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Being fit and healthy are important goals for many people all over the world. When you’re in good physical shape it helps protect you from diseases which allows you to live a vibrant life to its fullest. This full body fitness calculator below is a very useful tool that helps track down your progress in terms of your general health and fitness. This helps in the early detection of diseases and other risk factors like being overweight which gives you a clearer roadmap towards achieving your overall health and physique goals.

Full Body Fitness Calculator
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Average Actual Metabolism cal/day cal/hour
Karvonen Target Heart Rate (THR) bpm b/10s
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) bpm b/10s

The calculator above comes with quite a number of functions that require filling in your gender, weight, height, age, resting heart rate average, your narrowest waist measurement, your widest hip measurement, your elbow width and your activity level, along with entering whether you’re sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, very active or extremely active. It also allows you to choose whether to use the US measurement system with its units in Pounds, Feet and Inches or the Metric system whose measurements are displayed in Kilograms, Meters and Centimeters. You’ll then be required to choose your fitness goal from the following: get fit, lose weight, increase endurance, excellent fitness and competitive athletics.

The main reason for completing all these details is to understand how fit you currently are. The general description of the results are listed below.

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI)
    This is calculated by dividing your weight in pounds with the square of your height in inches. The calculator provides a number that determines your weight status relative to your height, and can be used to classify you as being underweight, overweight or having a normal weight. This interpretation is known as the BMI classification.
  2. BMI Classification
    This is basically the interpretation of the Body Mass Index and classification in terms of the weight status. A BMI of below 18.5 is classified as underweight, between 18.5 and 24.9 as desirable or normal weight, from 25.0 to 29.9 as overweight and 30 and above as obese. This is very helpful in determining what direction you need to take in planning your diet and exercise program.
  3. Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR)
    This is actually the ratio of the total circumference of the waist to that of the hips. It may be given as a fraction or as a percentage. For women, it should not exceed 0.85 or 85% while for men, it shouldn’t exceed 0.95 or 95%. Higher WHR usually means higher amounts of fat deposits around the belly which is a risk factor for developing diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  4. Body Shape
    It is mainly interpreted using the Waist to Hip Ratio and lies in different categories including Apple shape, Banana or straight, pear and hourglass. These body shapes usually take the shape of their corresponding fruit. Research shows that Apple shaped women are usually at a higher risk of disease due to fat build up on the upper part of their body as compared to Pear shaped ones who tend to have wider hips than their shoulders and busts.
  5. Interpretation
    This basically shows your fitness status and what to expect basing on all the above factors. It includes comments like “aggravated risk”, “good” and “very good” among others. It is important as it gives you an understanding of your current status and what is needed to reach your fitness goals.
  6. Body Frame Size
    This is simply the interpretation of your size on the basis of your weight and height in correspondence with your age. For example, if the results display “small”, it means that the person has a smaller body size for his or her age.
  7. Ideal Weight
    This is the range of weight that anyone your age should weigh on average. For males, it is relatively higher as compared to females.
  8. Body Fat
    This is the approximate amount of fat contained within your body relative to your total body weight. It can also be represented as a percentage.
  9. Lean Mass
    This is the approximate body weight minus body fat. It is measured in Kilograms or Pounds and also as a percentage relative to your body weight.
  10. Resting Metabolism (RMR)
    This is the approximate number of calories consumed by your body per day or per hour without considering any kind of physical activity.
  11. Average Actual Metabolism
    Calories consumed by your body per day or per hour with consideration of all physical activities.
  12. Karvonen Target Heart Rate (THR)
    This determines your target exercise heart rate and factors in the Resting Heart Rate. It’s represented in beats per minute or beats per 10 seconds.
  13. Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
    The highest heart rate you can achieve without severe problems due to exercise stress. It is measured both in beats per minute and beats per 10 seconds.

Incorporating the use of this full body fitness calculator in your overall health regimen is a great way to achieve optimal fitness. It shows you exactly where you are in terms of your general health and fitness and it outlines whether you have any kind of risk factors and also enables you to track your progress so you can reach your goals faster!


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