Cable Pulls for Inner Thighs – Quadriceps Exercise Guide


Muscles Targeted: The cable pulls exercise target the inner part of the thighs (adductors) extremely well along with the quadriceps. The secondary muscles groups involved with this movement include the hamstrings (back of thighs), the calves and glutes (butt muscles). This is an excellent shaping exercise you can use at the end of your leg workout to tone and tighten the inner area of your legs.


Exercise Instructions: This exercise is performed using a cable pulley machine. Attach a small hand attachment to the lower section of a pulley machine. Place one foot through the handle opening of the small hand attachment so that it becomes wrapped around the ankle close to the weight stack. Keeping your leg straight, smoothly pull your foot across the front of your other leg while keeping your body in a static position. Hold your leg at the top of the movement once it passes your other leg and keep it there for a one-count and then return the pulley back to the starting position. Do several repetitions and then repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.

Why This Exercise is Important: This exercise is excellent for toning and tightening the inner area of your thighs along with strengthening your quads and hamstrings. This is considered a “shaping” movement and it’s a great exercise to include at the end of your leg workout or on days where you do easier movements with the cable machine.

Things To Avoid: A stable body and solid foundation is important with this movement to avoid losing your balance and falling over which may cause injury. Your weight should be correctly placed so start with a very light weight when first beginning to feel how your balance will be affected while performing the entire range of motion. Keep your hands on your hips or you can also place your hand onto the handle of the pulley machine for added support. Keep your leg straight and avoid bending your knee or twisting your ankle. Your active leg should be very stable and in a fixed position which will allow you to place maximum tension on the inner thighs.

Reps and Sets: This is a shaping style exercise so the overall repetitions will be on the higher end with around 12-25 reps per set. Total sets should be around 3-6 and always use a weight that you can perform correctly. There is no need to use heavy weights with this exercise.

Other Exercises To Use: Since this is a shaping style exercise, another great cable exercise to include are butt kickbacks to really hit the glute muscles in your butt workout routine.

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