T-Stabilization Lockout – Core Exercise Guide with Photos


Muscles Targeted: The T-stabilization lockout exercise targets almost every muscle in your body, since it requires you to keep your body engaged during the entire range of motion. It improves your balance, your core strength and your arm strength, since your arms are supporting the significant part of your body mass during the movement. The core muscles involved in keeping your position straight when performing the T-stabilization lockout are the abdominal muscles. This includes the rectus abdominis muscle, internal and external obliques and the transverse abdominis. Other muscles around the spine include the quadratus lumborum, erector spinae and transversospinalis muscles. While targeting the muscles whose function is the lateral flexion of the trunk, in addition to the regular flexors, is what makes this exercise very useful. Your core muscles are engaged throughout the entire range of motion with this exercise which makes this an excellent movement to include in your workout routine.



Exercise Advice: Position yourself in a traditional push-up position on the ground with your feet placed at about shoulder width. Using your core, lift one hand off the ground and raise it into the air while rotating one side of your body up until your arm is straight up in the air. Stabilize yourself at the top position for 1-2 seconds and then return your arm back down to the staring position. Continue by repeating the movement with your other arm.

Things To Avoid: A padded exercise mat should be used to provide a comfortable, non-slip surface to keep your hands on. This exercise puts a significant amount of stress on your wrists so you should keep that in mind if you have a history of injuries to this area. The repetitions should be performed in a controlled manner, without bending the arms. At the top of the movement, your arms should be parallel to each other with your lead arm pointing to the ceiling. Avoid performing this exercise without performing a proper warm-up to get your muscles warm and ready. The entire body should be kept in-line and parallel without any slumping in the hips, back or shoulders. Proper form and technique should be followed at all times in order to get the full benefits and avoid injury. The legs should be separated to provide the body with adequate support during the range of motion. Quick and jerky movements need to be avoided, especially near the top position of the exercise. This is an exercise that needs to be performed in a very slow and controlled manner.

Reps and Sets: Beginners should perform 1-3 sets of only 3-5 repetitions to start off with. Experienced individuals can increase the number of repetitions and sets according to their current level of strength. The static hold position at the top of the exercise should be maintained for 1-2 seconds for beginners and can be maintained for as long as 60 seconds for advanced athletes.

Other Exercises To Use: There are several other exercises that complement the T-stabilization lockout. Some of them use similar movements, so they can be used with, or as a replacement for this exercise. Figure 8s with a medicine ball can be incorporated into your core workout regime. The subtle twisting torso movements and the stabilizing effect of the core muscles are combined with the engagement of your arm muscles when doing Figure 8s. The Elevated Leg Curl Up exercise can help you maintain the plank position longer by strengthening your abs and obliques, thus helping you keep your body straight. The T-Stabilization Lockout Hyperextension can be used as an advanced training movement after mastering the basic version (T-Stabilization Lockout).

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