Fitness Testimonials From ShapeFit Visitors


Our primary goal at ShapeFit is to provide health and fitness information to help individuals get into the best shape of their lives! We are so pleased when we hear feedback directly from our visitors. We feel that it is what our clients have to say about us that matters the most. The fitness testimonials and customer feedback below demonstrate our commitment to helping individuals reach their fitness goals! We would also love to hear you! If ShapeFit has helped you learn more about health and fitness, please let us know by submitting your fitness testimonial!



ShapeFit has made it possible for me to live again!
“ShapeFit has made it possible for me to live again. I can now do things I had to stop doing a long time ago. My wife told me one night that she was worried about the way I was breathing while laying on my back. I guess that due to my weight, I was starting to suffocate myself into an early grave. Do to hard work, changing the way I eat and ShapeFit I went from a 302 pound monster down to my current weight which is 192 pounds. I have lost 14 pant sizes and feel great. I recommend this website to anyone that is trying to lose weight. This site is great, it shows you the proper way to eat and helps you in choosing what exercise plan is right for you. It not only explains each exercise it shows them to you. I thank ShapeFit for helping me become who I am today. I can now look in the mirror and see a person again. I feel re-energized. ShapeFit taught me how to eat right and exercise correctly. The most helpful thing about ShapeFit is the weight lifting guides. I think it is great how ShapeFit shows the correct exercise motion though animated GIF’s.” Joe Johnson – Wappingers Falls, NY


shapefit-testimonial-michaelShapeFit has helped me get from 358lbs to 215lbs!
“ShapeFit has helped me get from 358lbs to 215lbs in less than a year. It truly is one of the great health and fitness resources online. I started using ShapeFit early on by looking at the fast food dietary information. I’ve used workout routines, recipes and read success stories like this one! A year ago I never even dreamed of having the success I have already had!” Michael Vifquain – Tampa, FL


“I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years and ShapeFit provides the most generously illustrated, live-action routines that I have ever seen online! Each exercise is beautifully photographed so that even the most novice user can understand how to perform a particular routine, safely and properly. ShapeFit provides complete exercise information for real people to help them reach their fitness goals. It’s like having your own personnel trainer right at your fingertips! Hats off to ShapeFit for providing a cutting edge online method of exercise and weight training.” Shay, Brooklyn NY


“In finding your site today it has been like a God Send. I am learning so much and all the information is very easy to follow. I can’t wait to start making a change in life and thank you to your site for the the motivational stories that I have read. I really can’t wait to begin!” Shauna-Kay, New York City


“Just wanted to say that I think your site is a great resource and incredibly informative. I’ve passed this info onto several of my friends, and they all think it’s great as well. Keep up the good work!” Aimee, Buffalo


“I love to read all the great stories on ShapeFit and I learn so much! I am grateful that a site like ShapeFit exists! They truly do a remarkable job bringing all the latest nutrition and workout information to the public!”

Tamara, Vacaville

“I love your web site!! I am so glad that my friend told me about this!! Thank you so much!!”

Yuko, Japan

“I’ve gotten a better understanding of how each muscle group works, as well as gaining more knowledge of muscle/exercise, and how nutrition plays a very important role in bodybuilding, or simply staying fit.”

Andre, Mississauga

“I didn’t know there was such a wide range of movements for each body part.” Thanks for the exercise guides!”

Kirby, New Orleans

“Thanks a lot for the advice, and taking time to answer all of my questions!”

Andre, Mississauga

“Thank you Marcus! I appreciate the information. I’m already started telling my friends about this site.”

Roger, Chicago

“I had seen your site and really it is very informative for us who are professional body builders. I also got your valuable reply!”

Sudheer, India

“You helped me learn more ab exercises then I thought there were. It also helped me to know how to do them by having the pictures and description there for it. Thanks!”

Tia, Tonopah

“My very first visit I learned more in-depth the difference between calories, fat carbs and exercise. I also learned a great way to incorporate and balance out everything in my daily routine.”

Quarkema, Irvington

“Thank you for your help!”

