Running for Fat People – Tips To Help Overweight Runners


Starting a running program may prove to be a difficult task. For overweight people, it can be much more difficult to start running since people with more body fat are carrying around a lot more weight than the average person. The high impact nature of running sends many people screaming and swearing never to engage in it ever again. Luckily, here are some of the best training tips that can help you deal with running issues while getting the most out of each workout.

Buy Quality Shoes
When it comes to getting leverage on running pains and injuries, opting for a good quality running shoe can help. Running shoes are made from the factory to do one main thing, protect your feet from the high impact nature of the sport of running. As a result, opting for the wrong pair which could be shoes that are too old, too tight, uncomfortable, and so on can bring a permanent halt to your running program. Expect shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and other foot problems if you’re running in the wrong shoes.

Start With a Warm-Up
Pushing your running pace from the get go is a sure way to suffer from premature fatigue and early injuries without reaping the slightest benefit from your workout. See, the warm-up phase has one main function, to prepare your body for the intense activity ahead. Failure to do so is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, make sure to start your running workouts with a slow jog, breathe deeply and as you’re picking up the pace, make sure to do it gradually. In addition, a mental warm-up is critical as well, so get in the habit of visualizing a good run in your mind’s eye and see your performance soar as a result.

Pick Your Pace
Finding your pace, not someone else’s pace, is the way to go if you’re planning to advance with your running career. Just because you see other runners who are moving faster than you does not mean that you have to join the trend as well. Everybody is different and at different stages on the fitness ladder. There are as many training goals as there are runners. Some run to lose weight, some to break a new personal record, others run just for fun. You need to find your sweet spot. Run with what feels natural and be in sync with your fitness level and goals. Find what works best for you and stick with it.

Make It a Habit
Going for a run every now and then is an invitation to muscle soreness, pains, and disappointments. Instead, if you’re looking to enjoy your running experience on the long haul, then you need to make it into a habit. See, human beings are creatures of habit. Even scientific studies (and your observation if you’re still skeptical) have come to the conclusion that we find comfort in the familiar; and we don’t like change. Fortunately, habits can be cultivated and built. With a bit of persistence with your running program (at least for 4 consecutive weeks) your running routine will be just another thing you do without even thinking about it.

Most Important Tip:
Take action and stop analyzing. Just lace up your shoes and get out the door! Implementation is what matters, not knowledge.

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