instructor.


sandra-froher-3-thumbSandra Froher
I love fitness! It allows me to live a high quality of life and challenge my physical and mental self. Competing is a fusion of beauty mixed with physical and mental strength which appeals to me. I love setting goals and following through with them.



natalie-barratt-1-thumbNatalie Barratt
I have had a passion for fitness as long as I can remember. I have always been into sports and outdoor activities. Among my favorites include snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking and of course competing on stage. I am an amateur figure fitness athlete, and I plan to make it pro one day! I am currently in my final year of my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an extended minor in psychology. After I complete my degree I plan on applying for medical school or physiotherapy.


anouk-pascale-1-thumbAnouk Pascale
For the last decade I have had the pleasure of working as a fitness model which has taken me all over the world on fitness and commercial assignments. I have visited some amazing locations including the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Hawaii on both swimwear and fitness shoots. More recently, I have developed my own nutritional supplement range and fitness website where I can use my knowledge from my Degree in Sports Science and nutrition to guide and help people around the world achieve their health and fitness goals.


heidi-carter-1-thumbHeidi Carter
My name is Heidi Carter and I have been a personal trainer for the past 7 years. I am certified in NASM CPT, NASM PES, NASM CES, Nutrition, Yoga instructor and CPR/AED. I got started in high school with cheerleading, weight lifting and gymnastics. I love being active and pushing my body to its limits. I completed the Tough Mudder when I was five months postpartum!


kimberly-isom-2-thumbKimberly Isom
Aside from being a full time Database Manager, I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Aerobic’s Instructor, Professional Natural Figure Competitor in the WNBF, Competition Judge, and an experienced Posing Coach. I enjoy training those men and women, who enjoy trying new and innovative exercises. I brings me so much joy training women who are not intimidated by weights! I simply love helping them reach their desired goals through hard work and perseverance. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading, singing, and traveling.


fawnia-model-pageFawnia Mondey
Fawnia is a fitness model, dance instructor, writer and actress. She is also co-producer and presenter of a soon to be released new fitness show, Fawnia & Friends. Since 1998 Fawnia has self produced several instructional dance videos and has appeared on the cover of numerous fitness magazines. With Fawnia’s experience as a competitive bodybuilder in 1999, placing first in the Muscle & Fitness Mania (women’s lightweight), she enjoys providing tips on nutrition, training and motivation to help others.


tawyna-gentleman-1-smallTawnya Gentleman
Tawnya has been a fitness instructor now for over 4 years. She has been able to help many dear friends achieve their personal fitness goals along the way, as they have also helped her. She has taught at several gyms in Arizona and Texas. She also teaches kickboxing, pilates, yoga, muscle conditioning, water aerobics and spinning classes just to name a few. Tawnya eventually got into modeling and acting which led to film making. She is now writing her own books, getting her art career going and helping others with healing through teaching meditation and visualization classes.


erin-connor-1-smallErin Connor
Erin got started in the industry doing extra work through Ambassador Talent in Chicago working with clients such as Snickers and Infiniti Cars. She is an official ESPN Miller Lite Fuegos Girl and her largest ad was for Pony Athletic Shoes which went international last year in 120 countries. Erin has worked for various clients such as: Snickers, Infiniti Cars, Miller, Miller Lite, ESPN Radio 1000, Chromium, Bohyme, Playboy, Shutupandmodel, Liquid Assets, Hot Import Nights, and has been published in various magazines. She was also chosen for a recent reality television show and is an upcoming model for a national magazine.


alana-hernandez-2-thumbAlana Hernandez
Alana became interested in fitness when she decided that her body wasn’t making her happy anymore. So, so she decided to change it. She is a firm believer in change and she thinks when you really want to do something, you just need do it. No talking about it, just act and get after it. Alana took this mid set and turned it into a fitness career. She has placed 2nd at the 2005 Team Universe and earned her professional card. She also placed 8th at the 2004 North American Figure Championships.


