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Checkers & Rally's Drive In Calories - Fast Food Nutrition Facts

Food Item Calories Protein Total Carbs Sugars Total Fat Sat Fat Trans Fat Sodium Cholesterol

Kid's Burger 280 15g 28g 3g 12g 6g 0g 570mg 20mg
Kid's Cheeseburger 320 16g 29g 3g 15g 8g 0g 730mg 30mg
Bacon Cheddar Burger 370 20g 29g 3g 19g 9g 0g 730mg 35mg
Bacon Double Cheeseburger 650 35g 32g 6g 42g 20g 1.5g 1340mg 75mg
Big Buford® 570 31g 31g 5g 36g 18g 1.5g 1090mg 65mg
Bacon Buford® 680 34g 31g 5g 46g 21g 2g 1510mg 45mg
Bacon Swiss Buford® 660 35g 28g 4g 45g 21g 1.5g 1310mg 85mg
1/4 LB. Champ® 490 22g 32g 3g 30g 12g 0g 810mg 65mg
1/4 LB. Champ® with Cheese 580 24g 33g 3g 39g 18g 0g 930mg 90mg
1/4 LB. Bacon Cheese Champ® 630 29g 35g 4g 41g 18g 0g 1230mg 100mg
1/2 LB. Double Champ® 740 39g 30g 5g 52g 25g 0g 1030mg 120mg
1/2 LB. Double Champ® with Cheese 790 42g 34g 3g 54g 28g 0g 1360mg 125mg
Checkerburger® 390 16g 32g 5g 22g 8g 0g 680mg 20mg
Checkerburger® with Cheese 420 18g 33g 5g 24g 12g 0g 810mg 25mg
Cheese Double Cheese 510 29g 31g 4g 31g 17g 1.5g 1140mg 65mg
Chili Cheeseburger 320 18g 30g 3g 15g 8g 0g 620mg 15mg
Double Chili Cheeseburger 460 27g 30g 3g 26g 14g 1g 760mg 55mg
Double Decker 480 27g 31g 4g 28g 13g 1g 720mg 45mg
Rallyburger® 390 16g 32g 5g 22g 8g 0g 680mg 20mg
Rallyburger® with Cheese 420 18g 33g 5g 24g 12g 0g 810mg 25mg
Smokehouse Buford® 650 36g 44g 15g 37g 13g 0g 1610mg 90mg
Triple Cheeseburger 690 43g 33g 5g 43g 23g 2g 1450mg 105mg
Chicken, Fish & Veggie

BLT 380 13g 47g 3g 16g 3.5g 0g 830mg 35mg
Crispy Fish Sandwich 430 14g 51g 6g 19g 6g 0g 780mg 45mg
Deep Sea Double® 640 25g 63g 5g 31g 13g 1g 1170mg 95mg
Frank's® RedHot® Chicken Sandwich 340 16g 34g 3g 16g 8g 0g 1340mg 15mg
Homestyle Chicken Strip Sandwich 670 27g 50g 4g 41g 11g 0g 1420mg 65mg
Screamin' Chicken Strip Sandwich 650 25g 45g 3g 41g 13g 0g 1690mg 60mg
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece) 670 27g 58g 1g 37g 20g 0g 2060mg 70mg
Screamin' Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece) 670 23g 59g 1g 38g 20g 0g 2430mg 65mg
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece) 890 36g 77g 1g 49g 26g 0g 2540mg 95mg
Screamin' Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece) 970 36g 82g 1g 55g 29g 0g 3460mg 110mg
Spicy Chicken Sandwich 550 17g 39g 3g 37g 10g 0g 1110mg 55mg
Classic Wings

Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (5 piece) 390 38g 18g 17g 17g 5g 0g 810mg 120mg
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (10 piece) 780 76g 36g 34g 34g 10g 0g 1620mg 240mg
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (20 piece) 1560 152g 72g 68g 68g 20g 0g 3240mg 480mg
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (40 piece) 3120 304g 144g 136g 136g 40g 0g 6480mg 960mg
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (5 piece) 355 38g 2g 0g 21g 5.5g 0g 1480mg 120mg
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (10 piece) 710 76g 4g 0g 42g 11g 0g 2960mg 240mg
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (20 piece) 1420 152g 8g 0g 84g 22g 0g 5920mg 480mg
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (40 piece) 2840 304g 16g 0g 168g 44g 0g 11840mg 960mg
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (5 piece) 480 39g 1g 0g 35g 12g 0g 830mg 125mg
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (10 piece) 960 78g 2g 0g 70g 24g 0g 1660mg 250mg
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (20 piece) 1920 156g 4g 0g 140g 48g 0g 3320mg 500mg
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (40 piece) 3840 312g 8g 0g 280g 96g 0g 6640mg 1000mg
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (5 piece) 390 38g 19g 18g 17g 5g 0g 960mg 120mg
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (10 piece) 780 76g 38g 36g 34g 10g 0g 1920mg 240mg
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (20 piece) 1560 152g 76g 72g 68g 20g 0g 3840mg 480mg
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (40 piece) 3120 304g 152g 144g 136g 40g 0g 7680mg 960mg
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (5 piece) 335 39g 2g less than 1g 18g 5g less than .10g 3420mg 120mg
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (10 piece) 670 77g 5g 1g 37g 10g less than .20g 6840mg 240mg
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (20 piece) 1340 154g 9g 2g 74g 21g less than .40g 13680mg 480mg
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (40 piece) 2680 309g 18g 4g 148g 42g less than .80g 27360mg 960mg
Hot Dogs

All Beef Hot Dog 280 11g 23g 3g 17g 9g 0g 1660mg 35mg
Chili Dog 410 19g 27g 5g 25g 14g 0g 1160mg 55mg
Chili Cheese Dog 390 17g 28g 4g 23g 13g 0g 1150mg 50mg

Fries - Small 300 3g 28g 0g 19g 10g 1g 700mg 20mg
Fries - Medium 420 5g 40g 1g 27g 14g 1.5g 990mg 25mg
Fries - Large 590 7g 57g 1g 38g 20g 2g 1410mg 40mg
Bacon Cheddar Fries 560 11g 44g 2g 37g 17g 2.5g 1750mg 50mg
Bacon Ranch Fries 640 12g 50g 2g 43g 17g 1.5g 1730mg 45mg
Chili Cheese Fries 550 13g 48g 2g 34g 16g 2.5g 1610mg 50mg
Fully Loaded Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries 640 11g 51g 2g 44g 17g 2g 1880mg 45mg
Shakes & Treats

Cinnamon Apple Pie 240 3g 31g 7g 12g 5g 0g 310mg 5mg
Vanilla Shake - Small 330 8g 51g 39g 10g 7g 0g 180mg 30mg
Vanilla Shake - Medium 410 10g 64g 48g 13g 9g 0g 220mg 40mg
Vanilla Shake - Large 610 14g 95g 72g 19g 13g 0g 330mg 60mg
Chocolate Shake - Small 350 7g 57g 41g 10g 7g 0g 170mg 35mg
Chocolate Shake - Medium 430 9g 72g 51g 12g 9g 0g 220mg 40mg
Chocolate Shake - Large 650 14g 107g 76g 19g 14g 0g 330mg 65mg
Strawberry Shake - Small 350 7g 57g 42g 11g 8g 0g 170mg 40mg
Strawberry Shake - Medium 440 9g 71g 53g 13g 10g 0g 210mg 50mg
Strawberry Shake -Large 660 14g 106g 79g 20g 14g 0.5g 310mg 80mg
Banana Shake - Small 350 9g 56g 44g 10g 7g 0g 160mg 40mg
Banana Shake - Medium 440 11g 71g 54g 12g 9g 0g 200mg 50mg
Banana Shake - Large 650 16g 105g 81g 18g 14g 0g 300mg 75mg
Soft Drinks**

Coca-Cola® Classic - Kid's 99 0g 27g 27g 0g 0g 0g 2mg 0g
Coca-Cola® Classic - Small 174 0g 47g 47g 0g 0g 0g 4mg 0g
Coca-Cola® Classic - Medium 265 0g 72g 72g 0g 0g 0g 5mg 0g
Coca-Cola® Classic - Large 348 0g 95g 95g 0g 0g 0g 7mg 0g
Diet Coke® - Kid's 1 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 11mg 0g
Diet Coke® - Small 1 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 18mg 0g
Diet Coke® - Medium 1 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 27mg 0g
Diet Coke® - Large 2 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 35mg 0g
Sprite® - Kid's 98 0g 26g 26g 0g 0g 0g 22mg 0g
Sprite® - Small 171 0g 46g 46g 0g 0g 0g 39mg 0g
Sprite® - Medium 260 0g 70g 70h 0g 0g 0g 59mg 0g
Sprite® - Large 341 0g 91g 91g 0g 0g 0g 77mg 0g
Cold Creations

