10 Ways To Control Portions and Eat Smaller Sized Meals


Why do I want to control portions? Because it seems everywhere I go, meals are supersized! From fast food to sit downs, restaurants have gone large. Here are some tips to keep you full and healthy.

  1. Purchase a Scale
    Go to a health food store or grocery store and purchase a scale. You can use it to control how much food you are getting to make sure you are getting enough and that you aren’t getting too much.
  2. Measure Your Food In The Palm of Your Hand
    For most items, a good portion size is in your hand. The palm of your hand is a good measuring tool. I know, putting a piece of meat in your hand is gross, so simply eye-ball it. If you’re not sure, err on the side of too small versus too big.
  3. Decide To Take Home Half Your Meal
    Most restaurants serve large portions, so separate about half to take home with you for the next day. To make sure your hunger is satisfied, order a salad and/or a sensible appetizer and eat it before your meal arrives.
  4. Bring Your Own Meals
    Whenever possible, pack your own meals for the day. That way, you can avoid eating out and the usual large portions involved at restaurants.
  5. Pack Meals In Smaller Containers
    The larger the container, the larger the portion. Instead of one large plastic container, use a few small ones to pack your meals. Not only will you eat less, you’ll have less stress on your body from carrying all those large containers! I know I did!
  6. Eat A Kids Meal
    Kids meals at restaurants are usually smaller and often include healthier options. So, eat like a kid!
  7. Purchase Healthy Pre-Packaged Meals In Small Sizes
    At the grocery store, purchase a smaller sized healthy pre-packaged meal. Avoid supersizing at the market and instead purchase a smaller meal that will curb your hunger. To determine whether it is healthy or not, look at the nutrition information panel. Be sure to check the daily value and the actual portions per package. Sometimes the information can be skewed depending on that so read carefully.
  8. Avoid Eating Seconds
    Take your leftovers to your friends, family or leave them on the table. If you feel hungry after eating, take some time before deciding on whether to eat another portion. Often the sensation to eat again will disappear. You’ll avoid over eating and over indulging.
  9. Share Half Your Meal With a Friend
    If you are eating with someone, split a meal. You can share an appetizer and an entrée with a friend and satisfy your hunger without over eating.
  10. Drink Water!
    Thirst can be disguised as hunger so make sure you are incorporating lots of water in your day. When working out, make sure to drink water before, during and after your sessions.

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