sandra-augustin-2-thumbSandra Augustin
I am a 20-year (plus) veteran to the fitness industry. I am the owner of SASS Fitness, a personal training business serving an all female clientele in the Sacramento area. In addition to owning my own business, I am a Master Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness and a MET-Rx sponsored Fitness Competitor. In these capacities, I travel nationwide for competitions in fitness, extreme obstacle courses and personal appearances representing MET-Rx/Pure Protein/Worldwide Drinks and as a 24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer, I instruct continuing education fitness classes for other 24 Hour Fitness group exercise instructors.


sarah-green-1-thumbSarah Green
I entered my very first fitness competition last year and took the title of MISS SOUTH AFRICA FIGURE 2008! I’m very proud of this accomplishment and plan BIG things for myself from here on out. I have a diploma in travel and tourism. I’m also a business owner of “See the Cape Holiday Accommodation” which is based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have always been active and got started in the gym while I was in school.


jana-stewart-4-thumbJana Stewart
Jana placed 9th at her very first National show and only motivated her to improve her physique and continue competing. She went on to take 3rd place at Team Universe as well as a second place at The North American Figure Championships. She now has her sights set on getting her pro card and becoming a well known face in the fitness industry. With high spirits and the quest to continue to improve and perfect her body, Jana will continue to compete, model and promote the health and fitness industry.


kim-schaefer-2-thumbKimberly Schaefer
Kimberly got started in fitness after she entered a 12 week weight loss program. After finishing, she learned a lot about herself and realized she could do just about anything she put her mind to. She has always loved lifting weights and was involved in some type of aerobics class, usually kickboxing. She had decided after she could actually see her abs, that she would be able to follow a strict dietary plan for a competition and decided from there to enter her first Figure competition. Kimberly got serious with her weight training, got help with her nutritional plan and increased her cardio program to transform her body into a competitive fitness athlete.


heaven-ross-1-thumbHeaven Ross
My name is Heaven Ross, also known as Heaven the Health Nut! I know how very important health is, not only to the body but to our brains. Fitness can make the difference between living with health and living with illness. I grew up in and out of hospitals suffering from asthma as a little girl. Just breathing was difficult let alone moving or being active. And then when I was only 13 years old my father died of congestive heart failure. I really knew I wanted to take my health seriously.


heather-hentschel-2-thumbHeather Hentschel
I was born Heather Renee Hentschel on October 9, 1985 and raised in the bay area. I live in ever so posh, Pleasanton CA for about ten years. I was the youngest out of three sisters, Sharlee my sister and Melissa the middle sister. I was the outgoing, the rebel, the free spirited child. I had an imagination that I got lost in. I was always wanting to do a new sport or hobby even when I was I tiny tot. I was in tap, ballet, swimming, karate, basketball and gymnastics all before the age of 12. I never could make up my mind in what I wanted to do; I swear I had a new interest every week. As years went on I grasped on the sport of gymnastics. It was my first true love.


jenna-larue-hobbs-1-thumbJenna Larue Hobbs
I am a very ambitious young individual. I have been modeling for 7 years now and have been in the fitness industry ever since I have been old enough to work. I believe fitness is very important for everyone and should be taken seriously and fit in our everyday life style. I have a degree in science and work as a personal trainer, aerobics instructor, and professional model. Everything I do I have a passion for. I am certified in Les Mills classes which is the highest rank certification you can get to teach aerobics. I teach anything from Spinning, Pilates, Yoga, Piyo, Bootcamp, Kids fit, Glutes, and Abs class. I love motivating people to reach their fitness goals.


angie-marie-rempel-1-thumbAngie Marie Rempel
I am a certified personal trainer and also I compete in various fitness shows throughout the year. I look to make a difference in people and help them change to what they desire to be. I travel around the province and U.S.A to shoot for various commissioned projects and love the industry. I hope to one day compete with many of the great athletes today in the Olympia and the Arnold Classic.


linda-cusmano-1-thumbLinda Cusmano
Linda is a national fitness champion. She is competitive in bodybuilding, fitness modeling and kickboxing. Linda is also a fitness writer for various magazines such as Ms. Fitness, Sport & Fitness, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Oxygen and many more. As an actress, Linda dabbles in selective work such as Much Music Commercial, special extra and stunt work and special guest parts. Linda owns and runs her own mobile training service being an elite personal trainer and one of the best in her field working with athletes, post rehab and everything in between.


