CrossFit Breakfast Ideas – 8 Healthy High Energy Meals To Eat


Hey CrossFitters, what are you eating for breakfast? What you consume in the morning sets the stage for the rest of day so why not opt for something healthy? CrossFitters should load protein and complex carbohydrates into their breakfast meals. This will help to feel more energized and empowered throughout the morning and the entire day that follows. Fiber, vitamins and antioxidants are beneficial, too.

Whipping up a healthy breakfast does not have to be a difficult task. In fact, for some of these recipes, you can do most of the prep work the night before. So don’t be fearful, and stop making excuses. In order to start eating better earlier in the day, try some of these nutrient rich breakfast ideas to power you through the day and give you an extra boost for your CrossFit workouts!

#1. Egg, Spinach and Tomato Sandwich
This delicious vegetarian sandwich, set on a whole wheat English muffin, is quick to prepare and will keep you satisfied throughout the morning. To make it, layer spinach leaves and tomato slices onto an English muffin. Add a hard boiled egg (which could be prepared the night before), sliced length wise. Omega-3 enriched mayonnaise is optional. Toast your sandwich as it sits open faced. Enjoy!

The English muffin and spinach provide fiber that will keep you fuller for longer, while the egg delivers about 6 grams of protein to fuel your mind and body. Tomatoes and the optional omega-3 mayonnaise deliver antioxidants, making this an overall high energy combo.

#2. Veggie Scramble
All you need is vegetables and tofu for this vegan recipe, so you know it’s healthy. You’ll need extra firm tofu, spinach, onion, pepper and garlic. Squeeze the water from your tofu and sauté all items once they’ve been sliced. There’s no meat and no eggs, but by adding tofu, this recipe yields a tasty protein rich veggie scramble. The protein will give you energy to power you through to lunch and provides important amino acids to your muscles.


#3. Waffles, Cottage Cheese and Peaches
Here is another great vegetarian option. Pile ½ cup low fat cottage cheese atop a whole grain waffle. Add peaches or another type of fruit, perhaps basing your choice on fresh seasonal foods. Remember to always opt for fresh fruits, frozen fruits with no added sugar or canned options in their own juice (not syrup). For this high energy recipe, the whole grain waffle will provide fiber and protein while the cottage cheese adds extra protein and calcium. The peaches can’t be forgotten since they deliver vitamins, antioxidants and, of course, flavor.

#4. Homemade Muesli
To create your own vegan high energy breakfast, whip up some homemade muesli. This healthy combination can be stored in an airtight container for up to a month, so make it now and enjoy it for weeks. The recipe combines oats, grains, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts for a delicious combination you will love waking up to. Best of all, you can opt for whatever you have on hand and make your own custom flavor combinations.

Seeds, nuts and grains provide lots of protein and fiber that will keep you kicking throughout the morning and early afternoon. Enjoy your muesli with yogurt, or use almond or coconut milk to keep this meal vegan. These additions will also bring some extra flavor, too.

#5. Oatmeal and Choice of Toppings
Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated to give you lots of energy. Classic oatmeal is a perfect example. It’s high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, so the fuel it provides will take longer for the body to burn. Prepare it with skim, almond or coconut milk and top with your favorite choice of toppings.


Looking for some unique, high energy toppings to get you out of your oatmeal rut? Try adding a blend of nuts and seeds for a kick of protein and healthy fats. You could also opt for the classic Greek yogurt and your choice of fruits for an impromptu parfait. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, try a combination of shredded carrots and pecans, or pomegranate seeds and cinnamon.

#6. Chicken, Egg, Avocado and Tomato
For anyone following the paleo diet, this one’s for you. This recipe is fast and incorporates tons of protein. In order to make this high energy paleo breakfast, chop up and combine a cooked chicken breast, hard boiled egg, half an avocado, and a medium-sized tomato.

In order to cut preparation time in the morning, use leftover chicken and hard boil your eggs in advance. One chicken breast contains around 30 grams of protein, so this dish will keep you feeling fuller longer. The avocado provides healthy monounsaturated fats that will also keep your energized.

#7. Strawberry, Spinach, Almond Butter Smoothie
For some vegan and gluten free liquid fuel, try making a protein rich smoothie for breakfast. In this recipe, almond butter delivers lots of protein, while strawberries and spinach provide vitamins and antioxidants. It’s sure to keep your energy high throughout the morning. You’ll need almond milk, spinach, strawberries, half a banana, and several tablespoons of almond butter. Blend everything together and you’ve got one delicious breakfast.


There are tons of vegan smoothie recipes and plenty of them will serve to add more energy to your morning. If the ingredients of this particular smoothie don’t suit your taste, try swapping coconut milk for almond milk. The fruits, vegetables and other ingredients are also negotiable, although you don’t want to stray too far and start adding chocolate and other sweets into your concoctions. Stick to vegetables, fruits, nuts (butter form is typically the easiest to work with), grains and low fat liquids.

#8. Gluten Free Protein Crepes
These gluten free protein crepes are great to eat on the morning of a CrossFit workout. Follow the recipe to yield a breakfast loaded with protein, fiber and potassium. You’ll even have some leftover crepes to use for lunch or dinner! Try topping your crepes with nuts, banana, or muesli in order to consume even more fiber and protein.

All eight of these CrossFit breakfast recipes are sure to keep you fueled and focused. You’ll now have more energy than ever and your workouts will be more powerful. Start your mornings off right with lots of protein, fiber and other healthy ingredients and enjoy all the high energy benefits that follow!

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