Strawberry Classic Sundae 250 5g 41g 34g 7g 5g 0g 140mg 20mg
Classic Chocolate Strawberry Sundae 250 6g 41g 32g 7g 5g 0g 150mg 15mg
Fudge Classic Sundae 300 7g 50g 32g 8g 5g 0g 180mg 15mg
Hot Fudge Classic Sundae, Chocolate 350 8g 55g 48g 11g 8g 0g 230mg 25mg
Vanilla Cone 240 6g 37g 24g 8g 5g 0g 135mg 25mg
Chocolate Cone 230 6g 36g 24g 7g 5g 0g 150mg 25mg
Swirl Cone 240 6g 37g 25g 7g 5g 0g 150mg 25mg
Waffle Cone - Vanilla 430 10g 74g 46g 10g 7g 0g 240mg 35mg
Waffle Cone - Chocolate 470 9g 67g 54g 19g 12g 0g 300mg 40mg
Waffle Cone - Swirl 430 10g 72g 46g 11g 7g 0g 250mg 25mg
Vanilla Cup 210 5g 32g 27g 7g 5g 0g 125mg 30mg
Chocolate Cup 210 5g 31g 24g 7g 5g 0g 135mg 25mg
Swirl Cup 210 6g 32g 24g 7g 5g 0g 135mg 25mg
Mocha Coffee Shake 670 13g 102g 81g 23g 16g 0.5g 370mg 70mg
Banana Split Shake 720 12g 118g 92g 22g 16g 0g 390mg 45mg
Oreo Shake 700 13g 109g 82g 24g 13g 0g 480mg 40mg
Chocolate Toffee Blast 12oz 440 9g 70g 57g 13g 9g 0g 260mg 25mg
Chocolate Toffee Blast 16oz 580 12g 93g 76g 18g 12g 0g 350mg 35mg
Vanilla Toffee Blast 12oz 510 9g 73g 67g 20g 13g .5g 330mg 55mg
Vanilla Toffee Blast 16oz 670 12g 97g 89g 26g 17g .5g 430mg 70mg
Chocolate M&M Blast 12oz 560 11g 84g 65g 20g 13g 0g 250mg 40mg
Chocolate M&M Blast 16oz 740 15g 111g 87g 27g 18g 0g 330mg 50mg
Vanilla M&M Blast 12oz 480 9g 78g 72g 15g 10g 0g 230mg 40mg
Vanilla M&M Blast 16oz 650 12g 106g 97g 20g 13g 0g 310mg 55mg
Cold Creations Classic Shakes

Strawberry Shake 12oz 320 7g 53g 43g 9g 6g 0g 180mg 35mg
Strawberry Shake 16oz 430 9g 71g 57g 12g 8g 0g 240mg 50mg
Strawberry Shake 22oz 590 12g 98g 78g 16g 11g 0g 330mg 70mg
Strawberry Shake 32oz 860 18g 143g 114g 24g 17g 0g 480mg 100mg
Vanilla Shake 12oz 320 8g 47g 36g 11g 8g 0g 200mg 35mg
Vanilla Shake 16oz 430 10g 64g 48g 15g 10g 0g 270mg 50mg
Vanilla Shake 22oz 590 14g 88g 67g 20g 14g 0g 370mg 65mg
Vanilla Shake 32oz 860 21g 127g 97g 29g 20g 0g 540mg 95mg
Chocolate Shake 12oz 330 8g 52g 41g 11g 8g 0g 200mg 35mg
Chocolate Shake 16oz 450 10g 69g 54g 14g 10g 0g 270mg 45mg
Chocolate Shake 22oz 610 14g 95g 75g 20g 14g 0g 370mg 65mg
Chocolate Shake 32oz 880 20g 136g 107g 28g 20g 0g 530mg 95mg
Banana Shake 12oz 320 7g 50g 39g 10g 7g 0g 200mg 35mg
Banana Shake 16oz 430 10g 67g 53g 13g 9g 0g 270mg 45mg
Banana Shake 22oz 590 13g 92g 72g 18g 13g 0g 370mg 60mg
Banana Shake 32oz 860 20g 134g 105g 27g 19g 0g 530mg 90mg

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