leha-long-1-thumbLeha Long
My name is Leha Long. I have been a certified personal trainer for several years now. I really enjoy this field because it allows me to work with people who want to be motivated and help themselves to live healthy lives. I have a Master’s Degree in Technology, and I am currently working on my Specialist Degree. I have been modeling for many years now, and I am very excited to say that I am getting ready for my first competition.


cara-thien-2-smallCara Thien
Cara was always extremely athletic as a child, and carried the same passion for exercise throughout her life. She started to work out in the gym when she was 19 years old. She loved the look of the fitness models and she believes her first visual impression that really hit her was Linda Hamel in Terminator, she loved her arms! Cara was fortunate to have a friend who had competed and she started taking her to the gym. She was amazed at how quick her body responded and has been competing in fitness contests ever since.


tamara-carousos-1-smallTamara Carousos
Tamara’s fitness career began a lot later in life than most other competitors. In 1998, she was your average American wife and Mother. She worked a full-time job, took care of her family and thought it was the life God intended for her to live. She was like a lot of other women her age. she had gotten married, had children and in the process packed on more than 55 extra pounds! After a life-altering experience with a bathing suit in the Macy’s fitting room, Tamara knew she could no longer live the way she was. Through a lot of hard work and a change in her mind-set, Tamara lost and incredible 55 pounds and transformed her body into a lean and athletic new woman.


jennifer-hawkins-3-smallJennifer Hawkins
During her college years, Jennifer taught aerobics at an all female gym and gained her personal training certification from a 6-week intensive training program in Maui. She loved the Island life! An opportunity to work as an aerobics instructor, personal trainer and fitness promotions coordinator at a gym in Bermuda presented itself to her and she has been living there ever since. She moved away from teaching aerobics and personal training several years ago, and has instead focussed on her own training with a goal to compete. At the same time, she has pursued further education and recently graduated with an Associates degree in Applied Nutrition.


carla-jones-2-smallCarla Jones
Carla is a certified personal trainer and has been a group exercise instructor for 15 years. She started competing 6 years ago as a bodybuilder and now she is a figure competitor. She thanks God for blessing her with a passion for training, eating, and competing. Carla was competing in the 2004 Bikini Universe Pageant in Miami Beach, FL and for the first time in her life she found herself in a photo shoot and the next thing she knew she was on the cover of Fitness & Physique Magazine. This year Carla was selected to be in the Arnold Classic Fitness Fashion show.


kristy-ratcliff-1-smallKristy Ratcliff
Kristy originally began working out to lose weight 10 years ago. Then she discovered how important diet was to her endeavor. She became very interested in nutrition and its role in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, she even obtained a BS in nutrition before entering medical school. She noticed all the great changes in her physique by applying her knowledge in fitness and nutrition. She became leaner, more muscular, and felt better in general. Kristy is driven to be a positive example for others and to provide information on healthy nutrition and proper training to help others experience amazing results with their fitness goals.


geri-helm-3-smallGeri Helm
Geri is a ISSA certified fitness trainer who has always lived a healthy lifestyle. Although she has always gone to the gym regularly, she wasn’t getting the results she desired. She began doing a lot of research on training techniques, nutrition, etc. Geri discovered a popular fitness program and decided to participate in it. After losing 9 pounds and dropping 7 percent of her body fat, she began to receive many questions from clients who workout at the same gym. Geri decided she had a true passion for fitness so she uses this interest to benefit others and as well as herself. She is always looking for new ways to push herself and to stay challenged. Geri’s future goal is to help as many people realize the importance and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.


jean-jitomir-3-smallJean Jitomir
Jean is registered dietitian who graduated from Cornell University in 2004. She is the WNPF Bench Press 123 lb American Record Holder, and NPC 2005 Tri-state Championship Light Weight and Overall Winner. She began my career in fitness as a power lifter and then moved to bodybuilding and figure in 2005. When Jean is not in the lab, she is whipping up some new recipes for her cooking classes or training smart and hard for female bodybuilder and figure contests. She provides diet and training services such as diet counseling, personal training and contest coaching.


