Fast Food Calories – Nutrition Facts for Over 175 Restaurants


Ever wonder what fast food will do to your diet and overall fitness plan? How bad are those little cheat days when you decide to get a big juicy cheeseburger and large order of French fries? Well, you will be in for a real shocker when you learn the truth! We have collected menu information for hundreds of different restaurants to help you learn the facts and make healthier choices when you decide to eat out. We provide the complete details on the nutritional breakdown of many popular fast food items. This includes the overall calories and the total grams of carbohydrates, protein and fat in all of those tasty meals from your favorite fast food restaurants!


Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s really hard to avoid making a trip to the drive-thru for a quick and easy fast food meal when you’re strapped for time. You’ve had a super busy day, the kids are screaming for food and you just want to pick up something without even thinking about it. No need to run around the store buying groceries, painstakingly cooking the meals and then cleaning up all the dishes when you’re finished. Quick, fast and cheap is the name of the game when it comes to figuring out a solution to satisfy hunger during a stressful day. Well, these are the exact times when those unconscious choices lead to literally hundreds, if not thousands, of extra calories along with tons of extra fat and sodium. These careless fast food decisions can wreak havoc on any diet plan and fitness program. This is where a quick reference guide like the information listed on our fast food restaurant pages can really help out.

If you think it’s impossible to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant, you’re wrong! There are so many fast food places that include healthy food options on their menus and it’s growing every year. Don’t get into the mindset where you think that since you’re stopping by the local burger spot you just have to indulge in that mega size bacon double cheeseburger with extra large fries. You have choices, so do a little research and find the healthier alternative. Trust me, you will not regret it. This is especially true when you’re putting in all those long hours of hard work and sweat equity in the gym working out with weights and doing cardio. Don’t ruin it by slipping up and having a fat-laden meal when you could have easily had a low-calorie option that still tastes delicious!

It’s all about getting the right information when it comes to eating clean foods and choosing the best meals to provide the needed macronutrients to fuel your body the right way. You might even be shocked by the amount of healthy choices some of the most popular fast foods restaurants currently have on their menus. From grilled chicken breast salads and turkey sandwiches to low-calorie desserts, you have a wide variety of choices to stay on track with your fitness plan.

We have compiled a list of over 165 fast food restaurants with the latest nutritional information about the different food items and meals on their menus. The nutritional breakdown consists of total calories per food item along with the grams of carbohydrates, protein, fat and sodium for many of the foods. With this nutritional information, you will be able to make informed decisions the next time you step foot inside a fast food establishment or pull up to the order screen at your local drive-thru!

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