Custom 3 Day Split Workout Routines and Exercises


Below is a one month program composed of four weekly 3 day split workout routines which will help you pack on lean muscle mass and increase your strength levels. Shoot for 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps for beginners and 3-4 sets of 10-20 reps for intermediate and advanced athletes. Choose the weight according to your sets and reps with heavier weight with lower reps and lower weight with higher reps. Those seeking to increase muscle growth will want to stay with the lower rep range and heavier weight meanwhile those seeking fat loss or muscular endurance and toning will focus on a higher rep range with lighter weight. Keep your technique spot-on and your tempo moderate in speed and always under control. You can take a day off to rest between each workout and take the weekends off from weights and focus on cardio if you would like.

3 Day Split Workout Routines – Week #1

Day 1 (Upper)Day 2 (Lower)Day 3 (Upper/Lower)
Mid Back RowHamstring CurlsLunges
Shoulder PressCalve RaisesPec Dec
Bicep CurlsInner thighsHamstring curls
Tricep DipsOuter thighsFront Shoulder Raises
HyperextensionsHip ExtensionsCalve raises
Wrist curlsTib PullsV sits
Oblique CrunchesAb CrunchesHanging Oblique Raises

3 Day Split Workout Routines – Week #2 
(Three muscles split)

Day 1 (Back/Biceps/Abs)Day 2 (Chest/Triceps/Glutes)Day 3 (Legs/Shoulders/Obliques)
DeadliftChest PressSquats
ChinsTricep DipsLegs Curls
T Bar RowsPulloverCalve Raises
Bar curlsKickbacksMilitary Press
Alternating DumbbellDumbbell FlySide Delt Raises
CurlsCable Tricep PushdownsRear Delt Raises
CrunchesHip ExtensionSide Crunch
Leg RaisesMulti Hip Heal PushHanging Obliques

3 Day Split Workout Routines – Week #3 

Day 1 (Front)Day 2 (Back)Day 3 (All Body)
Chest PressDeadliftSquats
CrunchesMid Back RowPec Flys
Front Delt RaisesTricep DipsBarbell Bent Rows
Leg ExtensionsRear FlyTricep Dips
Bar CurlsHamstring CurlsSeated Dumbbell Curls
Tib PullsCalve RaisesShoulder Press
Wrist curlsHip ExtensionsCrunches

*Tib pulls – Using a cable or band, hook the band or cable to your toes, seated facing the weight stack or area the band is secured. Pull toes toward you.

3 Day Split Workout Routines – Week #4

Day 1 (Machines)Day 2 (Freeweights)Day 3 (Bodyweight)
Chest PressSquatsPullups
Shoulder PressDB Chest PressDips
Mid Back RowDeadliftsLunges
Leg ExtensionFront Bar RaisesCrunches
Leg CurlsGood MorningsTricep Dips
Seated CalvesdB Standing CalvesChins
Cable PushdownsRaisesSide Crunches
Cable CurlsTricep Kickbacks
dB Curls

*Good mornings – Place barbell on your shoulders (rear deltoids), bend forward at the waist with knees soft but not bent and work toward bending over to about 90 degrees. Use very light weight.

Make sure you stretch the muscle being targeted in between sets. I also suggest a minimum of 5-10 minutes using a warm-up exercise before hitting the weights to get blood into the muscle and your body ready for an intense workout. Some warm-up exercises you can do include riding the stationary bike, jogging on the treadmill, or jumping rope. Once you have completed your workout you should stretch out the muscle group for 10 minutes which is great for recovery.

Keep track of your daily training by logging your workouts and include the sets, reps, weight used, cardio intensity and so on. This will clearly show you any improvements as they occur over time and will keep you accountable to complete each training session without skipping any.

For nutrition, I suggest a pre-workout protein shake with light carbs (half an apple or banana) and a protein and carbohydrate combo shake or nutrient dense meal post-workout to ensure proper fuel and energy stores are replenished. Before and after your workouts are the windows of opportunity so make sure you take full advantage of them! It will not hinder fat loss if you use the right foods after your workouts so don’t worry about eating a lot because your muscles are craving those calories at this time!

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