mia-ferreri-3-smallMia Ferreri
I first became a model when I was 14 years old after being discovered in a shopping mall in Illinois during a runway competition. I enjoyed modeling so much I decided to make it a career. The more I got into it, the more I realized how important it was to take care of your body and health. I delved into learning as much as I could about how to create a healthy and fit body. Since I have always been into playing sports, fitness modeling was a natural choice for me.


monica-starr-2-smallMonica Starr
I was born and raised on a farm and ranch. I love farm life! After college at Fort Hays University and Colby College, I got certified through ISSA to be a Personal Trainer. I then moved on to Baltimore, MD. It was there I began personal training at a gym and teaching spinning, abs, and stretching classes. I have always loved eating right and working out, and now I was able to help people get into it. Then I did my first Figure competition, and fitness modeling just fell in with that. I was first published in March of 2003 Oxygen Magazine. I was psyched!


amanda-wesley-2-thumbAmanda Wesley
My name is Amanda Wesley, I am 26 years old and I live in Fairfield, OH. I grew up playing softball and basketball. I have been in the fitness field for a year and a half now and I am getting ready to take my test to become a certified Personal Trainer. I could not ask for a better job! I love to make people feel great about themselves and give them the results they are looking for and believe me I am all about the results!


fradelene-derisma-1-thumbFradelene Derisma
My name is Fradelene. I was born in Haiti. Most of my school year I spent time running track, playing basketball and soccer. I love working out and its also very important to me. I’m here to start and improve my modeling talent. I love fashion. One day I would love be an athletic model.



paulette-sybliss-1-thumbPaulette Sybliss
My name is Paulette Sybliss (a.k.a. Miss P). I was born, raised and still live in London, England UK. I was active as far back as I can remember. I grew up and still am a little bit of a “Tom Boy”. I was always out on my bike, roller skating or just playing in the park. I’m the youngest of four girls but was as close to a boy as my dad was going to get! I loved most sports that I played but excelled at athletics in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and long jump. I also loved to play Netball and rounders which is similar to softball. Athletics through school was my passion. I competed at school, club and at the city level.


wendy-spencer-1-thumbWendy Spencer
I am a middle school guidance counselor currently working on a doctorate degree in counseling psychology. I earned a bachelors degree in psychology in psychology, masters in education, and am also a licensed professional counselor. I competed in my first INBF figure competition April 2011 at the Buckeye Classic. I competed in 5 shows this year and in the end received my WNBF pro card in figure and Ms. Fitbody. I look forward to beginning my professional career in 2012.


lajuwon-williams-1-thumbLaJuwon Williams
I am 28 years old and a mother of one healthy little girl. I am a fitness boot camp instructor and personal trainer. I started at the age of 8 running track and doing the long jump. I ran track for 10 years straight and did cross country running as well. Within those years I played basketball, tennis and soccer.



samia-reynosa-1-thumbSamia Reynosa
I am a mother of two amazing children (Aliah and Leonardo). I finished with my college degree in Computer Systems Engineering in Mexico and I have been living in the USA since 2003. I have always had a passion for fitness. I love to exercise and be active but I never really took it seriously until this year (2012) when for the first time, I decided to change my food habits and started eating a healthy diet.


eve-dawes-1-thumbEve Dawes
I trained at Central school of Ballet and London Studio centre and after graduating with my ‘Professional Theatre Dance Diploma’ toured with Vienna Festival Ballet as a Ballerina. Since then I have been performing Internationally as a dancer for the last 10 years for various companies in various venues. I’m also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapy; after graduating from Premier International I went on to work for Fitness First and Dax Moy, London and am on the Register of Exercise Professional (REPS).


rachel-owen-3-thumbRachel Owen
I just graduated high school in 2009 and planning on attending college to be a certified personal trainer and diet coach. I also would like to help children become more active by holding fitness classes and helping them practice healthy eating habits.




sarah-brown-2-thumbSarah Brown
I’m a certified personal trainer, certified sports nutritionist and a model. I’ve been modeling for a year and I love it! It’s a really fun job. I’ve been a personal trainer for 4 years, and I got my sports nutritionist certification shortly after that. I started doing online personal training right away, which I still do. I opened my gym two and a half years ago, where I train people in person. I train all types of people with all different goals. I have focused a lot on training figure competitors, and I’m now starting to focus on endurance athletes as well. In my gym I have a lot of older folks because I live in an older community.


