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nutrition-page-101To learn the basics of nutrition and clean eating, an introduction to the concepts of a proper diet are critical for succeeding with your fitness plan. The foods you eat result in a huge percentage of your results whether you are trying to lose body fat or pack on lean muscle mass. Do you know what a starchy carb is? How about the best types of lean protein sources? Well, these links below will help you gain the knowledge needed to make smart decisions when you’re in the grocery store!


nutrition-page-calculatorsNutrition calculators are extremely important in determining how many calories per day you need to consume in order to lose weight safely and keep it off for a lifetime. Along with learning your caloric needs, we have included several other calculators to find out how many calories you burn using different exercises along with learning what your target heart rate zone is to help you workout at the right pace to burn fat and tone up. Once you have the information, you will be in a great position to make smarter choices!  Calorie Calculators


nutrition-page-questionsOur diet questions and answers area is an excellent resource for learning about nutrition topics, issues and concerns. All of the questions have been derived from real ShapeFit visitors who are interested in many important matters involving different inquiries like which foods are the healthiest to eat, which ones to avoid and many other concepts when it comes to nutrition. If you have ever had a question about your current diet or a new one you want to start, our Q/A area is the perfect area for you to gain knowledge! Diet Questions and Answers


nutrition-page-fast-foodLearning about fast food calories is so important if you are going out to eat each week and don’t really know which foods and meals you should choose. There are so many hidden calories in restaurant foods that you really need a guide map to help you pick the healthiest meals. We have collected nutritional information from over 275 restaurants with details about the amount of carbs, fat, protein and calories to help you choose the healthiest foods to keep you on track with your diet so you can succeed. Fast Food Restaurants


nutrition-page-habitsChanging your eating habits is probably the most important factor for making lifelong changes and keeping the weight off. You can be disciplined and focused on your nutrition plan for a while, but true success comes when your bad habits are changed and new, healthy habits are formed. Your relationship with food can be a very positive one or a very negative and destructive one, so read these helpful articles to learn tips and advice for building healthy habits so you can live a lean life filled with nutrient dense foods.


nutrition-page-recipesOur healthy recipes will give you a new way of looking at cooking delicious, low-calorie meals. One of the most important things you can do to live a healthier life is to learn how to cook at home. By knowing exactly what is going into the foods you eat, you will be able to control the amount of fat, sugar and calories. There is also great satisfaction that comes with cooking your own masterpiece and serving it to your family and friends. Learn different nutrient dense meals in our healthy recipes section! Healthy Low Calorie Recipes


nutrition-page-kidsNutrition for kids is so important in today’s environment. Childhood obesity is at alarming rates and it has become an epidemic that needs to be addressed. It’s a completely reversible issue that can be changed by implementing the right amount of knowledge and tools in each child’s home. If kids learn the basics of proper nutrition when they are young, their rate of success is greatly improved. If you have children or know friends with kids, make sure to read this information to help young people follow the right path to success!


nutrition-page-videosIf you like watching videos rather than reading articles then make sure to watch our fun and interesting nutrition videos which have been created by certified dietitians who provide great tips and advice for eating healthier. Each video outlines exactly what you need for creating nutrient dense meals which will help take the guesswork out of following a healthy diet plan. Getting advice from a dietitian who has incredible knowledge and experience when it comes to nutrition is priceless so enjoy learning all of the tips for living a healthy lifestyle!

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  1. To be honest, I have a glorious metabolism and it seems that my bad eating choices have very little effect on what I look like. That being said, I have noticed a difference in what I feel like and that it something I think matters more anyway. I really appreciate your detailed information on what constitutes a healthy diet.

  2. Kairi Gainsborough on

    Thanks for the guide on how to eat healthier so that I can get in shape. I didn’t realize that changing the way I eat is just as important as what I eat. I realize that I tend to snack when I’m bored or doing homework, so keeping a food log might help me control that urge. I think that joining a nutrition wellness plan will also help me decide what types of food to avoid.

  3. Prateek Chauhan on

    Some people recommend moving a body part during the day, like tapping or moving your leg while sitting to help burn calories. Does this really work?

    • Hi Prateek – Yes, fidgeting will burn some extra calories during the day (tapping your feet, moving your legs, wiggling in your chair). According to an Iowa State University study, researchers found that those who frequently fidgeted, stood up, and walked around could burn an additional 300 calories per day.

      • Prateek Chauhan on

        Thanks a lot for helping out with my queries. The fitness calculator too is very good to take up a clear path to lose weight and build muscles but I still have a problem. I’m a student aged 17 and weigh about 73 kgs. All of the physical exercises I do include cycling to my academy which is about 5 kms but it’s uphill one way. I also do normal push ups, chin ups and sometimes a little weight lifting with heavy wooden furniture around my place. The fitness calculator says, to lose weight I must burn about 500 calories a day. I’ve already started to cut down my calorie intake but due to the lack of time I’m not sure whether I would reach the mark or not. Please provide some exercises that I could do and diet tips so that I can rid of my belly fat and build muscle.

        • Hi Prateek – You can review our large database of Exercise Guides and choose from over 500 exercises that cover each body part. You can also review our Nutrition 101 article to help you choose the best foods to lose weight. If you still need more help, please signup for our free Fitness Forum and other members should be able to help you.

  4. I am really enjoying reading the info shared on this website! My goal to lose 80 pounds and regain being healthy seems more “doable”. I was also hoping to get the e-book offered with sign-up but not sure how to obtain it. Thank you so very much for helping us improve life. Healthy and happy is always wonderful!

    • Hi Teri – We just emailed you a copy of our Weight Loss Tips eBook and we are glad you’re enjoying our website 🙂

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