Abdominal Butt Raises – Abs Exercise Guide with Photos


Muscles Targeted: The purpose of abdominal butt raises is to work on the abdominal muscles, lower back, hamstrings and glutes. This exercise is great for anyone that might want to strengthen those muscles, as well as someone who is looking to tighten their core. This exercise is easy for anyone to do whether they are a beginner or someone who has been working out for a long time.



Exercise Instructions: Start in a plank position with your elbows and forearms flat on the ground and your legs stretched out straight. While keeping your knees off the ground, lift your butt upward putting the emphasis on your abs to do the lifting. Pause at the top for a moment and then return to the start position and repeat.

Why This Exercise is Important: This exercise is important for the abs and core but also for those that need a stronger lower back, whether it’s because of work, picking up heavy weights or operating heavy machinery. It’s also important for other exercise activities, such as athletes and those that engage in recreational sports. Abdominal butt raises are a great way to keep those core muscles strong and ready for anything.

Things To Avoid: This exercise should be done carefully and there are a few things to avoid when doing them. Incorrect positioning of the body may cause lower back problems. The body must be flat and in a plank position before starting the exercise. Another thing to avoid is overdoing the exercise with too many reps since this could lead to back problems. One should have the body positioned carefully and never use fast and jerky movements when performing this exercise.

To correctly perform this exercise, one must be down on the floor in a plank position with the forearms flat against the floor and legs stretched out. You will raise the hips, using the abdominal muscles to do the lifting. More intensity can be added by lifting one leg off the floor and extending it out. Another way to increase the intensity is to try to hold the hips up in the air for several seconds at the top, rather than just going back down to the initial position right after the lift.

Reps and Sets: The recommended repetitions for abdominal butt raises is 10-12, before taking a rest. This insures that one does not overwork their lower back too much. The recommended amount of sets is 3-4 to achieve great results. Train your abs 2-3 per week with at least 24 hours of rest between workouts.

Other Exercises To Use: Some other great exercises that target the abs include abdominal crunches which can be done as straight-arm crunches or even fingers to toes crunches. You can also do crunches with an exercise ball for added tension. It’s important to space out abdominal workouts throughout the week to achieve optimal results. View our extensive database of exercise guides for a comprehensive list of exercises that target the abs.

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