Karen, Ontario

“I accidentally came upon your site and was impressed with it. Especially all the exercises you have to offer. I go to the gym 5 days a week and I was getting bored with the same exercises I was doing. Now I have been using your exercise guides and changing every 4 weeks! I have noticed a difference and I feel more motivated. Thank You!”


“Great site!”

Arron, St. Johns

“Very nice site and very detailed exercises!”

Rudi, Jurmala

“Really good info, nice and clear!”

Renee, Wellington

“I learned that everything we do burns calories and it gave me a boost of confidence in working out because every little bit counts toward my goal.”

Melissa, Chatsworth

“I liked the animated exercises I clicked on cause I didn’t know how to do them.”

Lorraine, Pleasant Grove

“I love this site! It’s amazing and shows all the ways to do things right and also has people back them up.”

Holly, Tacoma

“Wonderful! I deleted all the other fitness sites from my favorite list.”

Pedro, Puerto Rico

“What a great website! It taught me so much. Other websites tell you what to do but never explain how. I’m always visiting this site to learn more!”

Deepak, London

“It gave me a place to voice my opinion about choices of bread products to those who are allergic to white and wheat bread. Thanks!”

Roberta, Jasonville

“Excellent website!”

Akbar, Kerela

“Thank you sooooooooooo much for all your help!”


“Thanks a billion!”

Pete, Huntington

“Thanks a lot for the advice, and taking time to answer all of my questions!”

Andre, Mississauga

“Thank you!”

Dawn, St. Nazianz

“This website is very informative and has helped me with tons of information and facts!”

Justine, Anaheim

“Your fast food list helped me a lot. Thanks!”


“Thank you for the information!”

Bob, Oceanside

“This site has taught me a lot in the past few days of reading it!”

Punam, New Brunswick

“This site has taught me a lot. I really like the detailed exercise tips. Thanks!”

Eric. Canada

“This website has been very informative and extremely helpful!”

Daniel, Kettering

“ helps me get motivated and teaches me!”

Janelle, Philippines

“I love this website!”

Angela, Chicago

“I love this site! It’s very helpful!”

Alex, Groveland

“I have currently lost 72 pounds in the past 12 months. Using to track calories and exercise routines has helped me a lot. I can’t wait to lose more!”

Christine, Lawton

“I will definitely check back and get a routine of my own in order!”

Bren, Allentown

“You guys have a great range of various workouts that I have tried. Keep up the good work!”

Bradford, U.S. Navy, Oxnard

“Thanks for the killer arm workout. My arms look better and I feel strong!”

Jack, New York

“You have a really nice site. Your explanations are very clear, straightforward and easy to understand!”

Marilyn, New York

“The information is Phenomenal. Thank You so much!”

Tosin, New Jersey

“This site has been the most impressive site ever on fitness! I find everything helpful here and I have a great time on this site.”

Shahriar, Dhaka

“I just received my first newsletter and it was amazing. I browsed through some of your site, specially the workout little picture videos and the frequently asked exercise questions and they are very very helpful. There were some stuff there I didn’t;t know about. Keep up the great job on this website!!! the best part is that it’s free!!!! Great job helping others and great website!”

Willy, Houston

“The success stories are amazing and inspiring because they are from real people, really making things happen the right way!”

Kris, Kaneohe

“Thank you for returning my message. Its very useful information every time!”

Phil, Lufkin

“A good collection of exercises for each body part. It enables one to change and choose from a number of good exercises for a specific body part.”

Sam, Middletown

“ is a good site for all you weight lifters and bodybuilders out there. It helped a lot!”

Rishab, East Windsor

“I have learned so much more than I knew before just from this website. I am an intermediate trainer, and I’m just getting back into it. This site has helped me stay focused!”

Andrew, Uniontown

“I recently joined a gym. They were planning on charging me $300 to for 8 half hour sessions to show me how to use the machines. Your website saved me the money and provided me with an ample amount of information.”

Ronil, Fullerton

“I love this site! I stumbled upon it and was hooked! I will tell my trainer and everyone into fitness and health or anyone looking for direction and help towards a new life for fitness!”

Rachel, USA

“The exercises and accompanying photos are very helpful and I definitely look forward to incorporating them into my new workout plan.”