claudia-rivarelli-4-thumbClaudia Rivarelli
My name is Claudia Rivarelli and I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay South America. From the age of 6, I started skating because I had a problem in my legs. Thanks to this sport, my legs are fantastic today. When I was 16, I started as a fashion designer and is actually one of my current professions. I have always been athletic and have liked sports, fitness and martial arts (kick boxing).


cheryl-elizabeth-taylor-1-thumbCheryl Elizabeth Taylor
I recently won first fitness contest at age 45 (Ms. World Physique) and will don the pages of the magazine in a 40+ layout issue for July 2010. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English. I began my fitness journey 2 years ago after deciding to pursue a lifelong dream of acting. I reached my goal of acting and now I would like to conjointly pursue a career in fitness! I love motivating people as I was not the fit person I am today. I had to motivate myself and keep my goals realistic.


siobhan-english-1-thumbSiobhan English
I was born in Winnipeg, MB where I was adopted and taken to Britain. About 8 years ago I had an amazing experience when I reunited with my birth family who I found on the Internet and was fortunate to travel to Canada to meet. Approximately 2 years later myself and my family made the decision to emigrate to Canada. I now live in Dauphin, MB.



melissa-jesmer-1-smallMelissa Jesmer
I started working out at the local gym to lose weight, but quickly became interested in bodybuilding. I’ve competed 3 times, and progressed to fitness modeling this year, when I was approached by a photographer. It feels great to be appreciated for the way my hard work and dedication has paid off. My biggest accomplishment was getting on stage for my first figure competition and placing second. Finding something that I finally love and can really focus my energy on has been very rewarding.


silvia-buehler-espiritu-1-thumbSilvia Buehler Espiritu
Having a passion for fitness, I became a personal trainer and enjoy training people and helping them to achieve their individual fitness goals. Fitness, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude are my passions and I am motivated to help other people achieve their goals. Consistency, discipline and balance are the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. Fitness has always been a very important part of my life. Throughout high school, I was part of a handball team where I was able to show off my athletic skills and where I found a way to openly express myself.


chantel-deboer-1-thumbChantel DeBoer
I currently work as a Correctional Peace Officer with a University education background in Criminology, Psychology and Sociology. I’m a certified Personal Trainer.




dawn-obrien-6-thumbDawn O’Brien
My name is Dawn Marie O’Brien. I am the president/founder of “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner.” I am a fitness model/model that brings encouragement to others. In 2000, I was in a very dangerous car crash and almost died. A drunk driver hit me and almost killed me. I had to have brain surgery on the right side of my brain because I was hemorrhaging real badly. The doctors shaved the whole right side of my hair and told my husband that I may not live.


I was actually born in Taipei, my father was in the Army. I pretty much grew up in Georgia living in Atlanta and Columbus, and spending summers in Hilton Head SC with my grandparents. I attended a private school where I was a cheerleader and was on the track team running the mile. After I graduated from High School I attended Auburn University where I actually started weight training and a little modeling; doing some swimsuit contests and commercial work.


loretta-lynn-model-1-thumbLoretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn McGrath was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, in the small town of Santa Rosa, that lies a little over an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge. She has 2 older brothers and a older sister who all grew up with her. Loretta’s father was in the construction business and instilled the hard work and determination mentality that comes with construction, to all his children. In addition, he also taught them all how to lift properly and pushed them to do their best in any physical challenge.


melisaann-main-pageMelisa Ann
I began modeling after a photographer while on vacation in Jamaica approached me. After some convincing he took some photos, my only expectation was getting some nice photos of myself. About two weeks after I returned from vacation I received a call from him, he told me he showed some of my photos to some of his fellow photographers and got a great response. He also told me at that time that I might want to try modeling professionally, well here I am.


candy-main-pageCandy Keane
I was born in Alabama on September 21st, and my mom named me Candy because she thought it was a sweet name. I only lived there a short time before relocating to Florida, where I grew up on the Gulf Coast. With its warm waters and perfect white sand, it was hard to keep me away from the beach and out of the water (it still is). I have recently moved to Jacksonville, FL to be closer to my family.


