Effects of Unhealthy Eating – 3 Consequences of a Poor Diet


There is a saying that you are what you eat. When it comes to what you put in your body, the food you eat is very important. Knowing that certain foods are unhealthy, boils down to how you feel. So many Americans have lives that are extremely busy that they don’t have time to cook. They are always looking for something on the go. Our society is built on convenience, everything within arm’s reach. Life is full of temptations and food is one of the biggest ones. Food is like a drug everybody loves, I know I do. But it’s the choices you make with food that determines your health state. Unhealthy eating can change you mentally and physically. Many changes are small and overlooked, while others are life altering. Let’s review some ways your body can suffer from eating unhealthy food.

Consequence #1: Physical Appearance
Body image is what we care about most in our society. It seems like everyone tries to strive for perfection that doesn’t exist, but we continue to strive for it. Men hit the gym countless hours working on their chest and biceps. Women go to the gym to work on their butt, thighs and hips. Sometimes even going to extreme measures to have plastic surgery or liposuction to remove fat from their body. No one wants to be out of shape, but what are you going to do about it? Sit around and eat junk food? It’s a simple equation, if you don’t eat the right food, don’t expect your body to look good. There are certain things you can do to cover up your body, but soon you will have to show it. The better your body looks, the better you will feel. Healthy food is good energy. The more healthy foods you consume, like fruits and vegetables, the more energy you will have. Eating these foods can help your skin look vibrant and younger, and who doesn’t want to look younger. Weight gain is another situation that can arise from not eating well. Over 50% of Americans are overweight and the rates are steadily rising, mainly because of the food we eat on a daily basis. It takes years of unhealthy eating to become severely overweight, and it will take time to correct the problem. You can keep eating junk, feeling bad about yourself and how you look, or you can change it. You will have to start somewhere, so the time is now!


Consequence #2: Stress
Stress is taking over America by alarming rates. One of the biggest reasons is due to unhealthy eating. Stress is the body’s way of reacting to everyday life. You may think you have all the problems in the world. Your schedule may be overloaded with school, work and kids to take care. Lack of confidence, appearance and fear of something brings on stress too. Junk food in a vending machine may be quick, but it can be the worst thing for your body. It has no nutritional value and lacks vitamins and minerals to keep your body running properly. If you’re not eating healthy food, your body will build up toxins. This will cause your blood to become toxic as well. Your body will react and capture these toxins in fat cells, causing them to be stored as fat. This leads to weight gain, which brings on more stress. Binge eating is emotional eating when something upsets you. When you stress eat, you probably reach for a quick form of comfort food, which is usually junk food. Find ways to avoid buying junk food. It can lead you down a path of continued stress. Prolonged stress can have tremendous effects on your body, so you should try to reduce as much as possible by eating healthier food.


Consequence #3: Disease
Disease is the body not being at ease and out of balance. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, it can be the result of unhealthy eating overtime. Many of these diseases don’t happen overnight, they take years to accumulate. If your body lacks proper proteins, vitamins and minerals, then your body can be disease prone. The body responds to what you put in it. If you put junk into your body, you will feel like junk. Nobody wants to be sick because it’s one of the worse feelings in the world. Unhealthy eating is more dangerous the older you get. Your body’s kidneys and liver have to work overtime, to get rid of the toxins that have built up over the years. If too much stress is put on the organs, they will succumb to disease quite easily. Foods high in sugar cause a spike in insulin levels, sending your body on a roller coaster ride that can cause diabetes. Americans crave three main silent killers; sugar, salt and fat, which can lead to diseases. People die each day from self-induced diseases. When are we going to be self-conscious of the foods we are eating? No one makes us eat fast food, even though many fast food restaurants are very good at marketing their products to us. Make your own healthy decisions and choose the right foods for your body.

Don’t let these things rob you of your life and its longevity. Be positive about the will to change your habits. Be a person of curiosity by figuring out what is best for your body and your overall health and well-being. Do research by reading or hiring a health professional to get you on the right track. Remember, no question is a stupid question. Don’t be the person that wants to know something, but doesn’t ask. Your health is your wealth!

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