Lia, Kelowna

“Great range of info on this site, definitely recommend it!”

Ren, Wellington NZ

“It’s a great site. Very helpful!”

Alec, Salem OR

“I never would have thought a site such as this would be so willing to answer individual questions and with little delay. Thanks a lot!”

Gerald, USA

“This website is great! It gives good workout routines.”

Christina, Houston

“I appreciate the help because I’m studying to be a fitness trainer. Thanks!”

Phil, Lufkin

“This is without a doubt the best fitness website ever!”

Vicnesh, Singapore

“This site is cool its helping me get in shape!”

Thomas, Marion

“ShapeFit is a doing great job! Now a days websites like ShapeFit should be promoted because they encourage us to start exercising. KEEP IT UP!! ”

Muhammed, Alain UAE

“This site has everything you need. I recommend this site too all my friends.”

Phil, Lufkin

“I love the exercises and free training journals! You guys have really inspired me to keep going. I’ve been working out for over a year and a half, and have successfully lost 25 pounds through diet and exercise, and most important lifting weights. Thank you!”

Jamie, Vancouver BC

“Exactly what I was looking for!”

Chiselle, USA

“This is the most comprehensive site I have found on the net so far. I really like how your exercises show the beginning and ending shots of people so I know how to do them!”

Tim, Burlington

“Great website!”

Amber, Macomb

“This website is incredible! I love the pictures and the variety of exercises for each muscle group. I was doing the same workouts over and over and now that I’m trying out some of the examples I’ve found on ShapeFit I can feel the different muscles I’ve been ignoring. Thanks for this resource!”

Jeremy, USA

“Thank you for returning my message. Its a lot of help. Looking forward to changing my routine.”

Phil, Lufkin

“I’ll be back!”

JC, New York

“The FREE Fitness Analysis was intensive, and it wasn’t just a yes/no answer. It went more in depth!”

Alejandra, Broad Brook

“Of all the sites I have found on the web for weight training at any level, this appears to be the most comprehensive!”

Tim, Burlington

“I love this website! I never knew anything about working out or cardio before. This website is very informative and builds confidence.”

Harsimran, Brampton

“I love the pictures of the workouts!”

David, Canada

“I enjoy reading the success articles and having the resources available!”

Diana, Pearland TX

“ShapeFit is really a superbly organized site! You can get any information regarding fitness and exercise in no time. It’s really good!”

Waqas, Islamabad

“Great website … still reviewing!”

Kelli, Poulsbo

“This site is wonderful and helps tremendously!”

Phil, Lufkin

“This site has a fantastic portable workouts section! You can get up from your computer and do a great workout and then get back to whatever it was you were doing.”

Janet, USA

“ShapeFit is a very good site for people who want to cut down their weight!”

Ed, Singapore

“I learned some good AB exercises!”

Linda, Maryland

“Thanks so much and very prompt too! I always mention this site to my friends!”

Melissa, Palm Beach FL

“ShapeFit are the 1st people who actually have made a website which is useful! The expert advice is the best and they take time to reply not like other websites who don’t reply for months!”

Deepak, Housnlow

“I’m a diehard viewer at this site. Since visiting, I’ve lived here! Thanks a lot for all your advice!”

Melissa, Palm Beach FL

“At 61 years old, I’m working on staying fit and I e-mailed my daughter your website. I hope she gets involved because its all about living and loving. I want to enjoy my Grand Baby for years to come!”

Frank, USA


“Its awesome very educational for aspiring sprinters!”

Lance, Newland

“Your site are really great! I’m a beginner and I’ve already learned a lot about what I’ve to do, to look better and healthier.”

Jonathan, Quebec

“This is definitely a great service that everyone should use.”

Mervyn, Salem

“This website has helped me come up with new routines to make my workout less boring. I look at this website at work before I go to workout to plan my workout ahead of time.”

Brian, Houston TX

“I have only just started taking exercise more seriously, and recently I was looking for demonstrations for all this exercise jargon. ShapeFit has helped me quite a bit.”

