Celery Pheromones – Aphrodisiac Effects of Celery


The term aphrodisiac refers to items that have the ability to stimulate sexual desire in both men and women. This includes certain foods, shapes, smells, all purposed to heighten sexual impulses in the human body.

Numerous food items can and have taken upon themselves the title of aphrodisiac, from pine nuts to chocolate, red wine, oysters and even avocado. For some reason however, celery tends to slip under the radar, mostly unnoticed by food lovers and seekers of aphrodisiacs.

Celery is botanically termed Apium graveolens, and plays quite a prominent role among those most widely consumed vegetables; attractive for its leaf stalk or tap root.

Aphrodisiac Effects of Celery
Celery has played an important role as an aphrodisiac for several centuries, proving most effective in men as a libido booster, with scientists only recently cracking the science behind the nutrients that drive its ability to affect libido.

celeryUnderstanding the aphrodisiac effects of celery requires an understanding of the male pheromone androsterone. Presented as an important link in understanding those chemicals responsible for eliciting sexual arousal in women, these androgen hormones including androstenol and androstenone; androsterone is secreted through sweat and is generated as a result of the metabolic processes of testosterone. And because celery is known to contain androsterone, the increased consumption of celery will lead to a natural increase in the production of this male pheromone.

The intricate nature of celery’s functions are a much debated topic, certain factions promoting the vegetable’s efficacy in influencing the operations of the pituitary gland, while others posit celery’s activities to focus around the functions of the super renal glands.

Scientific research has yet to hone in on the true secrets hiding behind the aphrodisiac effects of celery, mostly simply choosing to accept the important role it plays in one’s sexual drive, not only increasing libido but countering hormonal disorders and their effects, which are known to negatively affect normal sex life.

Not that celery’s capabilities are restricted to its direct effects on male libido; after all celery is a vegetable, one that is not only low in calories but high in fiber, making it one of the healthiest aphrodisiacs on the market and placing it in the perfect position to contend with obesity and its various negative consequences, from lowering blood pressure to improving the health of the heart and even countering diabetes.

Being 83% water and containing only minuscule amounts of minerals such as sodium, iron, calcium and zinc, the health benefits of celery extend to the digestive system, equally proving useful in combating asthma and bronchitis.

And few can argue against the fact that a healthy body and mind will result in a healthy and more enjoyable sex life.

There are no known toxic side effects of consuming celery to the human body. However celery differs little from any other type of food, in that its positive or negative effects will heavily depend on how it is consumed. Eat too much of it and, as would be expected, the body will start to repel it. The key is to utilize celery in proper quantities within the confines of a healthy diet.

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    How much celery is good to eat raw and/or cooked and is celery seed also good as I cook and make salads with celery regularly. Also, how about flavored popcorn with celery salt? I use a half stock of celery in 5 quarts of chili at least once weekly. I include it as part of the base for cold salads such as bean, potato, pea, chicken, tuna, etc. I also use it for crab and various fried fishcakes.

    • Hi Arthur – It sounds like you are getting your fair share of celery intake on a weekly basis. You should be getting the full benefits of the aphrodisiac effects 🙂

  2. Does it have the same effect on women? Might it be then problematic for women with hormonal imbalance and higher testosterone?

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