Balance and Harmony – Understanding How To Achieve Health


Many of us are actively working toward a happier, healthier and more fit lifestyle; but sometimes it’s hard to see the changes that have occurred. “Nothing is happening”, you may say to yourself. But, that’s not true. Changes ARE occurring. In fact, changes are occurring all the time. However, the speed with which changes occur in our body, is determined by our genetic make up, not by our human based wants and desires.

We live in a time when instant gratification is offered to us around every corner. All one needs to do is look at the advertisements promoting ‘rapid’ weight loss products or cosmetic procedures that will give us the physical appearance we desire without the work or time involved in a sensible exercise program. Sound too good to be true? In most cases it is. Solid, lasting changes in our health and fitness level develop over time.

What we need is a clear understanding of how to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. We can do this by understanding how our body works, the application of correct meal planning and mental focus during exercise. It is a work in progress, a lifestyle, rather than ‘a quick fix’. It is channeling the energy flowing through us to achieve lifelong happiness, health and fitness.

Energy is a natural force found in all things, including plants, animals and even rocks. It’s true. Everything on this planet and within it is made up of atoms. Atoms are constantly in motion, with energy flow. Not only that, but they are constantly bonding with other atoms to produce the molecules from which all things are made. Simply put:


By thinking that through, the awareness is made that energy is the link to the larger part of all that is. Think of it as flowing continually from one point to another, forever. It is the inspiration behind many great religions of the world, and the basis of what we call infinity, the cosmos, higher power, or God (however you perceive that word.)

circuit-training-workoutsThe flow of energy continually generates changes along the way. Most of us are familiar with the sayings “all things change”, or “the only constant thing in the universe is change.” The word ‘change’ indicates something going from one status to another. The interesting thing about energy is that it cannot be destroyed, but only changes its form. An example of this would be boiling water. Water is a liquid, but if you apply energy to raise the temperature enough, the water seems to have disappeared. Actually, the water molecules of combined hydrogen, and oxygen have un-bonded, and vaporized into their respective atoms. We call that steam.

Our physical body is constantly changing. Energy is required for the entire body and mind to function at optimum output. The air we breathe in is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen where it is available for use by the body. Other atoms and molecules in the body combine to form a variety of compounds. The protein rich foods we eat are transformed into muscle tissue, blood, skin, hair and nails. The carbohydrates and fats we consume are mainly used to fuel the body. See, and you thought there was nothing happening with your body.

The brain is the control center for daily body operations. It is the origination of our perceptions, thoughts, opinions, emotions and actions. It is constantly updating, rationalizing, thinking, and creating. Our personalities and egos are created and projected from here. What we call the ‘mind’ is defined by “the consciousness that originates in the brain and directs mental and physical behavior.” The mind perfectly demonstrates the premise that ‘everything goes somewhere’, even intangible thoughts.

Achieving a state of balance and harmony between Body, Mind and Spirit requires a little practice, to say the least. It’s thinking about your body from the inside, out. It acknowledges the needs of the physical body, the desires of the mind and the awareness of the Spirit within us all. Each has characteristics that need to be taken into account when starting a new health and fitness lifestyle program.

The most important aspect of making physical changes, such as body fat reduction or muscular growth is to understand your motivation. Ask yourself three questions: First, is it coming from a genuine desire to improve yourself? Second, are the changes you wish to make reasonable in terms of your genetic make up? And third, do the changes you wish to make ‘feel right’ to you? By looking inward and being honest with yourself, you will find that the starting point is motivation.

The next step toward achieving the desired result is gathering the knowledge of how your body works. You can hire a personal trainer, take a class, join a gym, or read up on the subject. Knowledge will provide the understanding of how to get the results you wish. Through out my career as a fitness coach, I have seen that the majority of people who enter a fitness program, have none or very little understanding of what they are doing. When they don’t see the desired results, they give up.

The third step is to take action. All the knowledge in the world won’t help you, unless you apply that knowledge. It is taking action, that leads the way to results or the intended goal. Looking at your approach in this fashion will allow you to see how the energy of Mind, Body and Spirit harmony flows from one place to another. It is a concept to focus positive energy in the direction we wish to go. Negative energy is counter productive, and therefore must be channeled or redirected to achieve positive results.

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Dennis Mason

Dennis Mason is a Palm Springs personal trainer specializing in Senior Fitness but works with all age groups. Dennis has over 25 years of experience in teaching fitness to others and owned a gym for 10 years. Dennis trains at a local gym and at his home where he conducts one-on-one boot camp and free weight workouts. See my profile page for more information!

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