Sheila, Pretoria

“ rocks because it gives you a lot of information about the right exercises for physical fitness and strength.”

Tommy, Manila Philippines

“Many of my doubts and myths about health and fitness have been resolved through the info. available.Contains A to Z info on health and fitness.”

Sujit, Delhi

“I’m very happy to become a member of this site. I hope i get a good looking shape thanks to this site.”


“When I was searching for fitness sites, I found From the beginning. I found it a very good site. Thank You!”

Tareq, Tripoli

“The workout routines have been very helpful to me selecting what areas of the body I can focus with basic instruction.”

Mr. Padilla, Denver

“You have widened my knowledge on diet and exercise.”

Holly, Totnes

“ is one of the best places for fitness info and workout programs!”

Stacie, Fresno CA

“Personally, I think this is the best site I’ve ever seen for workouts!”


“I love this website!”

Emily, Eleanor

“ has been so helpful with information and I use it everywhere I go. At home and the gym. There is nothing better!”

Danny, Orange City FL

“ has showed me so many things that i didn’t know. including different workouts, foods i should eat and pretty much everything about training. I thinks its a great site and have recommended it to a lot of my friends!”

Andrew, Melbourne Australia

“I really enjoyed the quadriceps training ideas and used some for my workout last night. It was very challenging and I am planning on using more training from your site to help me lose the baby weight!”

Reena, Milton Ontario

“I love the idea of a place to go to stay motivated, learn and loss weight. Thanks!”

Tralee, Port Hope

“This is great website to visit for excellent advice and if you’re serious about living a healthier lifestyle.”

Lisa, Lonaoke Arkansas

“My husband turned me on to this great site recently. Until them I was very limited in my thinking of new exercises to perform. This site has helped me tremendously!”


“I love ShapeFit! It is encouraging and helps someone to build a workout routine and get fit. It helps me get the motivation I need to lose weight and be healthy. I am also encouraging my roommate to get motivated to lose weight.”

Jessinda, Kansas City

“Excellent exercise guides and the video demonstrations are superb!”

Jonathan, Las Vegas

“ShapeFit has helped me a lot because of the wide array of exercises. It’s really good!”

Vinay, India

“This site has a TON of valuable information!”

Kris, Evans GA

“I have learned more exercises to do in the gym now! I liked the fact that the photos moved to show you how its preformed.”

Robbie, Glasgow

“The graphics on this website are very helpful for learning how to do new exercises.”

Bhavna, Sunnyvale CA

“Your video examples of how to do exercises have been extremely helpful!”

Cole, Kitimat

“You have shown me that being healthy is in fact very important and can help me live longer!”

Crystal, Johannesburg

“I found this site to be very educational and informative. I found tons of exercises and referred my boyfriend to this site. He started the exercises right away!”

Christy, Morgantown

“I really liked the variety of exercises that your site provided that target specific muscle groups. I was pleased to find exercises that target the obliques, since I really want to get rid of my little love handles!”

Jennifer, Wauzeka WI

“What I see about your website is that you are truly dedicated to help people improve!”

Andres, US Navy, San Diego

“I got the most info from than other website. Every questions that I had in mind, were all answered by!”

Julietta, Kuala Lumpur

“I love you workout database! It has helped me incorporate a variety of exercises into my routine.”


“ is the only place anywhere that analyzed my workout, gave me a journal, and showed me how to do every exercise i wanted. Thank you!”

Andy, Houston

“Thanks so much for all your help! Here’s to a fitter me!”

Nicola, Chatham

“I’ve learned all over body exercises to use to help me shape up. Thanks for the info!”

Natalie, Norfolk

“Any question that you have about health and fitness can be found at! Thanks a million!!!

Pastor Elliott, Baltimore

“I have never seen another website with more useful information than this one!”

Ricardo, U.S. Marine, Kansas City

“This site is a fountain of knowledge and has been more helpful than any other source I’ve researched!”

Brandon, Army, Greenscastle

“This is the best information on the web! I’m a personal trainer and I tell all of my clients about you. Thank you!”

Jeannie, New York

“I learned a lot of great exercises and now I can keep an online diet journal!”

