Clean – Kettlebell Exercise Guide with Photos


Muscles Targeted: This is an excellent full body exercise that hits many major muscle groups all over the entire body. From the glutes and legs, to the back, chest, shoulders and arms, this is an outstanding movement to include in your training if you want to build strength and size for bodybuilding or for specific sports like football, basketball and hockey.


Exercise Instructions: Take a wider than shoulder width stance while bending your knees. Grab one kettlebell with both hands with an overhand grip (palms facing in). Position the kettlebell in between your legs at approximately knee level. Explode up while extending your knees and flip the kettlebell so that at the top position, your hands will be just below your chin with your palms facing out. Slowly lower the kettlebell down to the starting position and repeat.

Things To Avoid: Avoid arching your back and rounding your shoulders during the entire range of motion for this exercise. Your goal should be to focus on keeping your back flat with your shoulders back and your chest out as you bring the kettlebell up to the top position. An athletic stance is important so keep your feet at shoulder width and don’t get too narrow or too wide with your feet. Avoid pointing your toes inward and focus on a slightly outward position of your feet which will allow you to squat down further. Your grip needs to be secure with all your fingers on the kettlebell at all times. At the top, you will be swinging the kettlebell over with your hands, so be extra careful to avoid hitting your face or head if the kettlebell slips. Tempo is very important so avoid rushing the exercise and going too fast. Your goal is proper technique at all times so slow it down and execute the movement correctly.

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