Calories Burned Running Calculator – How Many Do You Burn?


A calorie is the common measure of energy and the calorie burn rate essentially measures the amount of energy a person utilizes when performing an activity. As the words suggests, a calories burned running calculator is used to estimate the number of calories you burn running a particular distance. This calculator is based on the two major factors that affect the amount of calories burned which include your weight and the miles covered during your run.


Using these two factors, the calculator computes your estimated amount of calories burned. Why should you use this calculator? Generally, most runners like to see how many calories they burned during a run to help them maintain a regular schedule. Further, you will be motivated to set personal goals when you know how many calories you have burned during your workout. Pure motivation towards these goals and sticking to a regular schedule can help you lose weight efficiently as well as condition your body and cardiovascular system.

If you are running to lose weight and get fit, this calculator will help you track the amount of calories burned so you can monitor it closely with your overall dietary intake and calories consumed. Running is one of the most efficient exercises for weight loss. This is because a person who regularly jogs or runs, burns more calories than almost any other cardio exercise. The amount of calories you burn running a mile essentially depends on your body weight among other factors. A heavy person will require more energy to run a particular distance than a slim person. The effect of running speed on the amount of calories burned also has an influence. This is because running involves more effort in the movement. Sprinting 1 mile will burn more calories than jogging 1 mile, and jogging 1 mile burns more calories than walking 1 mile. So, the intensity level is a key factor for the overall amount of calories burned. Therefore, it is important to focus on the distance covered and also the speed of your run to track your results as accurately as possible and lose weight.

The inclination of your running route also affects the amount of calories burned. Running uphill will definitely burn more calories than running on a flat surface or downhill. Moreover, our metabolism rates are different. Some people burn more calories when doing simple things. The calories burned running calculator just gives you an estimate of the total number of calories spent when doing this specific activity.

You should be careful not to regularly run very long distances as this could take a physical toll on your body (overtraining) and eventually kill your motivation. If you are running to lose weight, make sure to focus on making your runs more efficient at burning fat and less on physical exhaustion and injuries. To keep you injury free, it is advisable to add resistance exercise (weight training) routines into your running schedule. These could include squats, leg press and Romanian deadlifts to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings. The last thing you want to do is pull a hamstring muscle during your run, so make sure you add some strength training movements into your program to avoid any potential injuries.

It is also important to change up your running routine every now and then as your body becomes accustomed to the same routine overtime. Doing the same running workout over and over again results in a lower calorie burn rate. Remember that the more effort you put into each run, the more calories you will burn. So mix it up and try something new for each workout!


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