Fitness Training at Home with Quick Workouts and Exercises


I’m what you would call a mobile trainer. I bring my personal training techniques and sports nutrition advice to clients, usually at their homes. We use their body weight, cardio, free weights and yoga to create effective workouts for training at home.

Training at home can give you the freedom to live your full life and still get a workout in. It can also make you more comfortable if you are just starting out or, if you are an experienced exerciser, it can give you the freedom to get out of the gym and into some fresh air!

I love the outdoors, so the opportunity to get out of the gym is very attractive to me. I usually start my training by stretching for about 2 minutes. I follow this up with a good 20-minute run including 2 minutes of walking to warm up and 2 minutes of walking to cool down. I make sure to get in 2 minutes to stretch after a run. I later use free weights to make sure I’m getting strength training as well as cardio.

I use yoga to stretch and cool down because it allows me to strengthen the core muscles and improve flexibility. Dancing is also a good way to strengthen the core muscles. The core muscles are deep muscle layers positioned close to the spine that provide structural support for the body.

If there is inclement weather, try a walk or run up your stairs to get in your cardio. You can also try running or walking in place to acquire a cardio workout. It would also be a good idea to get a heart rate monitor to make sure you are staying within your target range. Using music while performing the cardio portion of your training can help keep you motivated and make it more enjoyable.

Training at home gave my clients many benefits. They were at home so no rushing to get there for deliveries, etc. They also liked not having to wait for a piece of equipment to be freed up at the gym!

There are countless exercise videos on the market that can provide variety and options for training at home. It’s important that you research videos that will work best for you and your goals. The vast number of options can be daunting, so pick one that speaks to you and see how you like it. It may also be helpful to check out reviews online.

You can also purchase small equipment to add variety to your home training. Pieces such as elastic tubing, free weights, steps, jump ropes or exercise balls are just some examples. You can also research online and check out different uses and exercises for each piece of equipment.

Training at home also eliminates the problem of not finding the time to get to the gym. You can workout at home at any time; before work, after work and if you work close enough, you can workout on your lunch hour.

I’m a huge advocate of training at home, but training at a gym as its advantages as well. Training at a gym has benefits for motivation, a wide range of equipment and the camaraderie of training in the vicinity of others. So it may be a good thing to check out a gym and try training at home, then you can pick the one that suits you best. Best of luck to you! And remember, I’m pulling for you!

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Nell Ellis

I'm a ISCA certified personal trainer and I've had the pleasure of working with stay at home moms, former athletes, young professionals and ordinary people who simply want to get back in shape, but who often don't have time to get to a gym. Performing exercises in the comfort of your home can make a world of difference in how you look and feel. See my profile page for more information!

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