Prone 2 Point Bridge – Core Exercise Guide with Photos


Overview: The prone 2-point bridge exercise is an amazing stability movement and it’s one of the hardest core exercises to perform, but it is one of the most beneficial exercises which targets not only those deep core muscles but also your leg and arm muscles. This exercise literally gives you a full body workout and is certainly not for the weak.



Exercise Advice: Start with all four points of contact (hands and feet) on the ground with your feet split wide apart. Carefully lift one hand or foot, stabilize yourself, and then lift the opposing limb. Stabilize in the 2-point position then return to the starting position and lift your other two limbs one at a time.

Muscles Targeted:  The primary targeted muscles of the prone 2-point bridge are:

  • Erector Spinae – These are basically the muscles that run along the length of your back. This exercise strengthens all those back muscles thereby increasing your stability.
  • Obliques – These muscles make up most of your core and are located directly next to your rectus abdominis muscles, starting from your lower ribs right down to your pelvis. This exercise targets those deep oblique muscles, and really hits the external obliques well.
  • Rectus Abdominis – These are the muscles in the front of your abdomen, also know as your “abs”. These muscles control pelvis tilt and lower spine curvature. This exercise tones those deeper abdominal muscles while really targeting the abs that are closer to your pelvis.

The secondary targeted muscles of the prone 2-point bridge are:

  • Gluteus Maximus – These muscles are located in your upper thigh and buttocks. You should already have strong glutes in order to do this exercise properly. This exercise tones and tightens this area.
  • Quadriceps – Your quads are the four muscles located at the front of your thigh. This exercise develops the quads, giving them more shape and definition.
  • Deltoids – These are the muscles in and around your shoulder area. This exercise strengthens those muscles, thereby ensuring stability.
  • Forearms – The forearm is made up of many different muscles and this exercise strengthens this area.

Things To Avoid:

  • If you haven’t perfected the prone bridge or the 1-legged supine elevated bride, it’s not recommended to attempt this exercise as your muscles might not be strong enough to support the weight of your body and you could injure yourself.
  • Avoid spreading your hands too far apart to avoid stability issues. Your arms should be spread at a natural and comfortable angle to your body.
  • Avoid spreading your feet too far apart. Your legs should be spread out similar to your arms.
  • Avoid bending your outstretched, elevated arm as this could put a strain on your supporting arm. If your supporting arm is strained, you are likely to collapse.
  • Remember that this is a very difficult exercise to perform and if one of your limbs is not in the correct position, you could injure yourself.

Reps and Sets:

  • Beginner – Hold position for 5-10 seconds (right leg and left arm) then switch (left leg and right arm). Shoot for 1-2 total sets.
  • Intermediate – Hold position for 10-20 seconds (right leg and left arm) then switch (left leg and right arm). Shoot for 2-3 total sets.
  • Advanced – Hold position for 30-40 seconds (right leg and left arm) then switch (left leg and right arm). Shoot for 3-4 total sets.
  • Expert – Hold position for 40-60 seconds (right leg and left arm) then switch (left leg and right arm). Shoot for 4-5 total sets.

After doing each set, take a rest break of approximately 1-3 minutes depending on how you feel. It’s also important to remember to breathe properly (avoid holding your breath).

Other Exercises To Use: Try the 1 Leg Supine Elevated Bridge, 2 Leg Supine Elevated Bridge and the Dynamic Side Bridge movements before doing this exercise as they are very similar, but a little easier and will prepare you for this exercise.

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