2 Point Side Bridge – Core Exercise Guide with Photos


Muscles Targeted: The 2-point side bridge is a unique exercise that allows you to target the important muscles of your core. The muscles targeted in this exercise include the abdominals, back, arms, legs, neck and shoulders. This is an odd movement to execute, but it’s an excellent exercise for your entire body.

  • Primary Muscles – Core muscles including your abdominals, lower back and obliques.
  • Secondary Muscles – Glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, deltoids, pectorals, triceps and hip flexors.



Exercise Advice: Start in a push-up position then rotate and open one side of your body into the side bridge as if performing the T-Stabilization Lockout. At the point of lockout, carefully abduct or lift the top leg. Stabilize yourself and hold this position for a set amount of time (overall time depends on your level of fitness). Make sure to keep your neck in a neutral position so you don’t strain it. Alternate back and forth between both sides of your body.

Things To Avoid: While performing the 2-point side bridge, you need to try to position the palm of your hand in such a manner that your wrist does not get bent at an awkward angle. Also, when your hand and leg are perpendicular to the floor, try not to shift your back as this might cause problems with your balance and cause stability issues. Here are a few pointers to watch out for:

  • Keep your back straight at all times.
  • Try and perform this exercise on a yoga mat for added protection.
  • Do not position your arms or legs too quickly (always use a slow and controlled pace).
  • Look straight and avoid moving your neck. Keep your eyes locked on an object in front of you.
  • Keep your legs straight and in-sync with your neck and spine.
  • While holding the pose, squeeze the muscles of your core throughout the duration.
  • Don’t forget to breathe while you are holding the pose.

Reps and Sets: The ideal repetition range depends on your level of fitness. Since this is a static exercise, each repetition consists of a certain amount of time that you hold the pose. A full repetition consists of completing this pose for both sides of your body, so you will hold the pose on your left hand and left foot, then switch over to your right hand and right foot. Beginners should start by focusing on their technique first and foremost and not specifically on the time. If a beginner can hold the pose for 5-10 seconds, that is actually very good when first starting out. Advanced individuals can move up to holding the pose for 30-60 seconds and even longer.

The proper way to perform a full repetition with the 2-point side bridge is to use your left palm and left foot as a support mechanism. When you achieve the final position, hold this pose and squeeze your abdominals, glutes and lower back for a certain period of time. Relax and turn over to the other side. This time you must place your right palm and right foot onto the floor to support yourself. When you complete the pose for both sides of your body, this is counted as one complete repetition.

Other Exercises to Use: Here are 3 other exercises that you may perform to complement the 2-point side bridge:

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