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Toned Legs in 30 Days - Exercises To Firm Up Thighs and Hips

toned legs 30 daysFrom flabby thighs to 'feel good' thin seem impossible to achieve? If you put the time and effort forward you can reshape your genetics and legs into HOT, LONG and LEAN legs.

Legs need a lot of patience and very low levels of body fat in order to get that shape you are seeking. Legs are one of the main areas ladies hold fat. It seems to radar in on the thigh bone and just sticks there forever! After the body fat increases to a certain degree you get dimples, or cellulite and eventually can be left with stretch marks, both while larger or once you lean down. Okay, don't fret ladies……did you know 89% or so of fitness and figure ladies have them? I see them on stage while walking behind them and I am sure in turn they see mine too!!!! Welcome to the elite group of imperfection and stretch marks. I still feel better this way than as the overweight thigh girl with dimples.

Try using these leg exercises for a few weeks to replace the ones you normally do and increase your cardio to 30 mins per day 6 days per week on the stair master on fat burner level 10. Do this AFTER the weights though.

3 sets of 50 side steps is your goal. Do these off a weight bench, standing on top with both legs, then dropping the left foot to place it quickly then back up and do the same with the right, and so on. Hold a weight plate to your chest for maximum fat burning. The 50 reps at once will not be nonstop until you have practiced this a few times. Once you get a few sessions in you will get more and more reps nonstop.

Stretch and prepare for the next exercise. Grab your body ball and perform 3 sets of 50 single leg squats. Form is crucial so make sure the knee stays above ankle as seen in picture and do not let the knee fall inwards. A good reference is to line up middle of knee cap to outside of upper foot.

toned legs 30 days

Stretch well after this exercise, hydrate and get ready for the last exercise. Multi Hip outer thigh exercise is done on the multi hip machine. It is simple allowing you to get in many reps with some resistance as well.

toned legs 30 days

Target is for 3 sets of 50 as with the other exercises and nonstop if you can. The main form key is to keep the hips facing forward the whole time and not allow them to pivot left or right at all. I nice stable foundation leg stands with a soft knee and you will see this leg also gets an isometric workout throughout the exercise. Once you complete your sets you should stretch well and drink a bunch of water so that you are not so sore the next day.

By Linda Cusmano





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