Exercise Ball Abdominal Pull Ins – Abs Exercise Guide


Muscles Targeted: The muscles targeted by exercise ball abdominal pull ins are the rectus abdominis and specifically the lower abdominals along with the muscles of the thigh and pelvic region which include the tensor fasciae latae and rectus femoris. This exercise can be performed anywhere with a mat and an exercise ball. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for an ab exercise together with the exercise for the thighs. It is useful for people looking to get a lean and sexy stomach with good overall development of the lower abdomen and thighs.



Exercise Instructions: Using a large exercise ball, begin in a push-up position and place your shins on top of the exercise ball. Keep your back completely straight and pull your knees in towards your chest. Allow the ball to roll forward under your ankles. Be sure to contract your abs at the peak of the movement and then straighten your legs, rolling the ball back to the starting position.

Why This Exercise is Important: The exercise ball abdominal pull ins are one of the few exercises that provide a great workout to a specific muscle group without the use of any complex machines. This means that this exercise can be performed at the gym or in the privacy of your home where an exercise ball is available with an exercise mat. Also, this exercise is targeted specifically to the lower abdominal muscle group and the muscles of the thighs and the pelvic region. It is a very important exercise for strengthening the core.

In order to unlock the overall strength of your body you need to have a powerful core. Also, a person with a strong back is less likely to have lower back pain. This exercise works by strengthening the body, particularly the pelvis, hips and the lower back and can also help to improve posture. This exercise is also important for improving the balance and coordination of the body because of the strength gained in these muscles due to this exercise. Your ligaments are also strengthened by stabilizing the lower back and improving your flexibility.

Things To Avoid: During the exercise be sure to hold the position for a few seconds and do not rush. Maintaining the alignment of your body is critical. Be sure to balance your legs correctly on the exercise ball so you can maintain your form. If you try to do the exercise too fast, you will tend to lose your balance. Also by moving too quickly your muscles will not be stimulated effectively and you will not get the full benefits from this exercise. You must also remember to breathe correctly during the exercise. Make sure to inhale and exhale properly during each repetition.

Reps and Sets: Try to perform 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions with an adequate amount of rest between each set. If you feel that the exercise is becoming too easy for you, you can increase the number of repetitions.

Other Exercises To Use: The exercise ball abdominal pull ins do not provide a complete workout to development the overall muscles of the core and abdomen. You should do exercises that help to develop your lower abdominal muscles also. Focus on strengthening your core by doing several different exercises in each workout. A few good ones include flat bench AB leg raises, exercise ball AB pull ins and weighted AB crunches. View our extensive database of exercise guides for a comprehensive list of exercises that target the abs. Remember that following a clean diet and doing cardio are crucial for burning fat from around your stomach, so make sure to focus on these important areas if you want truly amazing results!

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