Hydration Calculator – How Much Water Do You Need To Drink?


This hydration calculator provides an estimate for the amount of water you should consume when exercising in order to stay fully hydrated and avoid becoming dehydrated during your workout. It requires you to input your body weight, exercise time and environmental conditions before it can calculate an estimated result in ounces, milliliters and glasses of water needed to be consumed per day.

Hydration Calculator
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Human bodies have a great dependence on water, not only to fight against dehydration and quench thirst but to improve health which aids the various body organs in executing their functions without hindrance. Most people have a basic understanding of the major roles that water plays in revitalizing life, yet few people ever consider the issue of quantity, specifically the exact amount of water one’s body requires to ensure peak health. There are several things that will determine the particular water requirements of one’s body:

  1. The most prudent step to start with is always making certain to meet the most basic requirements which is consuming enough water to, at the very least, contend with the body’s minimum water needs. Most professionals will advise eight (8 ounce) glasses of water each day.
  2. Admittedly this value will vary depending on various factors, with most water requirement calculations executed primarily with gender in mind. Scientific studies have come to conclude that men require more water than women on a regular basis, at least 125 ounces daily as compared to a woman’s 91 ounces.
  3. Body weight is just as crucial a consideration, with many scientific studies suggesting that human beings need to consume about half their body weight in ounces of water to maintain proper hydration, possibly even losing weight as a result (excessive consumption of water, of which half of one’s body weight can appear excessive, which has a tendency to create a feeling of fullness, reducing food consumption).
  4. Exercise regimens should play an important part of any person’s water consumption schedule, adding an extra 8 ounces for 15-20 minutes of exercise, on top of one’s normal water consumption requirements.
  5. Consuming appropriate quantities of water in any given day is essential to ensuring optimum health, especially when taking into consideration the amount of water lost in any given day through urine and sweat.

Those most interested in maintaining a close eye on their water consumption need only to observe their urine, looking out for pale yellow to clear coloring for those well hydrated bodies, as opposed to darker shades of urine, which have been known to signal dehydration.

It is important to remember that the human water requirement calculator doesn’t specify the frequency of consumption, never intending for humans to meet their water consumption requirements all at once, within a set period of time.

Rather, it is advisable that one spread his or her water consumption out over the length of the day. Most people can understand the foolishness in trying to consume all the water you need in a day all at once. There is such a thing as drinking too much water, which will result in some negative consequences to your health.


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