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Do you have questions about losing weight? Maybe your interested in toning up a little and losing the extra 5-10 pounds of body fat which is hanging around. We have added our top weight loss questions from real people just like you. We provide weight loss advice and tips so you can shed those extra pounds safely and effectively!


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  1. Paul Hastings on

    I have supposedly gained over half a stone in just 3 days which is ridiculous as I follow the same diet plan and exercise plan every day. I went down from 18 stone 2lbs to 13 stone 4lbs and am now back up to 14 stone. I have a habit of weighing myself every day and this just cant be a correct weight. I suffer with mental health issues ans this is really doing me no good at all. Should I ditch the bathroom scales. Please hellp. I am getting really desperate.

    • shapefit

      Hi Paul – Yes, you probably want to ditch the bathroom scale and try focusing on what you see in the mirror. If you look and feel good, don’t worry about the number on the scale. These numbers can fluctuate based on water retention and many other factors.

      • Paul Hastings on

        Thanks for answer.What I failed to mention is that i suffer with bi polar and extreme anxiety and normally walk up to 6 days a week for exercise but his has brought on a bad attack and I am not walking at the mo and feel very guilty mentally because of it. I have thrown the scales out

        • shapefit

          Sorry to hear about your issues. I’m sure you will get right back out there walking very soon and reach your fitness goals. Best of luck :)

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