One Rep Max Calculator – Find Out How Strong You Really Are


If your goal is to get bigger and stronger than you need to figure out how strong you really are on the most basic lifts. Weight lifting has always been a popular means of building muscle mass which in turn helps to burn body fat. This is because muscle is the body’s most metabolically active tissue and it plays an important role in losing adipose tissue and getting lean. This should encourage gym-goers to focus their attention to train hard and develop more muscle mass. However, when it comes to strength training of any kind, quality training is absolutely crucial and you should only execute those training regimens optimized to produce the best results possible.


Determining your most effective training structure will depend upon the understanding of your individual one rep max (1RM). The purpose of calculating your single rep max in any situation is usually to determine your estimated strength level, basically revealing to each individual the amount of weight they are capable of lifting for a single repetition. In other words, for those with a preference for the bench press, the idea is to figure out how much weight you are able to bench for one rep.

When not armed with the proper tools, the results might initially prove extreme, with an ability to do more than one bench press with a specific weight making it too light for the task, while an inability to do even one repetition of bench with another weight will prove to be too heavy.

The key lies with locating the perfect balance between light and heavy. By determining this important figure, one can then take the steps needed to figure out the amount of muscular strength (percentage) required to lift specific amounts of weight, which in turn will prove crucial in allowing you to determine the number of reps necessary to optimize the efficacy of each exercise.

Standing for one repetition maximum (1RM), it’s best summarized as the weight with which you can execute a specific exercise or activity once. The one rep max calculator is a fairly popular and easy means of determining an individual’s 1RM.

The one rep max calculator accepts data related to the exact weight lifted and the number of reps completed and then computes the one rep max. The importance of using a one rep max calculator to determine 1RM cannot be overstated. If you actually intend to achieve progressive results from your workouts, you really need to monitor your strength levels in order to get stronger and keep making gains.

One rep max calculators have proven themselves considerably effective in this endeavor, displaying results that are within the 5% error margin of the most accurate results. It is worth pointing out that the opportunities for error will continue to rise with an increase in the reps, with results from one rep max calculators usually elevated by at least 5%.


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