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Question About Diet and Nutrition
This question is directed to Fawnia Mondey who is a ShapeFit fitness model and writer. I find you very inspirational. You look amazing and all your hard work sure has paid off. I don’t have as much of a problem exercising as I do eating “clean”. The more I think about nutrition, the more I crave ice cream, and I will go out and get some. I’m sure you know the feeling of disgust after pigging out, but I guess that is what happens when we deprive ourselves of certain foods. The end result is that we want them even more.

When I look at pictures of women like you, I have a hard time believing I myself could ever look that good. I feel like unless I eat things like lettuce and chicken 6 times a day, I will not be able to get there. I’m going to keep working hard and really try to not let it take over my entire life but I need some guidance.

I know that technically, I am within my normal weight group and I am very healthy. When I tell people about how I try to eat better, they just say things like, “Why? You’re skinny enough as it is”, or they say, “Oh, shut up and have some ice cream”. It’s hard to hear things like that because most people have a hard time agreeing with you that you shouldn’t eat ice cream when you only weigh 120 pounds. However, I think that someone like you would know what I mean.

So, my main question is this. What is more important, diet or exercise? Can I still reach my goal in 3-6 months just by continuing what I am doing now workout wise (with the occasional bowl of brownie batter ice cream)? Thanks again for taking the time to respond, it’s nice to know that I am not alone and that someone has been in my shoes before!

Fawnia’s Answer
First off, thanks so much for reaching out to me! To reach your fitness goals, diet accounts for about 80% of your results. Yes, you can have a delicious treat once in a while but know that it will set your goal date back that much further. Try to watch your portion sizes since there will always be another treat time, plus the smaller portion sizes will help to keep your metabolism revved up so that your body burns calories more efficiently.

It sounds like your friends are having a hard enough time watching what they put into their mouths, let alone yours. When they comment, simply let them know that you are fine and don’t want any treats. They don’t need to know that you are working towards a fitness goal, as this will get them going even more with comments that may sway you off your path.

Plan ahead and have other treats when you are out, such as a tasty Detour protein bar! These are the tastiest bars out there and are healthier than what your buddies may be asking you to eat. Be creative, plan ahead and most importantly, be mentally strong. Nobody should ever stand between you and your goals.

Fill your day with other activities rather than watching TV and sitting around. The busier you are, the less your mind will be thinking about food, and the more calories you will burn. Going for a walk to the local park or taking 30 minutes to read your favorite book while walking on the treadmill may be a welcome change of pace also. Make time for you, and know there is more to life than hovering over the kitchen counter.

It’s important to understand that there will be a day when all of the hard work and dedication will pay off. When you see the body of your dreams looking back at you in the mirror, it will all be worth it! Yes, you may be 120 pounds and that’s wonderful but I know that you would like to firm everything up and look much more toned and fit than you are now. Sculpting your dream body takes time and once you have reached it, there comes the maintenance phase but by that point, working out and eating clean will be a normal and comfortable part of your life. I wish you the best of luck reaching your ultimate fitness and physique goals and I’m sure you will achieve all of your dreams!

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