Intermediate Rollover – Pilates Exercise Guide with Photos


To Start:

  1. Use a yoga blocks or books for each hand. The higher the proper will assist the exercise.
  2. Lie on the back. Place the hands on the prop with the upper ribs wide on the floor. The arms are extended and the legs reaching to the ceiling. The arms are pressing down on the prop.
  3. Hollow and curl the tailbone off of floor. The goal is to use the abdominals to bring the spine into a plow position. Do not use momentum. The legs do not touch the floor. This is an abdominal exercise.
  4. Hold the plow and control the legs to widen a foot apart.
  5. Control down from the plow. When the hips are on the floor, reach the legs away from the head with great abdominal support.
  6. Repeat three more times.
  7. This is not an exercise for clients with osteoporosis of the spine and herniated disks.




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