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Over the years, the face of fitness has taken on many expressions. From high impact dance aerobics to low impact step aerobics, sliding to cycling and boxing to belly dancing, it seems as though every facet of physical activity has found a way to land in the gym. You might even find yourself asking, what’s next? What more could we possibly do in the gym?

A newer trend in fitness is strength training without weights, and is rather….circus-like. High trapeze fitness training, TRX system, fitness rings, as well as Jukari Fit to Fly are some suspension type exercises making the scene in some of the hottest exercise facilities. These methods offer superior strength training while including core stability, focus and balance.

High trapeze fitness training is one of the more advanced and thrilling variations of suspension training. Offered at various health centers from LA to New York City, this innovative means of exercise is just what it sounds like. While being harnessed for safety measures, a participant, will flip, fly and somersault their way into fitness, working every major muscle group along the way. This type of training is usually not found in a classroom setting, and definitely requires the supervision of a trained professional.

The TRX system has gained popularity for at-home training, but more recently has also been creeping into the doors of health and fitness facilities. Using pulleys and suspension, this system relies on gravity and your own body weight for some fierce muscle building. With this system, you can incorporate whole body workouts from pull-ups to pushups, squats to lunges, along with a myriad of suspended core workouts. TRX has found its way into the classroom setting in many clubs throughout the nation.

Fitness rings offer many of the same exercises as the TRX system. The rings are the same you will see gymnasts use, and can incorporate upper body exercises such push-up, fly’s, ring rows, knee lifts, pull ups. The concept is simple, but the workout is hard.

Have I saved the best for last? You be the judge. Jukari Fit to Fly is an innovative fitness movement inspired and created by Reebok and Cirq du Soleil. It incorporates acrobatic-like fitness moves with a low trapeze. Currently, studios offering this program can be found in Montreal, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Madrid, London, Krakow, Warsaw, Munich, Seoul, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Shanghai and New York.

If you are looking to toss the weights to the side and strap on a harness of some sort, this may be your time to shine. If these methods of exercise don’t harness your inner enthusiast, don’t despair – as mentioned, the face of fitness is ever-changing.

In the end, however, one thing remains the same. This ever-changing visage has always been coupled with the same desired results – physical health, beauty, longevity and personal well-being (although not necessarily in that order). My advice is to find your own personal niche, add creativity as well as a strong helping of the time-tested techniques, and you will find a method to challenge and entertain yourself into good health.

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