Build Bigger Biceps – Workouts and Exercises for Big Arms


We receive several inquiries everyday from clients who are in search for bigger biceps. For anyone looking to build impressive guns, this article is for you!

The best way to get bigger biceps is to completely overload the muscle from different angles and exercises. This way the muscle is always stimulated and “confused” which is exactly what you want. A great way to add a different angle to your biceps exercises is to use “supinating” curls to any of your dumbbell workouts. Supinating curls is when you turn your palms up about halfway through the movement, so that you complete the curl with your palms facing upward. Also remember to take every set to positive failure.

big-biceps-workoutsAnother great way to stimulate growth and get bigger biceps is through “periodization” training. “Periodization” training routines completely shocks the muscle! Focus on different rep ranges on each workout. Switch from high reps (12-20) for the first workout. Then to medium range (8-12) for the second and finally the power reps of (3-8) for the last workout. The major factor in gaining quality muscle is intensity and switching up your training exercises, rep ranges and sets to shock the body into growth. Below is a training routine to start building bigger biceps today!

Big Biceps Training Routine:

Standing Barbell Curls (3 Sets of 12 reps)
Grasp a barbell with a palms-up, shoulder-width grip. Without swaying, swinging or lifting at the shoulders and keeping your upper arms at your sides, lift the barbell up in a wide arc from your thighs up to shoulder level. Lower and repeat. Keep your chest high and your shoulders down and back. It is also very important that you keep your knees slightly bent in order to take stress off your lower back.

Preacher Curls (3 Sets of 12 reps)
Place an EZ or straight bar in front of the preacher curl bench. Sit down with your chest against the bench, grasp the bar and lower your arms as far down the bench as possible. The top of the preacher bench must be under your armpits, this will ensure that the exercise is as strict as possible. Extend your arms fully and from this position curl the bar up with your biceps. Focus on contracting the muscle as hard as possible, when the bar is curled all the way up slowly lower and repeat for the desired number of reps.

Inclined Dumbbell Curls (3 Sets of 12 reps)
Sit on an inclined bench with dumbbells in each hand and hands down by your sides. You can do hammer curls (where you keep your palms facing your body at all times); regular curls (with palms facing up); or supinating curls (where they start facing your body, and about halfway through the movement, you turn your palms facing up). Do 8 to 12 reps.

Here are some great bicep exercises to use when training:

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