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Tight Butt in 30 Days - Booty Exercises for Rock Hard Glutes

tight butt 30 daysHave you ever taken a month out of your exercise to just focus on your glutes? Many ladies either want to lose fat there or put muscle on there but are never quite sure of the combo in diet and training that needs to be balanced for efficacy.

Tightening and shaping the rear end is a combo of the right cardio movements, low carb meal plan and specific shaping exercises which work toward targeting the area. You don't ignore the rest of the body for the month and when you follow the full month program, fat loss and balancing training to maintain the rest of the body is considered. Here is something you can try once per week with your normal program.

Warm up on the treadmill for up to 20 minutes at 2 mph on a zero incline with an exercise called treadmill shuffles.

You need to ensure you have good shoes, tied safely and keep the knees softly bend throughout the movement. You will notice immediately that the inner and outer thighs and glutes immediately take over the exercise doing most of the work, causing a great fat burning heart rate increase along with stimulating the exact area we want. You need to do both sides for a minute or 2 each, alternating them evenly and make sure your hips do not start to turn toward the direction of the treadmill belt.

These can be done at a track or your backyards so do not feel limited but the belt seems to stimulate the glutes more so than on steady ground.

Once you stretch after your warm up you will perform 100 walking lunges. I suggest no weight at first and if you feel you must stop due to the burn go ahead and stop on the spot, hold your spot and stretch, then as soon as you feel relief you must continue on keeping this as nonstop as you can. Over time you will see you can work up to these 100 walking lunges nonstop allowing you to then add some dumbbells to your hands.

Next you will do 100 hip thrusts. As shown you put your feet flat on a step and hold a weight plate at your hip bones so that you only need to support it from sliding downward. Start with bridge position and push up from there not dropping below this. In essence it's a very small movement of about 2 inches upward. Of course you will clinch the cheeks during this and not speed through the movement.

tight butt 30 days

The third exercise I suggest you try is called a Butt Blaster for another set of 100, same rules to go until you cannot move anymore. I like to add ankle weights to this when I do it but please pay close attention to the shape and formation of the legs. This position is essential and is held throughout the up and down phase of the exercise. If you have a mirror you will want to lift enough so that you can see the feet peek up above your head while looking in the mirror. Knees are split out like a frog.

tight butt 30 days

tight butt 30 days

Make sure to give the glutes a good 5 minute stretch and drink lots of water after this session to remove lactic acid.

By Linda Cusmano





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