Boomerang – Pilates Exercise Guide with Photos


Pilates Exercise Instructions:
Sitting, arms at sides(touching mat), cross left leg over right. Roll down to mat one vertebra at a time. As soon as head touches mat, lift legs up and over head, arms should be supporting body. Hold position to switch crossed legs (right leg over left). Roll legs down to 45 degree angle and at the same time roll torso up, arms in front of shoulders creating a teaser (legs are still crossed). Hold while arms reach behind back, hands clasped together and stretch them away from back. Hold arms up while lowering legs to floor and chest lowering towards legs as well. Now let go of hands behind back gently and reach around toward feet. Roll back to the sitting beginning position. Inhale to prepare, roll back till legs overhead on exhale, inhale hold, exhale to roll up to teaser position inhale and exhale to reach arms backward, inhale to lower legs and chest down. Exhale arms to toes and sitting up. Repeat all 5x.





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