melissa-wilkinson-mainpageMelissa Wilkinson
I was born and raised in what is known as the “South Country,” a series of small communities scattered throughout the Elk Valley, East Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada. I continue to reside in this beautiful area amidst the Rocky Mountains. I enjoy running, weight training, sports like hockey, volleyball, skiing and snowboarding. In the winter I skate and snowshoe, as well. I like to sing and listen to music, mostly old and new country, but also folk, adult alternative, jazz and blues. I love being outside in the sunshine- be it a beach or riding horseback in the mountains!


nikki-model-pageNikki Warner
Figure is much more suitable for me since I have a natural physique with lots of soft feminine curves. I love big muscles but I do not have the bulk and striations to do well at the national bodybuilding level of competition. In my heart, natural, healthy feminine muscles is what female bodybuilding and fitness should be about.



nicole-main-pageNicole Clark
I was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta until I was 7 years old, we then moved out to White Rock B.C. where I have continuously lived since. I have always been a competitive child. I began by swimming on a swim team at the age of 8 years old, I continued this for numerous years. I then started playing softball, I played softball though out my childhood / pre-teens.


nikkig-model-pageNiki G
Niki has promoted for companies like Harley Davidson, Umbrella Girls USA, Model Manager for the following National Tours:, US Smokeless Tobacco, Skoal, Copenhagen, Western Legends Tour, Stacker 2. She enjoys Modeling, Exercising, Pilates, My web site, Home Decorating & Design, Real Estate, Cooking, Shopping



samantha-bullington-main-pageSamantha Bullington
Training is like an addiction, if I miss a day, then I obsess on when I will make it up. I tell people who struggle that it’s like a second job. There’s always something else I could find to do, but if you schedule it like your job, then you will make yourself be there. I work out by myself mainly, but on leg day, I need that extra kick in the butt.. so I partner up with my husband, Roger, who won Mr. Arkansas and is striving to take his placeings at the Masters Nationals, and Don Youngblood, who is the 2002 Masters Mr. Olympia.


jamie-frontz-mainpageJamie Frontz
I was born in Tucson, Arizona on July 11th, which makes me an emotional Cancer astrological sign. My family soon packed it up and moved to a small little town in northern Arizona otherwise known as Show Low. I grew up being a tomboy of sorts, riding dirt bikes; riding my horses and anything I could find to entertain myself outdoors. I have always loved being the center of attention.


christina-penegar-main-pageChristina Penegar
Christina Penegar is an exceptional a model who desires to take on new ventures in her modeling career. She is pursuing print, television/commercial, swimwear and fitness modeling. Christina is a professional and dependable model with great people skills. She has grand enthusiasm for modeling and all other aspects of her life. This remarkable South Carolina girl has attended Winthrop University and graduated with her Bachelors in Science in Physical Education.


nikki-crawford-main-pageNikki Crawford
I was born in Pendleton, Oregon and moved to Fair Oaks, California at age 6. As a youngster I took Polynesian dancing, ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, singing, piano and baton. Yes, I was very active and enjoyed staying busy. I started baton at age 9 and by 10 had won my first State championship. I twirled mainly with the USTA organization and some with NBTA. During my 9 years of competing I won State, Regional, Nationals and World championships. During that time I also competed in pageants, talent shows, singing competitions, dance competitions and was on my Junior High school gymnastics team.


jamie-reed-model-1-thumbJamie Reed
Jamie is very educated with a Structural Engineering BS Masters of Engineering from Cornell University. She has competed in the MetRx 2004 Figure Nationals, Atlantic States Figure Competition 2004, Atlantic States Figure Competition 2003.



michele-wood-model-2-thumbMichele Wood
Michele was born in the inner city of Chicago. She was raised in a single parent household, along with 3 sisters. She was very athletic as a child and considered a bit of a “tom boy”. She fell in love with the sport of gymnastics at the age of 4. She was a competitive gymnast until the age of 17, when she signed up for the military. She left for the Army after completion of high school, and stayed in the active and reserve components of the U.S. Army for 6 years.


mary-castro-model-1-thumbMary Castro
I was born in West Covina, CA. on April 14, 1981. The oldest of five in our family. I grew up all around Southern California. I went to many schools.At times it was tough, it was hard to make friends because we were always moving and never settling. I was very independent early in my life. Coming from a household with a single parent is challenging, and I knew I had to grow up fast. It made me very responsible and ambitious. I knew there was no one there to pick up my slack, so I never left any.


