Taebo Workouts For Weight Loss

taeboDeveloped by seven-time World Martial Arts Champion Billy Blanks, Tae Bo blends your own hidden strength with the arts of self-defense, dance and boxing combined with today's great music. Tae Bo is a basic exercise blended together with ballet, karate, Tae Kwan Do, boxing, hip-hop dancing and weight training with everything combined into one. Tae-bo offers a combination of cardiovascular and strength benefits and is more athletic than traditional aerobic classes. Students of Tae-bo are less pressured to perform perfectly during the workouts because the kicks and punches are done at their own speed and height preferences. The classes are set to a combination of upbeat pop and techno music similar to the fast-paced pop music on the tae-bo tapes.

TAE BO, stands for:

T = Total
A = Awareness
E = Excellence
B = Body
O = Obedience

Tae Bo is an exercise that teaches a person how to communicate with the body. It teaches how the mind should operate with the spirit, which God has given us. By the mind working with the spirit one can learn how the body mechanics operate.

Tae Bo is a program that combines the best of a variety of different exercise disciplines to provide an overall workout. Tae Bo is the combination of self-awareness and control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing, and the grace and rhythm of dance.

tae-boThe word "Tae" means "foot and leg" in the Korean language, due to the movements that emphasize the lower body. "Bo" is a shortened version of the word "box." However, all the letters of "Tae Bo" have an important meaning as well, because they are significant to the essential demands of "Tae Bo".

It is important to remember that Tae Bo will give back to you what it asks of you. It is like the laws of the universe, if you plant a seed and nourish it, it is guaranteed to grow. As your will is tested it is also strengthened. While you push your body you build it as well. As your mind and will are challenged, your spirit that God has given you is embraced.

Tae Bo requires strength, endurance, technique, and focus; it mandates your mind and soul as well as your body. You will find out how the mind, will, soul and body have come together to form Tae Bo. However, Tae Bo is about more than training your body and getting in shape.

What Makes Tae Bo Different?
The difference between Tae Bo and other programs and the key to understanding it, lies within the spirit. Tae Bo was developed around 1976, by accident when Billy Blanks was working out in his basement. He developed a workout for himself that used the classic techniques from boxing and martial arts, and then added some dance moves. Martial arts and boxing develop strength, speed, balance, coordination and awareness. The dance moves give the workout energy and rhythm that improves coordination and body awareness and provides a workout for the heart. Thus Tae Bo was born. Tae Bo was first offered in Boston in 1982. In 1989, the program was moved to California where Billy taught in his garage then moved to a small studio located in the Los Angeles area. The center was moved to its current location in 1998. In 1998 the first Tae Bo workout video was released.

Tae Bo is not just about martial arts itself, because it teaches you to punch and kick. Tae Bo trains you to respond mentally and physically with speed and accuracy. By using Tae Bo, you discover how powerful your body is and how to use it to defend yourself. Although, we hope you never get into a situation where you have to call on these skills. However, a key to self-awareness is that anything can happen and one should always be prepared for the unexpected. Practicing Tae Bo will provide you with confidence, self-awareness, tone and quick reflexes if you enter a bad situation. All individuals should know how to protect themselves. They can learn by applying the Tae Bo philosophy and techniques (punching and kicking).





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