Priscilla, San Antonio

“Its the greatest website I’ve ever seen. Thanks to ShapeFit, now I know where to begin my workout!”

Ethan, Wilmington DE

“The sample workouts and demos are fantastic! I was able to design my own workout routine based on my problem areas.”


“I think ShapeFit is a great site! There are a wide range of programs to choose from and they are very helpful. Since I have started working out for about a month now, I have lost 8 pounds and changed my eating habits and increased my muscles size. I thank ShapeFit for all their useful information and I have a more positive attitude towards getting in shape and staying committed!”

Gary, Lindenhurst

“Your site was extremely helpful to me because it helped me learn the rest intervals between sets which I was not able to get before.”

Mr. Walia, Toronto

“Your website is amazing and has helped me out in so many ways! ShapeFit is fantastic!”

Jasmine, Farmington

“I love being able to learn different ways of doing weight training, and the cardio explanations are helpful in learning how to burn off excess calories and fat!”

Amy, North Tonawanda NY

“Amazing website with tons of great info! Everything you could ever want to know with pictures for beginner weightlifters.”

Alex, Long Grove

“When I found out about this website I thought it was the best website I ever found that can actually help me get in shape. I think that this website has everything possible that we need in order to stay in shape! I was amazed by it and I hope that everyone will find what they need because I did!”

Jovana, Willow Springs

“I learned many more weight lifting techniques!”

Ken, Queens NY

“I was absolutely amazed at how much information, tips, and guidance ShapeFit offers and how easy it is to use. By applying this information I have already lost 15 pounds and everyday I’m seeing new unexpected results…everyday is exciting. ShapeFit has actually made losing weight and getting in shape FUN!!!”

Chris, Winfield Park

“I love it!!! is exactly what I had been looking for. Its my one-stop for fitness info. I’m a cross country head coach and I have all my runners check out your site for diet and weight lifting for toning and conditioning!”

Adrienne, La Mirada CA

“You guys are great! I love your website and it motivates me a lot. I cant wait to start to follow your tips. Thanks a lot!”

Eleonora, Staten Island

“This site is great! I can’t believe i found it.”

Rita, Culver City

“Before I found this site I didn’t have a clue about my fitness levels and what my diet was doing to me. Now I’m more aware of what I’ve been doing to myself, and working very hard to fix it!”


“I love the website! It’s got tons of information and tons of great exercises with explanations and demonstrations. Anyone can start working for the body they want with!”

Cory, Minneapolis

“I did not find a better site on the whole Internet which comprises all aspects of information for a healthy life!”


“This is a really great website to help people get into shape without paying for their own personal trainer. I love it and thank you!!!”

Brian, Staunton

“The numerous exercises accompanied by demonstrations permits me to vary my exercise routines!”

Ms. Ross

“I love the exercise guides very much. You guys have a wide variety of exercises for each muscle group!”

Syed, Singapore

“This website is a wonderful place to come and get accurate helpful information on pretty much anything related to personal health and fitness. Thank you ShapeFit!”

Brittany, Houston

“Out of all my searches on the web, I have found your website to be the most interesting and helpful!”

Abdurahman, India

“I have never liked to exercise and never did it. I lost a lot of weight and needed to firm up and knew the only way to do it was to exercise. I needed someone to tell me what to do and this site has helped me a lot!”

Susan, Hartsille

“ gave me different exercises to try at the gym or at home!”

Tanji, Austin

“The variety of exercises has helped wonderfully!”

Dwight, Gallatin TN

“Excellent exercise database!”

Jory, St. Boni

“ShapeFit has helped me to mix up my training plan as to target different areas of my body I used to neglect. Also i have a lot more brand new exercises to enjoy. This site is great!!”

Oliver, England

“ is a very thorough website which helps with weight training, workout routines and visuals.”

Atul, India

“I enjoy reading different perspectives and techniques. I thirst for knowledge to help myself and others, and provides this, and more.”

Jamaal, Tennessee

“ShapeFit is great! All fitness details in one website. This is my Bible!”

Arun, India

“I really enjoy the articles and Q&A’s you have on your site, as well as the wonderful resources for exercises to train each muscle group!”

