Curvy Body Workouts – Best Exercises To Add Sexy Curves


The skinny heroin chic look is definitely not in these days and women need to understand that having a sexy and athletic body with curves is what most men are really attracted to. It’s important for women to avoid being afraid to lift heavy weights in the gym and cut back on the hours upon hours of cardio they mindlessly do every week.

Having nice round shoulders and hips are the goals of most fitness and physique models along with many women who train in gyms around the world. Being that the hips are usually not a big problem to add curves to for most women, try to focus more on shoulder training and tightening your booty to help bring out those sexy curves that get all the long looks from random men. Rounding out the calves and thighs on the outside while working on your lats (back) will really enhance a fit yet curvy shape with a nice lean v-tapered waistline. Be encouraged to show off a healthy figure and forget the days of super thin twigs. Nowadays, women are paying big money for butt implants! Why not spend a few weeks rather than spend several thousands of hard earned dollars and train toward your new big booty instead!

The best way to achieve impressive curves is to work with your natural assets by enhancing them with the right workouts. Choose exercises such as side shoulder raises using dumbbells and overhead rounding shoulder press exercises. Perform these 1-2 times per week for 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps using a moderate weight in the 75% max range. By adding the rounding range of motion to the shoulder press you will need to go very slow while watching your form very carefully and make sure to use a weight which is a little lighter than your regular overhead shoulder training.

Outer thigh and glute targeting exercises will help with tightening the hips and firming up your booty. Cables are an excellent tool for abduction but only if you apply the form correctly, otherwise use a machine which targets the outer thighs so that you have help with your technique directly on the apparatus. Choose 3-4 exercises for this area while working on a pyramid training style with higher and lower reps while varying the weight from light to heavy and back to light.

Turning your toes in for the leg press and leg extension exercises will help bring out your outer quads. Some girls have this naturally while others do not and the factors which are dependent on this are the length of the limb as well as the length of the muscle belly on the limb.

This same idea of toe angle training applies to calves for bringing out the round shape on the outer lower limb. I would use heavy and lower repetition training with moderate and higher repetition training to really shock the calves and make them grow. These muscles carry you all day long so they do have a higher endurance capacity. To really show off great symmetry you have to pay attention to all these areas of your physique.

The lats (back) are not very hard to develop with assisted pull-up machines, or if you have enough strength then do regular pull-ups which are one of the best upper body exercises you can do. Lat pulls are also helpful but to really draw down the lat accent you should also do standing lat pushdowns or supine wide pullovers with straight arms.

These are just a few exercise tips to start on the road to a fit, curvy and sexy body. When these techniques are applied alongside a solid cardio program and a balanced diet, you will start seeing your physique transforming into the body of your dreams!

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