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Texadelphia Calories - Fast Food Nutrition Facts

Food Item Calories Protein Total Carbs Total Fat

Mustard Blend 132 0.4g 1.3g 2.1g
Chicken Cheesesteak 410 29.5g 39.1g 14g
Turkey on Wheat With Olive Oil Vinaigrette 510 14g 13g 13g
Chicken Cheesesteak Salad 330 28g 15g 18g
Large Beef Cheesesteak (W/Pepperoni and Mayo, No Onions) 934 55.4g 71.5g 30.8g
Large Chicken Cheesesteak 644 59g 39g 28g
Smoked Turkey Sandwich on Wheat 448 33.5g 25g 22.4g
Beef Cheese Steak 514 41.1g 47.9g 8.4g
Classic Cheesesteak - Regular Size 514 41.1g 47.9g 8.4g
Cheesesteak, Large Chicken 989 72.7g 80.6g 32.3g
Cheesesteak, Regular, Chicken 787.3 63.3g 62.8g 27.1g
Cheesesteak, Large, Beef 1289.2 76.1g 74g 65.7g
Cheesesteak, Regular, Beef 769.9 41.7g 56.2g 36.4g
Side of Waffle Fries 240 2.7g 30.7g 12g
Bacon 90 5g 0g 7g
Guacamole 66.8 9g 0g 6.2g
Queso 150 7g 1.6g 12g
Mustard Blend Sauce 124 4g 10g 10g
Salsa 20 0g 4g 0g
Spicy Ranch 131.9 0.2g 11.6g 8.9g


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