Barbells for Biceps – Best Exercises To Build Bigger Arms


Two of the nine pivot points, those stunning body parts located precisely where they attract the most attention, are the lower biceps and long head of the triceps. When fully developed, these muscles lend a mystical beauty to the physique that size alone can’t.

Barbells For Biceps
To work the lower biceps, use a preacher bench that has a rounded face and well-padded corners. Place a towel over the bench so the vinyl doesn’t rub the skin off your elbows.

First, do a set of dumbbell curls with a weight heavy enough that you can do only 6 reps. Go all the way down, uncurl the wrist and then curl it again. You can cheat on this exercise, but be sure to uncurl and curl your wrists at the bottom of the movement. After completing 6 reps and 4 partial reps, go immediately to the wide-grip barbell curl. Form is critical, so follow these tips:

  • Select a barbell that’s about 45% of your one-rep max for standing barbell curls.
  • Grasp the bar with your palms up and thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • Use a grip that’s about 4 inches wider than shoulder width.
  • Let yourself sink all the way down on the bench so your armpits are right down on it.
  • Make every effort to get as deep as possible on the bench.
  • Your goal is to do this exercise super strict with absolutely no cheating at all.
  • Point your feet forward so you can’t cheat with them either.
  • Let the bar move all the way to the bottom and uncurl your wrists (you don’t have to uncurl your fingers, just your wrists).
  • With no cheating at all, slowly curl the wrists up, then curl the arms. This is the critical part of the exercise. Don’t pull back with your body or head. Stay fixed on the bench while the biceps and forearms do every bit of the work.
  • Curl your arms all the way up and rest just long enough to take a breath.
  • Repeat the exercise for eight reps.

This exercise is truly a killer, but it’s excellent for¬†building size and overall muscle mass! Bodybuilding is a thinking person’s sport. So regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced bodybuilder, the more you think about how you can make each exercise and all its variations work for you, the faster you’ll grow and the stronger you’ll get. Keep in mind that to make a muscle grow, you must work it with intensity and proper form.

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