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Blood alcohol content is just that, it refers to the amount of alcohol in one’s blood, specifying alcoholic levels per 100 grams of blood. Blood alcohol content is an important consideration in many parts of the world, especially when dealing with behavior on the road. Various states institute restrictions on driving depending on the level of alcohol consumed with a common blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of .08 when driving a vehicle. Anything above this limit and you will be arrested for a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated).

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Calculator
Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC%):

The higher the blood alcohol content, the greater the intoxication. There are various ways through which one might attempt to calculate their own blood alcohol content, most of which will follow the steps below, or at the very least take these variables into account:

  • The first step in determining blood alcohol content is weight. While the amount of alcohol one actually consumes will prove crucial in determining the BAC (blood alcohol content), the weight of the individual in question will determine the efficacy of the alcohol in inducing intoxication, as well as overall BAC levels.
  • You will need to take into account the total number of drinks you have consumed in a given period of time, preferably in ounces. Even as an estimate, these figures should be as accurate as possible. You will have to convert the ounces to grams by multiplying your figures by 28.35.
  • Initiate calculations for the blood alcohol level based on the person’s weight, taking into account the total number of drinks consumed within a specific period of time and the number of hours that might have passed since the last drink was consumed.

It is worth pointing out that measuring one’s own BAC isn’t likely to produce the most accurate results, not in all situations, not when you consider the many variables that play a role in bringing about the final BAC result, these including body type and the exact nature of the alcohol that was consumed.

And this doesn’t even begin to take into account the important role metabolism plays in the equation, with many individuals presenting widely varying metabolic rates, which is bound to affect the pace at which alcohol is metabolized.

Blood alcohol content calculators, like the one above, are designed to expedite the process of determining one’s BAC. They will ensure accuracy in a fairly timely manner, taking the weight of the person in question, the type of drink they consumed, the number of drinks and the hours passed since the last drink, before calculating a fairly accurate blood alcohol content result.

This presents the blood alcohol content calculator as quite a powerful tool; though that doesn’t make it infallible. In providing its final calculation, it makes the interesting assumption that the person in question consumed alcohol only from a specific list of certain alcoholic drinks, this then creates an issue with individuals that might have consumed different types of drinks that are not listed within a set period of time.

In such cases it is always advisable to present the strongest drink that one might have encountered. While BAC calculators are fairly accurate devices, it is never advisable to base your legal decisions upon their results, or even assume perfect accuracy in all situations as the calculators must make several assumptions to produce results. And just because the calculator decides that you are perfectly fine getting behind the wheel, it doesn’t mean the police will agree with you! Make sure to be safe and always drink responsibly.

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