Spinal Flexion – Pilates Exercise Guide with Photos


This is the crunch in traditional exercises. The difference is keeping the belly hollowed as the spine lengthens in flexion. Find length, not a crunch of the spine.

To Start:

  1. Lie on the back with parallel legs bent. Lace the hands behind the head.
  2. Before starting the movement, become conscious of the spaces between the vertebra of the spine.
  3. Use the hands to support the head.


The Movement:

  1. Inhale and feel the lower ribs broaden and lengthen on the floor with breath.
  2. Exhale, hollow and sink the lower ribs into the floor as the head floats off the floor. Feel the back ribs spread open as the spine flexes. Feel the back ribs opening as the front ribs come closer together.
  3. Return the spine back to the floor by matching the length of the front ribs to the back ribs.
  4. Repeat three more times.

Did the belly remain hollowed or did you pooch the belly out when you flexed your spine?


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