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As Fall approaches we find ourselves settling indoors more and getting less activity in general. There are back-to-school schedules, the weather is unpredictable and it just becomes very easy to fall off the workout wagon. I’ve found it much more convenient to stay on track when incorporating small changes in foods at home.

There’s a few natural foods and drinks that are lifesavers when it comes to weight loss and aiding better overall health. The first of them is Green Tea. China certainly got the knowledge of this magic tea way before we did in the states, utilizing its benefits for thousands of years now. Green tea aides in burning calories faster, fights off infection, is great for your heart and prevents the growth of cancer cells. It basically contains no side effects other than containing caffeine.

Milk isn’t just for kids, the protein is just as crucial for adults especially women in lowering the chances of getting osteoporosis. The main difference for people adding milk to their diets as opposed to ones who don’t is the amount of time your body is able to stay full in between meals. The ideal plan would be having a glass of fat-free milk along with some healthy carbs in the morning, the milk will ward off hunger and the carbs will provide the energy needed for your day.

Everyone by now is aware of the benefits that drinking water produces, the problem most individuals have is not drinking enough of it. The other trick is to drink ice-cold water, studies have proven by drinking it ice-cold your body burns calories by the difference in temperature change needed to digest it. It burns up to 200 calories in drinking one glass, that’s a pretty easy change to get your calories down without lifting a finger.

Vegetables, yet another struggle for most adults with busy schedules. It’s very difficult to get the recommended daily servings in unless you pack cooked or raw ones to take to work. A much simpler solution to this is by drinking them. Those V8 commercials are truthful, the drink is high in fiber, vitamin C, and once again helps aide in feeling full longer. They’re inexpensive, quick and have been shown to increase the number of pounds lost in dieters studied over a months time.

Vegetarians and adults who just dislike the taste of milk can introduce Whey Protein into their diets for extra help. Whey is a by-product that contains amino acids and little or no fat at all. It can be purchased at any health food store in packets or ready-made shakes. It’s not just used by body builders, it benefits the immune system and is used in cancer patients to help maintain their weight. Whey suppresses the appetite longer along with virtually the same benefits listed previously for drinking milk.

These suggestions added to daily exercise will help increase weight loss and are good for long-term health. Make a wiser choice for you and your children by grabbing a vegetable juice or pint of milk when running out the door in the morning, you will notice the difference!

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