Sprinting and Walking Exercises You Can Do at a Local Track


Just you and your surroundings. Begin with a brisk walk and stretch your arms as you are walking. Throw some punches if you are so inclined. Don’t be self-conscious if a passersby gawks at your performance. Throw a flurry at them (fast punching in rapid succession). Keep moving and add a sprint if you feel up to it. A local track, sidewalk or parking lot are ideal and if a public park is nearby, even better. When doing sprints, begin by striding about half to three-quarters speed before you give it your best. Make sure your muscles are fully stretched and lubricated.

For today, I am bringing you to a 440 yard track. We will begin by striding the straight-away at half speed and walk the curves for one mile. Throw some punches and loosen your arms as you walk the curves. Bob and weave if you feel brave. After the mile, sprint a lap around the track at about three-quarters speed. All of the above depends on your level of fitness. You can slow it down or move faster according to your fitness progression.

After the speed 440, your heart rate should be at maximum so walk and jog a 440 to get rid of the lactic acid. Enter a grassy area and do three sets of ten reps of body weight squats. Just fold your arms and bend to ninety degrees. Squeeze your butt at the bottom. In between the sets of squats add a set of ten to twenty five push-ups. Don’t be sloppy with your form and keep your abdominals tight to work your stabilizer muscles.

Find a chin up bar or something similar and do a set of chin-ups with your hands in the prone position. Attempt sets of ten repetitions but work your way up to ten even if you only can begin with one. You are working your chest, neck, back and arms with this one exercise. In between these sets, hit the ground and perform a set of leg raises coupled with leg scissors. After 3 sets of each, you will do three sets of chins with your hands in the supine position. Between each set of chins, perform a set of walking lunges. Make sure your knee is well past the ankle when performing walking lunges.

Take a walk to a bench or the bleachers and perform three sets of push-ups with your feet on the bench and hands on the ground. Again, do ten to twenty five reps if possible. In between, do a set of sit-ups with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. After three sets, do a set of mountain climbers and a set of close grip push-ups in between. Upon finishing three sets, stretch out all your muscles and eat something healthy when you arrive home.

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Dennis is an coach, certified personal trainer and fitness writer from North Carolina. He has used workout regimens from different sports to benefit his clients so they can reach their health and fitness goals faster.

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