Exercise Guides for Machines with Photos and Instructions


Machines are an excellent way to add variety to your workouts and hit your muscles with a wide range of different angles to stimulate muscle growth and strength. Even though free weights, like dumbbells and barbells, will provide the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to packing on quality muscle and increasing strength levels, you can still get a great workout by implementing different machines into your weight training routine. The great thing with high quality fitness machines, such as Hammer Strength, is that they incorporate a nice blend of free weights into their equipment since you actually load free weight plates onto the machines. This allows for the safety and stability of a machine with the added benefit of adding a large amount of weight to the machine to help you build maximum muscle. People who don’t like the idea of lifting free weights, due to safety concerns, can choose to use machines without worrying about getting hurt and causing injuries. Using different machines in the gym is also a great way to create new and interesting workouts to keep you motivated. Most people get bored doing the same workouts every week, so adding a variety of exercises with unique equipment is a great way to keep your routines fun and exciting! Below is a list of exercise guides using machines which is broken up into specific muscle groups so you can build your own custom workouts to help reach your fitness goals!











Trapezius (Traps):



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