Cerina, Brunswick

“Thanks to, I’m more aware of what and how much food I eat. I’ve also received great workout tips! Thanks!”

Carlyn, Chicago

“I’m a new user but I have searched many websites before finding this one. This site is awesome! The animated exercises are awesome and quick to download.”

Dale, Nashville TN

“I have found useful as I learned a lot about different exercises and what the exercises do for me!”

Mark, Liverpool

“ has all the possible exercises one can learn. This is THE site when it comes to keeping fit!!”

Somseh, Chennai India

“ is very educational with step by step tips on how one can be healthier, stronger or simply look better!”

Al, Trinidad

“Before I didn’t know what exercises i needed to do for each muscle group and what exercises to do for specific groups like pectorals an biceps. Now I know many. Thanks!”

Nicholas, London

“Now i can perform a better routine with your website! Its very helpful and organized. I recommended to my friends in the gym!”

Carlos, San Sebastian

“ is currently helping me to figure out how to get my correct amount of carbs, protein and fat grams for my daily caloric intake.”


“ is an amazing, full and educational website. It really teaches an individual exercises. Thank you very much!”

Shina, Canada

“I love this site. It is very helpful!!!”

Jessica, Bismarck North Dakota

“Vast amounts of information!”

Bryan, Montalban

“ is amazing and I’m glad I found it. Thank you!”

Masih, Grayson

“ShapeFit has helped me a lot. The workout plans are just one of many amazing things to use on the website. Easily the best fitness website around!”

John, London

“ShapeFit has been extremely helpful and informative. Thank you.”

Karen, Albuquerque

“It is a very useful site if you are starting to go to the gym and cannot afford a personal trainer to help build up your exercises.”

Harry, London

“This is the best site that I have ever been on! It gives you great info and it shows you different ways to get into shape.”

Rebecca, Toronto

“This is a fully loaded site with information on health, fitness and diet!”

Dharmesh, Valsad

“Thank you for a great web site. It is everything I have been looking for!”


“ShapeFit has provided me with more innovative methods to enhance my workout. My workout has gone from being monotonous to having great variety. As a result, my body is beginning to respond to weight training!”

Barry, Baltimore

“I really like ShapeFit! Its really clear and helped me with a lot in my exercises. Thank you!”

Andressa, Phoenix AZ

“Very informative website. I have been working out for years, and was still able to learn a great deal of information. Your website is better than most of the fitness magazines out there. I am happy you guys exist. Keep up the good work!”

James, Orlando

“I came to the site looking for some different abdominal exercises to do. There were many to choose from, and the video/picture demonstration was very helpful. Great site!”

Logan, Dallas Texas

“I received all the answers to the questions I didn’t even ask but should have!”

Cindy, Dallas

“ offers more unlimited alternative exercises for all people.”

Akmal, Malaysia

“I really love the exercise descriptions and the way they show you how to do them with clear pictures. This has really helped me improve the form of my exercises!”

Anton, Australia

“ has very relevant and necessary information on diet, nutrition, various types of exercise, and numerous health tools that will assist anyone to achieve and maintain an optimal level of fitness and health.”

Anne, Tbilisi

“I think that I am blessed to have fallen upon your site. It just has a bit of everything and I love how you have beg/int/adv workout all with the pictures!”

Melissa, Cherticamp

“I’m happy with the variety of different routines. It’s great to have a database I can refer to whenever I hit a plateau!”

Olivia, Toronto

“This website is extraordinary. So many exercises, articles, and other resources! is amazing!”

Andrea, Ottawa

“ is a great website because it gives you tons of different ideas and workouts for each muscle group. Its very straight forward and easy to understand. It also helps keep a person motivated!”

Amanda, Medicine Hat

“Its a great site and I’m happy that i found it!”

Tania, Iran

“Absolutely fantastic exercise demos and demonstrations. Has helped tremendously in every aspect of exercising my body to what i wanted. Has everything i need. Never need to search for regimes or tutorials now that i know about 100% recommended to every reader!”

Lil, United Kingdom

“I found extremely helpful for my everyday life and stimulation to keep working out!”

