Glutes Exercise Guides - Photos and Instructions For a Tighter Butt

butt exercisesThere are three muscles that make-up your glutes: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the biggest and most noticeable of the three. The medius and minimus aren't as noticeable--both are located around your ilium, the large bony part of the pelvis. Together these three muscles help you move your thigh out to the side of your body (abduction), as well as rotate and extend your leg behind you. A strong buttocks helps in most all explosive/power activities, such as football, basketball, and hiking.

butt exercises

Lying Butt Bridge
Glute Kickbacks
Leg Lifts
Cable Kickbacks
Walking Dumbbell Lunges
Single Dumbbell Squats
Smith Machine Good Mornings
Reverse Dumbbell Lunges
Leg Presses
Exercise Ball Butt Lifts
Dumbbell Bench Step Ups
Smith Machine Squats
Cable Kickbacks
Elastic Band Kickbacks
Exercise Ball Butt Lifts
Exercise Ball Leg Lifts





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