Change The Word Diet To Lifestyle with Healthy Eating Habits


What does dieting mean to you? When you think of the word diet does it make you want to cringe? Do you think about counting calories or weighing in? Gradual change seems to work best when it comes to meeting a long-term goal. To me, dieting means a temporary way of doing things versus making a lifestyle change. The word diet makes me think of limiting what I eat or enjoy.

Changes such as eating a piece of fruit in place of dessert or replacing regular pasta with whole wheat or grain pasta can have a positive impact on the way you eat. These changes are small, but can have a huge impact on your life. The results of these changes are gradual but net great rewards. These are examples of healthy lifestyle changes that work better than most diets will.

Dieting makes me think of restricting what I’m consuming in some way. Now I love to eat, so that does not make me happy! Besides, I think limiting what you eat makes your body want to revolt! If I say I can’t have this or I can’t have that, it makes me unhappy and I start to dread eating.

When I think of lifestyle changes, those thoughts are positive. From quitting smoking to spending more time at home, changes in our lifestyles are usually for the better. When you think of changing the way you eat, the way you feel about yourself and the way you look at your life, dieting really doesn’t seem to fit long term.

Your diet, meaning what you eat every day includes everything you consume and it is consistent. When you speak of dieting, any changes made seem to be temporary. As in, if you stop dieting, you go back to consuming what you did before you started the diet.

I think that is why most diets are unsuccessful. People tend to change what they eat and even how they live for a brief period. If and when they get their desired results, they go back to living the way they did before.

When you make a lifestyle change, you are going for something more permanent. This type of change affects the way you live your life, for the rest of your life. If you change the way you eat for the long run, thinking of it as a lifestyle change instead of a diet, you will have system that will change your life for the better.

A change such as eating dinner before nightfall versus eating after dark can make an impact on the way you live. Drinking a glass of water with every meal instead of a drinking a soda can be a lifestyle change that makes long-term impact. Committing to taking a walk after dinner before leisure activities can also make a positive impact on your life.

So try to make a lifestyle change instead of starting a diet. Making a lifestyle change relating to the way you eat can keep you healthy. The goal is to remain healthy and active for the rest of your life instead of just for a portion of it. Set a long-term goal to be healthy and see how that impacts your life. That’s a change you can depend on. Best of luck to you! And remember, I’m pulling for you!

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