chaundra-tangi-2-thumbChaundra Tangi
I began training in August of 1997, at 162lbs. (See photos on gallery page.) I wanted to change my body and knew the only way to do so was to have a goal. I competed in bodybuilding at the NPC Northern Colorado, just 6 months later. At 108lbs I took 5th place. My training was off and on until I tried Fitness at the Northern Colorado in 2000. I trained myself and received guidance from my current trainer, Dave Fujii. I took 1st place with no height classes. I have since earned my Pro Card by winning my class at the first NPC National Figure Championships in NYC, 2001.


christina-lindley-5-thumbChristina Lindley
With an impressive body of work that encompasses film, television, modeling, and fitness, Christina Lindley has quickly emerged as one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars. Christina just wrapped production on several projects including: a costarring role in the 20th Century Fox film “The Marine” starring John Cena and Kelly Carlson, appearing on the upcoming DVD release of the “Wedding Crashers” movie that is out in theatres now, as a hostess and personal trainer in a game that guides you through extra footage called “Crash Course” on the DVD, “Campus Ladies” for Oxygen and famed Curb your Enthusiasm director Robert B. Weide, HBO’s Entourage, Big Momma’s House 2 starring Martin Lawrence.


keisha-terry-5-thumbKeisha Terry
I have been working for CMG for 1 year. I have done run way modeling for Sears, Bridal World, Phillips Apparel I also have done commercial for Phillips Apparel, Sisk Auto Mall and golden tan.



krisztina-sereny-4-thumbKrisztina Sereny
I started in fitness because I wanted to be a champion and I like the way a woman looks with muscles. I started when I was two years old and began swimming. I have competed in the IFBB. Hungarian, IFBB. Austrian International, IFBB. Burizer cup, IFBB. Hungarian cup, IFBB. Slovakian International, IFBB. Pro Fitness European Cup



lea-waide-5-thumbLea Waide
I had seen fitness competitions on television when I lived in Tennessee but was clueless about how to get started. And, my body looked nothing like the girls on I saw on TV. I had joined the Las Vegas Athletic Club and picked up a publication listing their personal trainers. Rick Nelson’s bio caught my eye. He was a former military master fitness instructor, and I wanted someone who was hard core. I needed someone who would really push me.


michelle-parker-3-thumbMichelle Parker
It began with teaching aerobics in my hometown of Kindersley, Saskatchewan at the age of 15. I fell in love with teaching the first time I stepped in front of a class. Every since then I have been passionate about Fitness and I am always looking for new goals to set for myself. I moved to Calgary, Alberta in September of 1996 where I took on a teaching job with Spa Lady. During the next 2 years, I attended Mount Royal College where I obtained my diploma in Physical Fitness Leadership.


nita-marquez-1-thumbNita Marquez
I struggled with emotional issues which led to poor health and became interested in becoming fit due to this. I used to watch Cory Everson in interviews and read about her every chance I got. When I got older, I looked into competing and my ex-husband supported the idea, so we made a go of it (at that time together). Today, it is just my lifestyle and one of my many passions!


sandra-wickham-5-thumbSandra Wickham
I worked in our university gym, and I looked up to women like Cory Everson and Anja Schriner. Someone at the gym told me I should enter a fitness competition, but I hadn’t really seen or heard of them before. After university I went to live in Whistler, BC and spent much of my time working in a gym, working out and snowboarding. I thought about entering a provincial competition, but just didn’t have the support and guidance that I needed.


sylvia-tremblay-1-thumbSylvia Tremblay
From 1992 ‘til 1997, I taught aerobics and step workout classes. It was such a great job since it allowed me to help others to stay in shape and to be happy. I find teaching a workout class particularly fulfilling because it allows me to share my enthusiasm with students by motivating them to enjoy training and all the benefits it has to offer. It also allows me the opportunity to be creative by finding ways to get the class interested. In keeping it fun, I try make them forget that they are really working hard. I also make it a top priority to give them directions on proper technique and form so they don’t injure themselves.


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