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I live on a small farm and I raise my own chickens. One of the awesome rewards of raising chickens is collecting the farm fresh eggs each day. Freshly laid eggs are unlike any eggs in a local grocery market, so I am conscientious to eat them while I can. The egg yoke consistency is much richer and a deeper yellow in color.

Chickens don’t lay as many eggs during the winter as they do in the warmer months of the year. Chickens require a certain number of daylight hours to encourage the laying process, so I take full advantage of my opportunity when I have it. In May, egg production increases and I collect a lot of eggs! I enjoy keeping different types of chickens, which not only strengthens the gene pool, but allows me to collect different colors of eggs in several shades of ivory, brown, green and blue.

I love to eat eggs. Because my triglycerides are naturally low, cholesterol from eggs is not a concern of mine. I’ve been eating eggs as long as I can remember, and have never been told by any doctor that I should cut down the number of fresh eggs I consume. However, check with your doctor if cholesterol is an issue of yours. When I was a young bodybuilder, eggs and tuna were the proteins I lived on. We used to toss eggs into the blender and mix them with protein powder before and after our workouts. Because I was so challenged financially, I experienced many new ways to eat eggs. I mixed eggs with all types of foods and left no possibility unchallenged. Along the way, I developed a few favorite recipes. Here is one personal recipe I especially enjoy today!


  • high-protein-omelet-recipe5 Fresh Farm Eggs with 2-3 yolks
  • 1/3 cup Broccoli freshly chopped
  • 1/3 cup Walla Walla Sweet Onions
  • Heavily doused with Crushed Red Pepper
  • You may add cheese and garlic, too. I prefer to add fresh tuna and peanut butter to my omelet. You might like to add something special to yours, too.

In a bowl, crack one egg after the other and let the egg white slide into the bowl while keeping the yolks separate. I keep two yolks for my omelet, while I feed the others to my dogs. I stir them around a bit, but I don’t mix them up like most people do. I do not use milk in my eggs! I raise chickens, so I’m lucky to indulge in fresh, fertilized eggs. They are much richer than store bought, unfertilized eggs.

I add the eggs to a pan that I’ve sprayed with olive oil cooking spray. I turn the heat down on the burner and wait for the eggs to begin to cook. When the eggs are half cooked, I add the chopped broccoli, onions, and red peppers to the egg mixture. This is also the time that I would add the tuna, cheese and garlic too. Keep the heat low and watch the eggs cook because when they’re ready to move, I use a spatula to move the frittata-like eggs in the pan and gently fold them over into a half moon. I let the eggs cook for a while, then flip them over the other direction while the uncooked eggs and juices leak out and begin to cook also.

Be careful not to overcook your eggs, as you do not want them to brown. You want them soft and juicy. After your omelet is finished cooking, you may add any other spices you like to the top of the omelet. Serve with fresh fruit and enjoy!

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