Use Different Workouts and Exercises To Shock Your Muscles


You’ve been working out for a bit, but maybe you aren’t seeing the results you would like to see. Should you change up your routine? Well, maybe.

Don’t Change Too Often
In a nutshell, don’t change your routine too often. Give your current exercise routine at least 2 months of good, solid effort to see how it works out.

I’ve met some people who read way too many fitness magazines and change up their routines every 2 weeks. Then they’re surprised when they don’t make much progress.

If you switch up your lifts every other week and never consistently stick to a routine, life will be difficult. It’ll be hard to know which routine is working. Or, maybe it was the routine sequence you implemented that worked out great?

If you stick to your chosen workout routine for 2 months, that will show you whether it’s working or just wasting your time. You should see significant improvements in your strength. If you’re an advanced weight lifter, you should still increase the weight you’re lifting after 2 months of hard work.

Muscle Confusion?
There are a lot of people pushing the “muscle confusion” method of gaining strength. Please understand that “muscle confusion” is for the most part, a hoax.

Yes, your muscles do adjust to what you’re doing, whether it’s lifting weights or typing on a keyboard. But if you change up other factors, you will be surprised how much progress you can make.

Changing up other factors would be, for example, how many reps you’re doing or how much weight you’re using. Adding more weight will do more to increase your strength than constantly changing up your lifts, routine, and exercise schedule.

Add More Rest First
Many people, far too many people, exhaust their bodies with too much working out. Working out 3 days a week plus sports or other activities can wear away the precious muscle you’ve taken so long to build up.

If you’re pressed for time, try working out only once a week. I know this seems like heresy, but if you’re doing high intensity training and pushing yourself to your limits each day, then you can actually gain strength with only a little time at the gym. Try changing up your routine by adding more days of rest or by simply getting more sleep. It’s counter intuitive, but can really help you.

When To Add New Lifts And Routines
Adding new lifts to your workout routine or changing up your routine can and should be done from time to time. Just do it intelligently. Don’t be a hare, hopping from one shiny new routine to the next, always eager to try something new, while ditching something old. Instead, be a tortoise. Choose your exercise routine and work it hard, and only after you have sufficient data that your routine isn’t doing what you want, then change it.

More than not gaining strength, I think boredom is a major reason to change up your workout routine. Doing the same thing every time you go to the gym gets old, really fast. One of the greatest benefits of changing up your routine is the fun of doing something new. If you’re not having fun, you’re never going to stick to your exercise routine. Have fun, work hard, and give your current workout routine a chance to prove itself.

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