5 Tips To Self Motivation – Get Motivated with a Fitness Plan


Everyone is motivated by something. When it comes to working out and staying in shape, there is no difference. You want to be and remain motivated, but at times your motivation seems to cease and you either quit your workout routine or you start making excuses as to why you should not have to work out to stay in shape. If you find yourself doubting your workouts or lacking that motivation, then this article is for you! Let me give you ten tips to self motivate yourself back into the gym and get your life back on the road to good health. Ultimately, are you not looking to make that change but just searching for the motivation or the know how? The answer is yes, you are! And I am here to help you.

#1 – Tips To Self Motivation – Know Who You Are
If you take a moment to look inward, you will figure out what motivates you. Motivation is either extrinsic or intrinsic. What that means is that you are either motivated by external or internal rewards. For example, you want to lose those five extra pounds that are just hanging around and you want that new swimsuit. For you, external motivation is the key. Now, on the other hand, you might just simply want to lose the extra pounds to fit into a swimsuit you already own, hence internal motivation and drive is what you are searching for. Deep down, you have either one or the other or in some cases both. Utilize those to your advantage. You must know yourself and only you really know who you are or what is going to motivate you. Working out is not the easiest thing for anyone to do but with the proper motivation, working out can lead us all on our ways to a healthier lifestyle.

#2 – Tips To Self Motivation – Visualize The Prize
self-motivationSo you finally decided to lose the five pounds you have been wanting to do so for such a long time. You know that once you lose that five pounds, you will finally be able to fit into your clothes better and you will feel much better about yourself. Simple enough right? Wrong. You need to visualize the prize. Close your eyes and imagine yourself five pounds thinner. Coaches ask their teams to do this all the time before going out to play sports. Close your eyes and imagine winning. Doesn’t winning feel so good? The answer is yes! Doesn’t being able to visualize yourself being thinner feel good? Yes! Being healthier is something that can be achieved with a simple visualization approach.

#3 – Tips To Self Motivation – Think Positive
Your negative thoughts can weaken your enthusiasm and make you doubt your abilities. If you want to be able to motivate yourself effectively you have to let go of your apprehensions and negativism. Think positive despite the problems you may face. Everything happens for a reason and it is how you look at things that matters the most. So if losing those five pounds is taking a bit longer than you thought, remember to think positive and eat healthy and to continue exercising. In due time those five pounds will melt away and you will meet or exceed your ultimate weight loss goal.

#4 – Tips To Self Motivation – Pray
Anything is possible with the power of prayer. If you are feeling down, then take the time to meditate or pray about what is bothering you. This is a motivating tool I use all the time. The power of prayer works wonders and can put you on the right track to losing that extra weight or to just getting back into a healthier lifestyle.

#5 – Tips To Self Motivation – Be Around The Right People
This goes without saying. You are only going to be as motivated as the people around you. The kind of friends you have can greatly influence your performance and personality as an individual. Avoid people who have the tendency to put you down and discourage you into doing the things you must do. Instead, be friends with those who think positively or those whom you can always count on.

Anything is possible once you are well motivated to perform your goals be it at work, home, or the gym. The self motivation tips presented above are tested and proven to help you motivate yourself. Apply them in your daily life and see your performance soar both at work, home, and at the gym. Remember that living a healthy lifestyle is more than just hitting the gym and eating properly. You must remain motivated as well. If you are ever in need of motivation, feel free to e-mail me.

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