Janeris, New York

“ShapeFit is the best fitness website I’ve ever visited. They have great exercise routines, tips, and a lot of useful information. Keep up the good work!”

Syed, Singapore

“Really great site! The animations really help you understand what you should be doing in the exercises!”

Brandon, Groton

“I have learned new routines and workouts that I plan on implementing immediately in my workout that will hopefully help me achieve my goals.”

Adam, Clayton NC

“Ever since I came across, my interest in fitness has greatly increased. I must tell you that you do a good job of keeping your readers well-informed. Keep up the good work! Thanks.”

Venu, Bangalore

“I love the exercise illustrations! It helps me tremendously to learn about exercises and what muscle groups they target.”

Brooke, Tulsa

“ShapeFit is number ONE fitness site on the Internet. I found all I was looking for!”


“ShapeFit has help me immensely because I’ve learned different exercises and just looking at the exercises motivates me to get up and move!”

Christine, Bethlehem

“This is the perfect site for knowledge about fitness. I am just starting to get fit and I’m so glad I found this site!”

Marcus, Hamilton Ohio

“I work out at home, and sometime I need guidance in finding a new exercise to shock my muscles. I stumbled across, and I love it. It’s so user-friendly, and there is a wealth of quality information available!”

Butch, Tomahawk WI

“I feel good knowing that i can have information about working out and nutrition!”

Eyeniht, Florida

“Its amazing! I’ve never seen anything like this that offers visual displays of how to do exercises. I mean it really makes you feel like the website is actually trying to help!”

Amar, Dubayy

“I love your Exercise guide with animations. Very helpful. Great job!”

Andrea, Overland Park

“This site is the best I have seen in a while and is very useful for someone like myself who is trying to get back into training. A top notch site I would recommend to anyone!”

Michael, Wilmington Ohio

“ has helped me realize I need to lose weight the right way!”

Jackie, Mesa Arizona

“ has been a great help and greatly improved my daily workouts!”

Bradford, Los Angeles

“You guys are awesome. I love it!”

Holly, Perth

“I love the articles and the information. It is a good resource and very encouraging!”

Bird, Las Vegas

“There is a lot of really great workouts on here. ShapeFit helped me build my triceps and forearms!”

Kevin, Covina CA

“Its a great site to use if you’re trying to lose weight, stay in shape or build your body!”

Danny, Dhaka

“Definitely is the best website I have found that will teach you how to train your muscles. The animated graphics are the best!”

Yovanny, New York

“I liked the different exercise tutorials you guys offer. Many more different exercises than any other site by far!”

Greg, Spring Hill FL

“Absolutely excellent website! It packs a power punch and asks for very little in return. It’s a godsend!!”

Brad, Edmonton

“ShapeFit has helped me a lot. I was looking for weight training exercises I can do at home. Their exercise guide animated clips and detailed text explain how to do the workout properly!”


“I love the portable workout on your web site. Easy and effective on the road!”

Chantal, Montreal

“ShapeFit has certainly helped me improve my looks and sort out my weight training problems.”

Harris, Karachi

“I was about to give up on my dieting and exercising until I found this web site! It helped to re-motivate me and set a new workout plan. Thank you!”

Misty, Arlington

“ShapeFit is AWESOME! It gives great info about eating habits. Thanks for giving examples of WHICH foods are best for gaining muscle and losing fat. This is really awesome!”

Elaine, Eastman GA

“ has really helped me shape up my abs!”

Mairaj, Mumbai

“ShapeFit is an amazing website and I wish I would have discovered it earlier!”

Eric, Jakarta

“I think this is a fantastic site. It is packed full of useful information and clips to show you how to perform each exercise. The fitness routines are good and helps beginners as well as advanced trainers. Excellent site!”

Chris, United Kingdom

“ShapeFit has shown me how to schedule my exercise routine and also taught me exercises which can be easily done at home. Exercising was never so easy!!”

Ashesh, Singapore

“This is the most complete and extensive site for fitness and weight loss. The best!!!”


“Great ways to find new exercises to keep your workout from becoming boring!”

Lou, Broomall PA

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