How To Pick a Trainer – 5 Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer


Everyone is judging someone or something every day whether they know it or not. So, if you just joined a gym and need expert advice then you might be thinking about hiring a personal trainer. How do you know if a trainer is the right fit for you? If you are going to hire a personal trainer, how would you like them to look? What things determine who you should choose? How about a trainer the gym recommends? Or, maybe you just want to pick who you want on your own. I know these are very objective questions but life is all about choices. It’s best for you to make the right choices for yourself and not anyone else. Here are a few things you might want to think about when considering a personal trainer to help you get in shape.

Tip #1: Knowledge
Knowledge, the key ingredient, is what you are hiring a trainer for. If you know more than the trainer, you shouldn’t be training with that person. Trainers should have basic knowledge about the body and having a Master’s Degree doesn’t mean they have mastered the body or the art of training. Good trainers are able to work with all sorts of personality types, they can build respect with their clients, and can help you achieve your fitness goals. While degrees and certifications are important, it’s how the trainer uses that information for each individual that determines a trainer’s worth.

Tip #2: Appearance
Appearance is vital when it comes to choosing a trainer. Are they in good physical shape and fit? Are they practicing their own advice? Do they feel confident about the knowledge they are sharing with you? Having a personal trainer who is in great shape says a lot and it shows that the trainer has discipline to back up what he or she preaches. An overweight trainer will have a harder time convincing you that they can get you into great shape. We all are visual people, so we judge off looks. Appearances can sway you in a direction quickly about the trainer. I’m not saying they need to have ripped six pack abs and a beach body. No one is perfect and everyone’s life circumstances are different. But their physical appearance can say a lot about their discipline and that’s important when you’re talking about following a healthy lifestyle.

Tip #3: Positivity
choosing-personal-trainerWouldn’t you like a trainer to greet you with a smile? I believe being positive is a big part of being a good personal trainer. All personal trainers should have this trait. Who doesn’t love someone that’s positive? If the trainer has a positive attitude, their personality is usually magnetic and likeable. Something that simple can set the tone for a workout and have a great effect on you! When given the option of spending your gym time with a total downer, or someone who has confidence and a positive outlook, I think we can all agree it’s the positive trainer we would rather work with. Positivity is quintessential to achieving progress and success in the gym, especially on a rough day. Positive words can create beautiful people!

Tip #4: Age and Sex
The age or sex of a potential trainer is something that should be considered too. Many trainers are young (under 30), have a lot of energy, and they are flexible. If you are older, you may want an older trainer that can relate to you and has years of wisdom tucked away. Or, you might like working with someone younger who gives you that energetic feeling. Now, does it matter that the trainer is male or female? There are good female trainers and male trainers. People tend to judge strictly off sex. I do believe most women prefer male trainers, and most guys prefer female trainers. It seems that women are more comfortable with male trainers. There are great male and female trainers out there but what matters most is if you are comfortable with them. The sex of your trainer shouldn’t be a factor and if their attitude and knowledge are equivalent with your goals, then it will work out great! Everyone is different, so if the sex of the trainer matters to you then make sure you mention that right away. Just keep your goals in mind and think about why you need help. Whether it’s a male or a female trainer, just make the choice in a person who feels right for you.

Tip #5: Humility
What is worse than an obnoxious trainer? In my experience, trying to be dominant in the gym can be linked to a lack of security and self-confidence. That’s not to say that you don’t want a trainer who has self-confidence. A trainer that shows they have humility is great. They will praise others, not just themselves and work hard for the results their clients get in the gym. Humble trainers make their clients feel comfortable and have created a safe environment in the gym. Humble trainers are patient, easy going and able to pull the best efforts from a client. You can tell just by looking at their body language which should be a non-aggressive stance and a relaxed posture with their arms in front or to the side. Maybe the best way to find out if a trainer is humble is by finding out what their clients have to say about them! They will usually be a nice person that you’re likely to get along with. We all like nice people. They can help us feel better about ourselves. Humble trainers can possess a lot of wisdom. Mainly because they listen to others and they are not stuck in their own way of thinking. If you don’t quite understand a workout, they are willing to help you understand it by fully explaining everything. All trainers should take pride in their clients, be understanding and say good things about them. I believe that humility is a very likeable trait. A good trainer that has this quality might be a good fit for you. These are all things that I would consider when looking to hire the best personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals!

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Claudius Wiggins

Claudius is a celebrity trainer, model, fitness writer, author and life coach located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has offered professional guidance to several celebrities such as Mike Tyson. He continues to share knowledge to help others learn more about health and fitness.


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    I like your third tip a lot! I’m looking into working with a personal trainer, and I’ve got to say that I’m more than a little nervous. I’m really not in great shape, and I worry that it’s going to be too difficult for me. Having a trainer that’s optimistic and really can cheer me on could make a huge difference in my fitness, I think. I’ll definitely be looking for positivity as I shop around.

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    Delores Lyon on

    Thanks for sharing these five tips on choosing a personal trainer! I definitely plan on getting a personal trainer soon since I just had my baby. I need to get rid of all that baby fat quickly! Before I make any decisions on my trainer, though, I’ll be sure to make sure he or she is very knowledgeable about exercise. I want to be sure that I am doing exercises that are the most beneficial to me!

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    Personal Trainer NJ on

    Choosing a personal trainer based on how compatible you are with their personality is a great way to pick the right one. Good post!

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    Thanks for the help choosing a personal trainer. My wife and I really want to find a trainer who can get us started on our journey to better health and fitness. I like that you mentioned that an older trainer can relate to you better if you are over 30. They will know how you are feeling and will have the knowledge that comes from experience. We will look for somebody like that.

  5. Avatar

    I think knowledge is a huge factor when choosing a personal trainer. I also really like how the article says that this knowledge doesn’t just come from a book or education, it comes from knowing how to apply information to an individual’s specific needs. I’m overweight and have multiple health complications so I think having a trainer that understands that and knows how to work with those factors would be essential.

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